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April 7, 2023

Unlock the Power of Podcasting for Chronic Illness Entrepreneurs

Unlock the Power of Podcasting for Chronic Illness Entrepreneurs
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Discover 5 Reasons Why Podcasting is Perfect for Chronic Illness Warriors

Struggling with a chronic illness and feeling helpless after a surgery, I never expected that podcasting would offer me a lifeline -- a sense of purpose, community, and the flexibility to manage my health, that I never thought possible. Little did I know, this medium would become my greatest ally and ultimately, the key to success.

In this episode, you will be able to: 1. Discover the power of podcasting for creating versatile, search-engine-optimized content. 2. Learn how to enhance your influence and authority by engaging in meaningful podcast discussions. 3. Uncover the secret to cultivating authentic connections and a thriving community through your podcast. 4. Grasp the ways podcasting provides flexibility to entrepreneurs coping with chronic illnesses. 5. Master the art of converting podcast guests into genuine, heartfelt clients.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Start a podcast to create long-form, repurposable content that serves you beyond the algorithm of social media.
  • Use a podcast platform to build a community of like-minded individuals and create your Free Champion Sales Team.
  • Leverage your podcast to put yourself in other people's worlds by being a guest on other podcasts and sharing your expertise.
  • Gear your podcast content toward your ideal client and share your personal journey as a business owner living with chronic illness.
  • Repurpose your podcast content for social media and other platforms to maximize its reach and impact.
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I am so excited about this episode that I am letting you hear from a Instagram live that I did about is it time to start a podcast in the world of evolving AI and social media algorithms being all different kind of ways and all different kind of changes. Something that I have always seen a return of investment and energy from is having a podcast that has converted over 35% of my guest into dream clients that I have loved working with an amazing advocates and collaborators who have literally changed the face of my business and has allowed. To leverage my strengths as well as leverage my ability to be on other people's stages and in rooms where I have never been invited in, but because of my connection, because of my podcast, my name is being said in rooms that I wouldn't be able to go in. So I'm so excited for you to listen to this IG Life that I recorded a couple of weeks. This episode is gonna help you see like five reasons why you should consider having a podcast, especially now, and where we are in the marketing world. Also in the financial economy, where we are and how it is actually super durable for all my chronic illness warriors. It's literally the thing that I've always done and has been the most transformative in my healing journey, as well as in having clients that pay me and clients that I love. People that I just had genuine connections with because of a real authentic connection. You're gonna learn more about this on this episode, so stay tuned. Hello, welcome to day. I am talking about podcasting. I am a globally ranked podcast host. I've had a podcast since 20. Fifth 2017, and I have had over a hundred episodes that are live and airing, and I love it, and I can't wait to share a little bit more about it with you in this journey. I am here to show you how to grow your business with more ease. And today I'm talking about how to do this with a podcast. And is it time to start one? Is it time to, is it time for a podcast? It's the question that I keep asking, I keep hearing at people asking me about is like, is it time Nikita for me to start a podcast? And. The answer to that question is yes, it's always time to start a podcast. But before I go into that, let me share a little bit about why you might think it's a great time, why it's important to start doing that now. Let me get my headphones set. I thought I had 'em set a second ago. If you're joining me here, you can hear me live. All right, so is it time for our podcast? You all, first and foremost, let me tell you, there is no easier time to start a podcast than now. If you have been contemplating and thinking about, do I wanna start a podcast? Is this gonna be easier for me while I'm growing and growing my business and doing all that jazz, how can I get clients? Without social media, if you wanna make social media optional, if you want to feel more at ease when you take like a week or two or a vacation off with content that's gonna serve you for more than 24 hours or as long as the algorithm of social media is happening, then this e, this like live episode is for you. So some of the questions that I have constantly gotten from like some of my clients and those of you who have like thought about starting a podcast is, It seems like it's only for people who have already a large audience or has a very specific niche that makes them more likely to be successful. And personally, I didn't know anything about a podcast when I started my