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Cyndii Sinex

Founder Of Chronic Illness Hotline

MPH is a public health practitioner trained as a behavior intervention specialist who is passionate about resiliency. She never thought she’d have to use her skills on her own life but after a decade-plus dealing with misdiagnosis and medical error, patient advocacy has become vital to her. Now that she is combining her experience with her education, Cyndii hopes to build a legacy that amplifies the needs of marginalized communities.

Cyndii also enjoys too much reality tv, cooking & baking, forgetting to water her plants, and rewatching The Office with her partner & their cat Professor Meow Meow.

Starting A Nonprofit to Support the Chronic Illness Community

May 14, 2021

There are so many different hotlines out there for so many different things, which is amazing. But can you believe with 133 million-plus people living with chronic illness in the United States, there wasn't a hotline until r…

Guest: Cyndii Sinex