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July 10, 2020

What Does Headwraps Have To Do With Decisions and Confidence?

What Does Headwraps Have To Do With Decisions and Confidence?

Decisions and Confidence are essential aspects of growing a business. They are also two of the reasons so many of us get stuck because we feel like we don't have enough... But I challenge all of us to take time to reflect on whether that belief is true? Ask ourselves where did that come from? So many times we are looking for the answers to why we haven't found confidence or made decisions because we are looking to external things, but what I have found is the experiences we have in our lives often color our beliefs. We ignore them or brush them as if they have little consequence to our daily life but they are often the reasons why we find it hard for us to take the leap into decision making and confidence. In this episode, I share with you how my negative experiences while wearing headwraps almost made me lose my confidence in sharing my unique story.  If you like this episode and others and are looking for a place to learn and grow please join me inside my New Private Facebook Group Craft Your Clarity Collective.

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