podcast, and I'm so thankful I didn't have any of those thoughts. Other people telling me those thoughts because it could have gotten in the way of me starting my globally ranked podcast show where I have found so much clarity and confidence, not only in my story, but have built an amazing support system and network through the show, as well as finding clients through the show. So is it time for a podcast? The question. Or the question? Oh, the answer to that question is I believe there's always time. It's always time for a podcast. Hey Janine, how are you? Your Hello, Janine. I think that's right. Right. Podcasting to me has been the most transformative part of my business and the most. Versatile, repurposing content in the world that's continuing to change as far as marketing your business. A lot of people are talking about AI and how that's changing the face of how we market, how we create content. And the thing that I feel like as far as podcasting, hey, Shaley, is that in a world that's becoming more digital, Kind of created and manufactured and all of that jazz, the more and more we are gonna want. True connection with other human beings. Like the more we want to feel and understand what it is that we are providing. And to me, a podcast does that for you. Whether it's audio only or whether that's audio and video. Podcast can look a lot of different ways. What I will say is that podcasting gives a lot of spoony, a lot of women living with chronic illness and limited spoons and energy who have been going through lots of different challenges and being able to show up in a, in a way that feels really natural and easy for them to create Content and service is through a podcast. And I, I wanna start this like, not start this. I wanna share with you why I believe this is to be true. I have been on Instagram for, Let's just say it's a long time. It's been at least more than eight years, right? And I am just breaching the 2,500 follower list, right? For a while there I felt like I would never hit a thousand for a very long time. But for my podcast, I have over 20,000 downloads. 20,000 downloads, y'all and I have at least my, my clients. A lot of my clients, I would say about anywhere between 25 and 35% of my clients have come from something to do with my podcast. And the reason why I'm so passionate about this is the reason why I started my podcast was for two reasons. I had just had my hysterectomy back in 2017 when I didn't know what to do with like life, and I was trying to find a way to have a better lifestyle living with endometriosis. And for me, I decided on a hysterectomy that after I had the hysterectomy, I had some complications with some other chronic illness stuff. So I was stuck at. Like I was not able to like go out and do my normal networking, and this was all before the pandemic. So I wasn't actually feeling like visibly ready to show up on camera for anything on Instagram live as frequently because I had, I was recovering from a really huge surgery and also I went through a little I call it post-traumatic hysterectomy. I had huge depression after I had my hysterectomy. And so trying to show up and like be a certain way on video or create posts is just was not going to work for me. It would've came off really forced. And if you know me, and if you've been following me or if you're new here, I'm very much like a feel. All of the things and do them authentically in the moment. I can't fake it. There's, I don't know how to fake it till you make it. I just know how to be very intentional and authentic in how I did this. And so when I started my podcast, the only, the way I used my. The way I used social media in order to start and grow my podcast was very different than anyone else was really teaching. And when I started my podcast, I didn't know anything about podcasting. Honestly. My husband was the one who was like, Hey my husband was like you know, instead of doing like writing blog posts, you could just start a. And I was like, what is that? And so it gave me a lot more freedom as far as creating long form content that was rep purposeful. So this is, this is why it might be time to start a podcast if you want to have content that serves you more than. Whatever the algorithm weeks there are, if you want content that is much more purposeful and long form. If you want content that is searchable and SEO friendly, if you want content that helps you be seen, heard. And hurt around the world besides what is happening locally in your corner of the Instagram world. And number five, if you want to have more flexibility and freedom of creating content from the comfort of your bed or your sofa with a heating pad and a blanket. It's time for a podcast, it's time for a podcast. All of five of those things are the things that help me start my podcast, and I actually think about podcasting a lot differently than a lot of people out there who are doing podcasts. They think about it as a main way for visibility. Is it? Helpful for that. Absolutely. Is it helpful for you to be seen as an authority in your industry? Absolutely, but I don't think starting a podcast to play the popularity game is really sustainable for the long term. And that's why for me, I use my podcast to be a platform for voices and clients that potentially were one my ideal. Who may not