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Violet Dennis

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Violet B is the former producer and host for the original Holy Jamz Show and FuZion Zone Radio internet talk shows. She hosted the shows first with DJ Lyfe (Virginia Beach, VA), and then with her business partner, Carlos G (Southern Pines, NC). Guest hosts would later include Comedian Quincy Carr (Hampton Roads, VA) and Ms. Anonymous (NC) on their Friday Nite Fire show line-up. The shows consisted of regular interviews with guest artists, groups and industry vets. Violet eventually went off air because of mounting undiagnosed chronic health conditions that she began suffering from. She recently returned to social media making a come back in her own unique way. Together, Violet and her husband Jerron, started one of the few Black-owned luxury travel agencies in the United States during the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic. As new travel agency owners they have been working on building a strong foundation that will help them to eventually grow and expand in the near future. Violet is also an ordained minister through her former covering, Freedom In Christ Church, that was located in Virginia Beach, VA. She, her husband Jerron and their youngest son, AJ, currently resides in Miami, FL (Violet's Hometown) after relocating from Hampton Roads, VA. Their eldest son TJ is currently serving in the US Army and resides in VA with his wife, 4 children and fur babies.

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Ways to Travel With Chronic Illness with Violet Denise

Nov. 11, 2022

In this episode, you'll hear from Violet Dennis who is the co-owner of So Flo Luxury travel agency based in Miami, Florida. She shares her journey of living with chronic pain after a car accident that has led to a 40-year-pl…

Guest: Violet Dennis