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Health Coaching

Navigating Your Health While Starting a Health Coaching Business with Kendra Perry

March 31, 2023

On this episode, our guest is Kendra Perry, a former multiple 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned online business strategist for wellness coaches and health practitioners, speaks with Nikita about her journey into health…

Guest: Kendra Perry

3 Unexpected Hacks to Cope with Endometriosis and Grow Your Business with Nikita Williams

March 24, 2023

A chronic illness warrior discovers three unexpected tools - essential oils, EFT tapping, and sharing her story through a podcast - that empower her to manage her physical pain and create a thriving business with ease. You w…

Chronic Illness Endometrisois Speaking Investing

Tripling Growth in Uncertain Times And Go From Crickets to $30K Amid Chronic Illness

March 17, 2023

Our guest Renee Hughes a Certified Professional Aromatherapist & Certified Natural Health Consultant, and I share how living with chronic illness share how we've found success in our businesses despite the pandemic and endom…

Guest: Renèe Hughes

How Coaches with Endometriosis Help You Find Success in Your Business

March 10, 2023

In this unique episode, Nikita Williams your podcast host shares her story of how she has leveraged her Endometriosis & chronic illness to become an empowering business coach, helping her clients turn their challenges into p…

Business Growth and Visibility Tips for Endometriosis Business Owners

March 3, 2023

After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2010, I was left feeling drained and in a lot of pain. I had to make the difficult decision to have a hysterectomy to help with my pain and quality of life. I was in a state of not…

Empowering Women To Create a New Revenue Stream & Negotiate Bigger Deals with Jenny Safransky

Feb. 24, 2023

Adding a new revenue stream to your business as a chronic illness warrior can sometimes feel like a daunting task but our guest and expert on the show Jenny Safransky, founder of JDS Projects , is empowering diverse female c…

Chronic Illness Business Owners, Your Dues Are Paid!

Feb. 17, 2023

In this episode, award-winning coach and chronic illness warrior Nikita Williams dives into the irony of how entrepreneurs with chronic illness have already paid their dues, highlighting ten unique skills and perspectives th…

Mom Motherhood Career Entrepreneurship Modern Women

Juggling Modern-Day Motherhood, Career, & Entrepreneurship

Feb. 10, 2023

Tania Cuturi is a French-born, London-based executive coach working with moms . She's a mother of three, so I asked her to team up with me to explore the complex feelings associated with modern-day motherhood and the power…

Guest: Tania Cuturi

Create a Clear and Measurable Plan For Your Business with Chronic Illness

Feb. 3, 2023

Learn how I set doable and measurable plans for myself and help clients to do the same. I share how I confront my self-sabotaging impulses and prioritize my energy, time, and resources to make my dreams a reality. In this ep…

Unlocking Trauma, Overcoming fear & Finding Confidence with Amy Robinson

Jan. 27, 2023

Our guest, Amy Robinson , a Trauma-informed Confidence Coach & Aromatherapist, shares how she overcome her crippling fear and trauma. She used cognitive coaching, aromatherapy, and spiritual guidance to empower herself and h…

Guest: Amy Robinson

Overcome Brain Fog and Build Your Business with Ease

Jan. 20, 2023

Navigate brain fog and fatigue with ease while crafting a business that thrives with Nikita Williams' Clarity and Confidence Coaching. Are you struggling with brain fog and fatigue with ease as a creative entrepreneur or coa…

Lean into Your Pace and Still Be Productive

Jan. 13, 2023

In this episode, our guest Keosha Jones shares her own experience of, at times, being too rigid in life to find a balance between planning and being flexible. She also shares her journey as a coach and some everyday tips for…

Mindset Business Home & Life Balance Chronic Illness Voice, Voice Hashimoto's

Unleash Your Voice & Harness The Power of Your Inner Voice

Jan. 6, 2023

Our guest on the show is Brienne Hennessy, a vocal empowerment guide and founder of her own business, helping women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles to harness the power of their voices.

Guest: Brienne

Growing and Thriving Through Fear, Pilates, and Flare-Ups

Dec. 9, 2022

Living with chronic illness comes with a host of challenges, one of which is learning to find your space for growth in overcoming fear. As chronic illness warriors, we will encounter some fears, but are you prepared to grow …

Chronic Illness Support Holistic Coaching Growth Mindset

What It's Like To Be A Coach to Chronic Illness Warriors with Amy Musson

Nov. 14, 2022

In this Bonus episode - Do you want to achieve growth, compassion, and support in your life and business living with chronic illness? Amy Musson and Nikita Williams are sharing what they have found to be important in working…

Guest: Amy K Musson
Personal Development Travel Undiagnosed Chronic Illness Luxury Travel Agency

Ways to Travel With Chronic Illness with Violet Denise

Nov. 11, 2022

In this episode, you'll hear from Violet Dennis who is the co-owner of So Flo Luxury travel agency based in Miami, Florida. She shares her journey of living with chronic pain after a car accident that has led to a 40-year-pl…

Guest: Violet Dennis

What Self-Care Means With Chronic Pain While Running a Business

Oct. 28, 2022

This podcast episode is for entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses who are looking for a different and empowered view of self-care. All because of creating a life that goes beyond just functioning. In this episode, you will…

From Corporate to Finding Your Wings as an Entrepreneur with Lindsay White

Oct. 14, 2022

If you want to achieve greater success as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or transition from corporate to your own business, then this episode is for you. This episode goes through the solution so that you can get the …

Guest: Lindsay White

How to Grow More Confident in Your Business with Michelle McDowell, Keosha Jones, Jessica Santander and Gina DeFord

Sept. 30, 2022

On the 100th episode of She's Crafted to Thrive, four powerful women share their stories of how they've learned to lean into what works for them and become the people they want to be. In this episode, you will learn: 1. The …

Grow Your Business With Chronic Illness By Claiming These Five Traits

Sept. 16, 2022

Do you want to learn how to get Success, Growth, and Momentum? You've been told to work harder, sacrifice more, and hustle non-stop. But if you're feeling the pain of not getting your desired result, then this episode is for…

The Power of Acceptance: How it Helps You Thrive with Chronic Illness and in Your Business

Sept. 2, 2022

If you're feeling frustrated, out of spoons and you're not seeing the results you want in your life and business while living with chronic pain and illness, then this episode is for you! In this episode, you will learn: 1. T…

Grief Creativity Loss Doodling Self Compassion

How to Use Creativity to Find Hope & Healing After Loss with Roxanne Glaser

Aug. 19, 2022

Our Guest on the show is Roxanne Glaser of Superdoodlegirl . She'll share how Doodling is a superpower that can help you get unstuck and find joy. In this episode, you will learn: 1. How doodling can be used as a tool for h…

It’s Not a Fluke, You Can Create It Again!

Aug. 5, 2022

While you heal and grow don’t forget the results you created along the way. When faced with consistent challenges, those with chronic illness don't give up--they get back up--because they know they can create the results the…

Cancer Warrior and Thriving Business Owner's Story on What It Takes to Keep Going with Lizbeth Roberston

July 22, 2022

"It's going to be okay." In this episode, you will learn: 1. How Liz Robertson's personal health journey led her to become more interested in wellness and helping others pursue similar journeys. 2. The challenges Liz …