have been seen and heard and not popular. And if I was gonna have someone that was super popular, like when I had Jasmine star on my show, or Julie Paisley, who's another amazing photographer, I. Had her on the show because of genuine connection because also we were talking about the challenges of living and growing a sustainable business while dealing with a depression with Jasmine Starr dealing with like identity and physical chronic illness. And so all of these things hate Diane. I. All of these things are my approach to starting a podcast. I know there are tons of coaches out there and there are lots of people who are teaching you how to like get the most famous brain, the names on the show. But to me, I have always come from a place of connection and meaningful connections. First to build a community of like-minded and also. Feelings of Provence kind of experience that also creates what I call you're a free champion sales team. And for me, my podcast became that vehicle for me that the podcast for me became the vehicle that even though Nikita couldn't show up at a, you know, a networking event, even though Nikita wasn't at a live in person event on Zoom, right. I knew that I was building this network of women who would send people to me and say my name in room because I feature their amazing stories and who they really were. They would say my name in another room where I could also serve those people without even being there. And to me, that is the power of a podcast. Okay. Sheila's like, oh, snap. I never thought about these points. Yeah. And especially for like, my clients and, and, and the folks that have like service-based businesses as well as like creative spaces, I think it's even greater. It's the. To me, podcasting helps you to leverage the natural thing that human beings, and especially, you know, women do well, which is to share things that they like, love and the people they like and love. And it's a lot easier for someone to go, like literally binge your content and connect with you than it is. On an Instagram when they have to find you and like kind of scroll through all of this noise of everyone else that's being like hit at you. It's very different. So if you are looking for a way where your content one is just butter for your ideal client, it's butter for your guests, it's better for you even in your worst day. A podcast is a thing to start, like a podcast is a thing to start. And I will, I will say too, one of the things that I love about a podcast is, It helps you to like put yourself in other people's worlds, like by being a guest on other podcasts. That's something I really like to help my clients to figure out if they're gonna start a podcast is not just like starting a podcast, but how to be guested on other people's podcasts in order to leverage. Their audiences in a way to give them the service and the value that you have for them that they may not be covering and so that they can cross pollinate. That's a lot easier to do in a podcasting world, I believe, than on like social media platforms. The other thing I love about this is like last. I've had two clients recently sign up with me because they heard something about me somewhere. I think one of them came from like a podcast episode that I recorded like a, like a year ago with someone else. They went to my podcast binge like tons of content on my podcast and they booked a call and that happened. She told me like in a two week span. I'm sorry. That's faster than most people will do here on social media. And the reason why is because it is a true connection. Like my podcast up on my podcast Content is very geared to my ideal client. It's very geared to the stories. It's very geared to my personal journey as a business owner living with chronic illness. And it's like if you were to go back to episode one, you'll see where I was kind of hiding, living with chronic illness. And then over the past, I would say since the pandemic over the past, like. Since 20 18, 20 19, 20 20, I started talking more and more about my journey and my story and how that's like affected how I show up in my business. And that has continued to help my podcast to grow and clients to come into my world. So is it time for a podcast? Absolutely. If you're thinking about it, what are you waiting for? It's funny. Let me tell you a little bit of a story of why I've kind of. Didn't understand how powerful this tool was until I was talking to my email coach. So I work with an email coach because I started a podcast also, partly because I hate, I don't really enjoy writing. It's not my favorite tool if like communicating with people. This is my favorite tool of communicating. Hence why podcast. And also I like to go back and listen to my podcast to get more content, for me to pull, to repurpose for here. That's a whole nother episode. I'm gonna be talking about how you can repurpose podcast content for a whole nother social media thing. That's gonna be another life. I feel like I'd be more motivated to do a podcast than post on social media. Mm. That's me every day. If I'm taking a break off of Instagram, even on my email, I'm, I, I will still do a podcast episode. Right. So what was I saying? Okay. My email coach was having a conversation with me cuz I was having some mindset drama around like, my email isn't