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Kendra Toothill

Holistic Women’s Health Therapist

Kendra Toothill is a Holistic Women’s Health Therapist who helps women transform their wellbeing by working their scars by reconnecting with their body and resolving long-standing physical, energetic and emotional challenges. Kendra guides women through transformative processes in either a one-to-one or group program. With nearly a decade of clinical experience and the development of her own system, Kendra’s area of expertise is working with scars. Every scar has a story and by working them, not only are you transforming your physical body but it also gives you a clear access point for stuck emotional energy surrounding that life experience. Her system, Scars Reigniting Your Feminine has been recognized as a transformational system for mood disorders, chronic pain, digestive issues, reproductive challenges, and much more by hundreds of her female clients. Kendra is on a mission to educate women about the importance of scars and the positive momentum that comes from taking control of your wellbeing.

Scars How the Affect Us with Kendra Toothill

Jan. 14, 2022

Our expert guest on the show is Kendra Toothill, she's a Holistic Women’s Health Therapist with over 10 years of clinical experience and she's known as the "Scar Lady". I met Kendra in The Advance and application or invite-o…