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About Your Host

Hey Beautiful, Here’s a Little About Your Podcast Host.

Nikita Williams is a certified professional essential oils specialist and mindset business coach who was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2009 and Fibromyalgia in 2010. These diagnoses inspired her to use the training she received from previous jobs to jump-start her career as a business coach. Nikita learned that having a chronic illness did not limit her potential. In fact, it helped her to see the possibilities for herself and for her clients. 

Nikita supports her clients to start, grow, or pivot their online creative businesses who are looking for a different and better way to run a business. Her coaching method incorporates psycho-aromatherapy, EFT, & business strategy to help her clients have a complete life and business transformation. She's also had the opportunity to interview guests like Jasmine Star, Kate Crocco, and Nitika Chopra in her aim to help all creative women—especially those who have chronic illnesses—to share their stories without feeling shame or feeling incapable and to motivate these brilliant women to use their story as fuel so they can be successful, create the life they deserve, and most importantly, thrive.

Connect with me over on Thrive With Nikita, my mindset business coaching website home.