doing the way I want it to be. It's not converting as quickly. And she's like, I was like, it's so much, I'm not in like the energy of email. Like I have to like force myself into getting into like, An energy zone of writing email that feels very fire for me because it's just not the thing I'm most comfortable with. And so she asked me, where else do I feel that way, where it's just natural comes to me? And I was like, my podcast. And she said, well, you didn't start like converting within your first like episodes on your podcast. So like, Just know it's gonna take you some time with your email. And I actually had to be honest with her. I was like, actually that's not true. Within my first 10 episodes, I think three of my client, like three of the women I had on my show ended up being clients. Okay, let me set it again. 10. I had like episodes of, of interviewing other people, y'all. I was just interviewing these amazing women on my show and within the first 10 episodes of doing something, I have not had no clue. Three of those women who I just literally genuinely came to love them and like appreciate what they were doing and wanted to like shout them out and like sh, you know, praise them and give them a platform to be heard and hear more about their story. Three of those women of the 10 became my client. Let's in the first 10 episodes, which by the way, for a lot of episodes, let a podcast episode, people, they don't get past the first 10. They don't get past the 10. Nevertheless, the like, there's like less than one, less than 0.5% of people actually complete a whole podcast, like a whole 20 episodes of podcasts. They barely even get to 10. So at this point, I think I'm at 120. Episodes and I have really focused on quality over quantity. I focus on kind of persistence more than consistency. With my podcast, I'm very open with my audience about like if I'm gonna be taking a break or whatever, and they have. So much other content that's long formed to binge on. I will sit, like, I can repurpose a lot of that content. I can take things that I do from here, like from Instagram, I can take like other podcast recordings that I did on other people's podcasts and move them over here to my podcast. To me as time continues to grow and shift differently, grounded leaning, says 100%. Agree about an email energy. Yeah, it's hard girl. It's a hard struggle. But my podcast is the thing that comes so easy, and so the reason why I have been like embracing this even more recently is because I understand. Social media can be frustrating. Like, I'm not gonna lie fr like I literally, I think last week, I think it's been two weeks that I haven't really posted anything, but I've created podcast episodes. I've sent some emails even. Even though they're not my favorite thing to do, but I do send them, and so my business has grown because of the content I usually produce outside of social media and my audience, not just my audience, my community, and the people who know what I do and why I do it, and who I do it for. Are talking and saying my name in rooms when I'm in bed, right when I'm in bed. Like I think that's the power of podcasts is that you really get to know your audience. Hey Jane Nefa, so good to see you. So I think it's so important to use tools and your business that allows you to leverage your strengths and your weaknesses. So for me, the podcast came at a perfect time where I was literally recovering from my surgery. I was literally I was recovering from my hysterectomy. I was recovering from what I called earlier, like my post-traumatic hysterectomy depression, and I was still able to convert in that my first 10 episodes, three clients while from bed, not using social media. How I leveraged social media was finding the women. I wanted to elevate even more on my show and on my podcast and like I wanted to feature them on my. Those women came from me searching Instagram and really making genuine connections that I have a whole system and format for. That's very different. So when people talk to me about like, I should start a podcast, I always ask them like, what is the reason behind starting the podcast? To me that's very important as intention wise, especially if you want it to be a means for your business to grow. And I'm gonna be honest, when I first started my, when I first started my podcast, it wasn't about like clients. It really wasn't. It just happened like over the last year have I noticed like, oh my gosh, a lot of these women who have had it on the show ended up being clients are great collaborators or great champions for me and what I do to bring other clients my way. And that's because I'm so intentional about the connection with the women that I have on this show and how I continue to develop and maintain those relationships. There are the technical things that happen around podcasting, but I will say because of AI tools, starting a podcast is so much easier now than it's ever been, like, way easier than when I started and working with a coach who has done it all can help you through all of that, like all of the techy stuff. I literally taught myself all of the things editing. Websites for it, SEO for it, like I have learned all of those things. And also the most important piece, which is making that genuine connection and helping you figure