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Great Podcast - Why you need one word for your Business in 2020

I listened to the podcast on “why you need one word for your business in 2020” I enjoyed the way Nikita broke down the reasoning behind selecting a word and how that word can be a key contributor to your business, how your intentions around that word are shaped. Great listen I would recommend. Thanks Nikita!

For every entrepreneur looking to Thrive

Nikita is all good vibes and so personable! Truly enlightening podcast listen. As an entrepreneur myself I needed to hear these founder stories, and be reminded that I’m not alone on this journey . “Sometimes you have to look back to step into you gifts of now!” Thanks for the amazing tips and sharing diverse founder stories.

Love! Love! Love!

Nikita takes most personable and relatable approach to business solutions. She is a great host to hand-selected guests and brings you the most relevant encouragement and applicable coaching so you can thrive in your business. If you are a creative, you need to subscribe.

Excellent, diverse content

Here’s what I love about this show: it’s about so many beautiful aspects of identity, experience, and achievement...that make up who we are (hint: we are so much more than the sum of our parts, and not a one of us is alone). Nikita is a warm and welcoming host who asks probing questions that get to the heart of the matter. In doing her due diligence, we all reap the rewards, bearing witness to incredible stories and lessons others have lived. We benefit so much from sharing. This is a beautiful space to remember that.

The best boost for a balanced creative biz

This is such a great podcast if you’re trying to balance life and a business. It’s so refreshing to listen to content that factors in all the obstacles that women have to get around to be successful. Such a motivational boost to keep me focused and help me keep on keepin on!

So much positivity on this podcast!

Nikita is a wonderful hostess and always finds a way to make her guests (and listeners!) laugh and feel supported. This is a great podcast for creative women and would be a fab addition to your weekly rotation (if it isn’t already!!).

Beautiful, wise soul

Nikita’s insight is powerful, thought provoking and so encouraging. Love her!

One of my fav podcasts!

Nikita is a wonderful host. Her passion for helping others is contagious. Every episode is packed full of wisdom to help you run a better business and create a meaningful life. Highly recommend!!

Awesome podcast!

I love this podcast! Nikita interviews a diverse group of makers and creators and her experience is so truly appreciated!

A beautiful soul & platform to learn and thrive!

I had the wonderful opportunity in meeting Nikita through an online women’s entrepreneurship community Facebook group and, ever since, connecting with her, there’s always something to learn from Nikita and her community she has created. From this raw authentic podcast to her coaching programs, I’m such a fan of Nikita and all she has to offer for the universe! I highly recommend for any woman who’s seeking to make a positive difference in their life and for their self to connect and listen along with this podcast!

An honor to share my Underwater Photography Journey

Thank you SO much for having me on the show Nikita! I have been a big fan of Crafted to Thrive for a long time - what an honor to join you on this platform to share a little bit of my Underwater Photography Journey!! I hope that sharing can be a small help to others who have migraines or other health concerns that have slowed their progress over the years. As well as to those looking to niche and specialize as a way to stand out in their industry!

Such a treat!!

Nikita is a powerful business woman with a sweet approachable spirit. Make sure you subscribe to receive her nuggets of wisdom each week. You won’t be disappointed!!💗

The Power of One Voice

Nikita has a authenticity to her that you don't always see. She shares stories of real women that we can all relate to.

A must for Entrepreneurs!!

This podcast is such a blessing!! Nikita goes above and beyond to motivate and empower fellow entrepreneurs! Everything from the topics, to the featured guests is done with the creative entrepreneurs in mind. I’ve had so many aha moments listening to this podcast 🙌🏽 Highly recommended!

Need Inspiration? MUST LISTEN!

I absolutely LOVE how Nikita is cutting through the noise and sharing REAL stories of women who have overcome major obstacles and who are now creating the life they’ve always dreamed of. Being in business for yourself can often feel lonely, and it’s so inspiring to hear stories like these, reminding me that I’m not alone! Thank you Nikita for the amazing work you’re doing in the world!!