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Sept. 30, 2022

How to Grow More Confident in Your Business with Michelle McDowell, Keosha Jones, Jessica Santander and Gina DeFord

How to Grow More Confident in Your Business with Michelle McDowell, Keosha Jones, Jessica Santander and Gina DeFord

On the 100th episode of She's Crafted to Thrive, four powerful women share their stories of how they've learned to lean into what works for them and become the people they want to be. In this episode, you will learn:
 1. The journey of starting and growing a business
2. The importance of confidence and self-love
3. The power of mindset in your business and life

Favorite Quotes from this episode:

"I never thought I was a creative person, and embracing that thought of being a creative person and working with it gave me the confidence to do what I do now and enjoy how I do it." -Keosha Jones

"Be a stubborn optimist."  - Jessica Santander

"Have the courage to follow through." - Michelle Mcdowell

"Embrace your truth, live life hard." - Gina DeFord

Connect with our guest:
Jessica Santander
Michelle McDowell
Gina DeFord
Keosha Jones

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Michelle McDowellProfile Photo

Michelle McDowell

Branding Photographer

Michelle Davina Photography is an Atlanta, Georgia-based brand photographer that partners with creative entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses through killer visual content that vibes with their target audience.

In 2006, I started my photography journey by capturing weddings with visuals that would tell their unique love story. As some of my brides became boss babes, I saw another way that I could help them tell their story. But this time it was their brand story. And through brand photography, I can help others pursue their passions. If you need to visually tell your brand story in a way that will speak to your ideal audience and grow your business, my purpose and my passion are to help you do it.

Jessica SantanderProfile Photo

Jessica Santander

Founder of Jessica Santander

Jessica Santander is a handcrafted jewelry brand based out of Tampa, FL with a mission to help women and girls who are facing a new chapter in their lives by empowering them to embrace such moments of renewed beginnings and step forward with grace and confidence.

Grounded on an inspirational bond between Jessica and Delhy, a mother and daughter, best-friend duo, the love for vivacious fashion and art fostered a lifelong passion of creating something impactful of their own. This childhood dream has led to us to not only imprint our mark within the jewelry market, but to also transform the journey of our dream clients.

Encompassing a mission to design winsome, meaningful jewelry with a touch of class for women to reignite their dreams, our brand speaks to the dreamers and doers, the passionate women whose love for life encourages them to unleash their inner star with new leaps of faith! We connect our jewelry to your new chapters in life and self-love through our intentional designs and relationship with you, providing a guiding light as you awake to a new footstep forward.

Founded in 2018, we are committed to creating a rock-star community for women to support, empower, and reawaken their childhood spirit of believing in the limitless possibilities that exist for you. With each handmade design, we instill positive energy and goal-getting, uplifting messages that embody the wearer’s aspirations and style. As the power to seize the day and make it the very best lies within us, we are certain that our sparkly pieces will unleash your beautiful confidence and craft an imaginative journey ahead as you crush your goals!

Gina (Moccio) DeFordProfile Photo

Gina (Moccio) DeFord


Like most entrepreneurs, countless past lives led Gina (Moccio) DeFord to where she is today. From leading the marketing and events team at Creative Loafing, to launching the ‘Doughnut Ice Cream Cone’ in the U.S. and growing an IG account to 21K foodies strong at Datz Restaurant Group.

Today, she’s the founder and leader behind Babe Crafted. She started this membership because she saw a need in Tampa Bay for a business development club that a) helped women entrepreneurs build relationships with fellow women entrepreneurs, and b) gave women a platform to promote their business and try new things like video, without investing a ton of time and money figuring things out on their own. Today Babe Crafted’s membership serves 130+ women across 50 industries.

Between hosting Pinterest-worthy Babe Crafted member events, fostering connections between her members, and coaching membership founders, creating blog content, you’ll find Gina sipping coffee in a cozy nook in Downtown Tampa or at the Davis Island dog beach with her Husband and spunky Labrador.

She hopes that one day soon, she’ll get to create one of her famous hand-drawn name tags for you and cheers with you in real life.

Keosha JonesProfile Photo

Keosha Jones

Coach & Founder

Keosha Jones is the owner of Pink Productivity Coaching. She has been an entrepreneur since childhood and watched a dream turn into reality last year with her love of helping others prioritize, schedule, and achieve their goals with less overwhelm. She has helped individuals of many ages become more productive with the skills she teaches along with mindset changes. Keosha is a native of Georgia and has lived there her whole life, loves to travel and brings a piece of that place back in her heart. She also loves the color pink, can walk better in high heels than flats, and believes that productivity does not depend on perfection.