out how to, one, get the guests you want on your show, right? How to tell your story in a way that doesn't feel like you're ex telling too much of your story. Like how do you decide. What to say, what to share on the show. I teach you and I coach you around what, how you define that for yourself. Also, if you're thinking about using your podcast as a way to leverage speaking engagements, writing gigs if you're looking to use to repurpose that content onto your social platforms, if you are looking for that way for your podcast to be reused and repurposed, like with video and clips and things like that, I have done it all for. Then six years, more than six years. What I like to say about podcasting is that it helps you leverage your energy and your time. You can get so much content within like a 15 or 30 minute podcast episode that can be repurposed for so many things. It can be repurposed for your website blog. It can be repurposed for your email. It can be repurposed for Instagram captions to give you repurposed for video. It could be repurposed for an in lie person kind of giveaway that you give. You can. Series for them that you hand them a little I wish I had my little thing for you, but there's so many different ways you can repurpose that content to serve your audience. And it can happen from your bed. It can happen with a heating pad. It can happen however you want it to happen without having the pressure of all of the things. The other thing that I love about podcasting you all is that once you produce it, it doesn't just live in one. Yes. Right. When we produce content on Instagram, it lives here on Instagram. And is it kind of searchable? Yes. It's kind of searchable, right? Certain parts of Instagram are searchable, but not as easily as this content that I'm doing right here is searchable. It's not, but with a podcast, it is. And not only is it very searchable for people to find you, but it's also being delivered across 400 different platforms and ations of. Your podcast will go, so you put it one place somewhere and it literally goes to three to 400 other places around the world. Talk about leveraging your time and your energy like it's. It's baffling to me that I thought, oh, this is just my fun little thing on the side that I do for my business that I didn't really think and take advantage of how powerful it is. And now I have clients who like definitely want to learn more about how to incorporate podcasting, how to launch their podcasts and attract their dream clients through it. That's what I can teach you to do. And my one-on-one container. Obviously if you wanna coach with me and like work with me from a context of like learning how to deal with the mindset, drama and limiting beliefs around starting a podcast, I can support you through that. If you were wanting support around figuring out, is this really the tool I wanna use in my business to help me grow it, help me to be found, seen and heard. I will say every business that I currently work with will benefit from having a. Yes, that's my photographers. I work with photographers. I work with nutritionists and herbalist. I work with coaches. I work with artists. Every single client that I have ever worked with could benefit from starting a podcast because of the beautiful multifacetedness of how it helps you to grow your. Leveraging 300 other places that it goes to and those people that you're serving and their connection. What happens when you have people on your show is that they wanna tell other people that they were on your show, and they also wanna feel like I en enjoyed that interaction with that person when I did it. So they're more open to sharing it. Also, there's this beautiful connection that happens when you have an interaction with another person. That allows that genuine connection that's sometimes really challenging here on social media to do so much easier to actually create authentically when you're recording a podcast interview with a guest. I have a 30 day system and how I help, how I can help you to have the right kind of clients and have the As be a no-brainer yes from them and a no-brainer. I cannot wait for them. Right? Having that kind of system is really important and. Podcasting of your thinking is a time. It's time. Even if you're a writer. Right. Maybe you're like, girl, but I love to write. It's even more perfect for you. You can write your beautiful stuff that you wanna say. You can script out your whole podcast episode. Then you could read it or say it however you want to on your podcast. Record yourself. Then you have a recording of your words that you can then now use as clips, as graphics, as blog posts, seo sh show notes, all of these different kind of things you can do. You can create videos from all this. Podcasting is going to be the way that a lot of us now, a lot of us will want to see and hear because it helps us connect with our audience. So I'm gonna read some statistics that I pulled up recently about how podcasts are so much more powerful at times than social media. They people are less distracted. When they're listening to a podcast because they're listening to one voice usually, even though they're doing other things. How often are we here on social media and we're like driving, the kids are talking to us and like, then there's this ad that pops up, da, da, da. All these weird things that interrupt our connection with the client, like with whoever we're talking with. Right? A phone call even, right? Like all those things kind of happen here on Instagram, but 40, 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing them speak about it on a podcast. 