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Feb. 21, 2020

You Are Not Alone- Faces of Endometriosis

You Are Not Alone- Faces of Endometriosis

If you have felt alone, stuck or overwhelmed, then this episode is for you. In life, we all experience so many different life hurdles and in this episode we talk about just one of them, chronic illness. There are so many women that are affected by endometriosis and it has been my goal to share the journey and the faces behind statics of 1 in 10. What does 1 in 10 mean, well one in ten women are diagnosed with endometriosis. I am sure this ratio would be even more shocking if more of us spoke up and shared our pain. There is a stigma around women and our reproductive systems, which is ridiculous considering mankind would not be here without it. But I digress, this is not a social problem I’m trying to bring light to, my goal is to help women who are suffering in the shadow, Know that you can be heard and know they are not alone. I know once I started to share my journey with living with endometriosis, is when I started to get the help and support I needed. There is no shame in chronic illness, it is not our fault but there is hope. There is a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend who is suffering in silence and wondering how to make it through and I hope you share this with them. But if YOU are them, then my hope is that you are assured you are not alone!

I want to say a special thank you to Amber Lashawn of Brand girl magic for sharing her journey with endometriosis. After leaving her dream job with the Tampa Bay Rays because of her pain and just trying to keep up physically was impossible, endometriosis inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Having a business for herself met more control. Although her body was fighting her she knew she could still use her brain.

This episode keeps it real while we discuss the mental, emotional and physical toll that this disease can have but we also share what’s helping us cope and the mindset we’ve chosen to take to Thrive through this chronic illness. 

Nikita Williams, Your host and owner of Crafted To Thrive

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