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Hello My name is nikita.

I'm an Endometriosis Warrior, Creative Biz Coach & Curator Of All Things Handmade.

A few years ago I found myself in a new state, away from family & suffering.

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Endometriosis was kicking my Butt and it made it difficult to keep a job nevertheless find one.

What I needed was flexibility and a plan to work for myself.

Right before my big surgery I found a coach and mentor. (So thankful🙏🏾) Working with them was like a light bulb going off.

I learned how to put the skills of my past into a cohesive business with services that served Boss Ladies online around the country.

I started doing everything from Facebook ads to designing websites to funnel building and social media management.

Then I got stuck in one major area of my business, Content.


I needed to provide valuable and compelling content that my audience would pay attention to. I wanted to feature other women and share what it takes to run a creative business. But I was afraid of asking random women to share their journey with me.

I was afraid if I asked they would say no or ask what’s in it for them. So unfortunately I allowed those negative thoughts to get in the way.

But Then Something Happened, a Conversation…

I was working with a client who was feeling stuck and as I was helping her see that doing something she hated and not trying something out fear was holding her back. I realized “Yo Nikita take your own advice”.


This was the beginning of my new approach to content and soon to follow was my podcast.

I started to have conversations with no strings attached. A little birdie from my previous life was knocking and telling me…

Here’s what I’ve been missing…


You know what I mean, a sense of community. Building on LIKE, KNOW, & TRUST authentically. Lending a helping hand just because.


I got so overwhelmed dealing with my endometriosis and trying to support my family in whatever way that I could.


I lost my SPARK.

But I found it again through the help of my coach, mentors, clients and amazing creative women.

I understand that running a creative a business while living with a chronic illness can be hard, But not impossible.

We all at some point get Stuck & Afraid of the IF’s.


We fail if we Quit.

We fail if we Don’t do the work on ourselves.

We fail if we choose to go it Alone.

My approach to coaching is providing accountability, strategy, and implementation. My main goal is to help you find what works for you. And when you do you’ll spend more time doing what you love & earn more.

Get Clear & Market Like a Rock Star.


I Can Help…

But Don’t take My word for it.


TeAirra Mitchell

“You don’t understand how amazing you are to me. I’ve been looking at your site trying to figure out a service, but honestly, convos with you and watching your posts and groups are so inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for being you!”

Mary Pritchard

"Nikita made everything so simple. Through our work together, she helped me understand my target market better as well as how to reach them. She designed thoughtful ads that were ranked highly by Facebook, meaning more of my ideal clients actually saw them! She also helped me audit my website so that Facebook could better work with my website to attract my ideal clients to my landing page."

Cierra Camper

"Nikita is amazing! Between her quick responses and genuineness, it makes her out to be one of the best in the field. It’s evident that she truly cares about your business and helping you market."

More Deets On How I Can Help.

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Nadine Mullings

"Nikita has worked with me on my Facebook Ad Strategy. She is reliable, dependable, and always listens to my business goals and objectives and genuinely cares about creating an Ad campaign to match the goals and objectives that you desire for your business. After working with her, I was able to generate leads for my business, increase the "likes" on my Facebook page and get more exposure to my ideal audience on Facebook .”


Community over Competition

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