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May 14, 2021

Starting A Nonprofit to Support the Chronic Illness Community

Starting A Nonprofit to Support the Chronic Illness Community
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There are so many different hotlines out there for so many different things, which is amazing. But can you believe with 133 million-plus people living with chronic illness in the United States, there wasn't a hotline until recently, and is being brought to you by another chronic illness, warrior woman, Cyndii Sinex founder of Chronic Illness Hotline.

I am just so excited for you to hear this conversation where Cyndii talks about the reason why she started this nonprofit, the challenges of running and starting a nonprofit while she herself lives with chronic health issues. 

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Cyndii SinexProfile Photo

Cyndii Sinex

Founder Of Chronic Illness Hotline

MPH is a public health practitioner trained as a behavior intervention specialist who is passionate about resiliency. She never thought she’d have to use her skills on her own life but after a decade-plus dealing with misdiagnosis and medical error, patient advocacy has become vital to her. Now that she is combining her experience with her education, Cyndii hopes to build a legacy that amplifies the needs of marginalized communities.

Cyndii also enjoys too much reality tv, cooking & baking, forgetting to water her plants, and rewatching The Office with her partner & their cat Professor Meow Meow.