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Feb. 12, 2019

Building A Community Of Boss Women

Building A Community Of Boss Women

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive our guest is the founder and owner of Babe Crafted, Gina Moccio.  She’s located in Tampa Bay and I am super excited to feature this amazing Florida Local. If you’ve ever wondered if you should join a business community type membership this is a conversation you should listen to. As you all know I am a huge believer that stories and community can build strong businesses. Gina has made that her path and mission. Throughout the conversation you’ll learn how her passion to connect and help women in their business comes from a honest place. She believes that reaching out to others can help you grow into a stronger version of yourself. We talk about what it means to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to be “Somebody”. Gina tells us how the fear of not being enough is a fear that she works on debunking everyday. Fear is not something that goes away but we can recognize it and choose to believe that we are enough. Y'all we talk about so much in this conversation and there are so many tips and inspirational quotes that you’ll Love!

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Gina (Moccio) DeFordProfile Photo

Gina (Moccio) DeFord


Like most entrepreneurs, countless past lives led Gina (Moccio) DeFord to where she is today. From leading the marketing and events team at Creative Loafing, to launching the ‘Doughnut Ice Cream Cone’ in the U.S. and growing an IG account to 21K foodies strong at Datz Restaurant Group.

Today, she’s the founder and leader behind Babe Crafted. She started this membership because she saw a need in Tampa Bay for a business development club that a) helped women entrepreneurs build relationships with fellow women entrepreneurs, and b) gave women a platform to promote their business and try new things like video, without investing a ton of time and money figuring things out on their own. Today Babe Crafted’s membership serves 130+ women across 50 industries.

Between hosting Pinterest-worthy Babe Crafted member events, fostering connections between her members, and coaching membership founders, creating blog content, you’ll find Gina sipping coffee in a cozy nook in Downtown Tampa or at the Davis Island dog beach with her Husband and spunky Labrador.

She hopes that one day soon, she’ll get to create one of her famous hand-drawn name tags for you and cheers with you in real life.