54% people. 54%. So let me, let me break that down for you in Instagram world, okay. We are told constantly that less than 2% of our audience actually sees our content less than 2%. Okay. So if I am on, like, I have 2,500 followers right now. Okay. 25. I know. I'm, I'm part of the 54. Exactly. Kelsey. Exactly. I have 25 followers here on Instagram. So what is that? 2% of 2000? Let's just say it's 20. Let's give that number. It's 20. 20%. 20% of you are actually seeing my content. But when I produce a podcast episode and I have well over a thousand follow. I know for a fact they will see that I just dropped a new podcast episode and that at least 54% of those people will listen and take action. Y'all, y'all hear what I'm seeing right now, but y'all hear what I'm seeing. I consistently talk about how as chronic illness warriors who are running a business, energy is currency. Energy is currency of the greatest comp, like greatest need for us in our businesses. So when you have a podcast that converts at those numbers, right, it helps things. It helps take the pressure off social media being the only way people find us, right? It makes it easier to be like, oh, well I can just repurpose my podcast information because this is like gravy on top of everything that's happening with the 54% that are listening to what I'm talking about on my. And so I'm not going, I'm not gonna lie to y'all right now for, for a long time. I try to ignore the awesomeness of podcasting as this little thing that I'm just like kind of doing. Like I enjoy it so much. I find it such. I find it so easy. I enjoy connecting with women. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy having these conversations with women, and I cannot tell you how much healing happens and has happened for me just telling my story and reframing some of those false thoughts about my stories from having my podcast and for a while, like I've, I have a good friend, my, a good friend who's a coach. Her name is Amy. She's an amazing trauma coach. And she was like, she asked me this earlier last year. She's like, why don't you just kind of like pivot a little bit into talking more about your podcast? And I was like, girl, that's just the thing that I like do on this time of my business is fun. But when my other email coach was like, Nikita you, you know, people don't just convert in a podcast episode podcast. From the first episodes, I'm like, I did it in the second, like in the second, and then then the, the, the, the, the, the fourth and then then the 10th. So I've done it within the first 10 episodes and my 10th guess y'all was Jasmine star. So like to me, it's the thing that comes easy for me. And I know that it doesn't come easy for you or it may not come easy for you. There's a mindset that comes up, like, what do I share? When do I do it? I don't like my voice. Like how much content is that? Am I gonna have to produce? How, what, what is all the tech that I'm gonna need? How do I know whether or not it's connecting with my audience? All of those different kind of questions you're gonna. When, when do I do this? Like how do I edit it? What do you mean you can do a podcast from your bed with a heating pad? What? How do you repurpose that content if you're not showing your face? I know how to do it all. I've done it all and I've done it all with the context and my thoughts of being like, oh, this is so easy. So easy that I dismissed it for a minute, dismissed that it was such a powerful tool in my business and why it's actually really helped me grow my business to the way that it has and why I am in the top 5% of podcasts globally and why I find clients and champions that say my name in rooms when I'm not there. And if that's something you want, if you want to find some more ease in your business when it comes to marketing, you want to leverage the time you spend doing the marketing and the things that you're doing more efficiently, so that your air, so that your energy turns into currency. Who call with me. I would love to work with you to learn how to launch your podcast and start attracting your dream clients. And deal with all the mindset stuff that comes up and all the, like, other things that happen. Like how do you deal with the timing, the cadence in which you do it, and how do you really figure out a, a way or message that you really wanna be seen in, heard? What is your mission? All of that stuff. It's really important when it comes to starting a podcast. Specifically if you're doing it for your business, and I'm so passionate about it, I'm even more passionate about it because I realize, Nikita, you've been laying on this dream like it's just a happiness me and the pillows and the clouds, and everything's perfect. But it literally has been a thing that has helped my business to continue to grow when I have not been here on social media. When I have, when I didn't even have an email list, I was converting clients from a podcast. Podcasting, especially for my chronic illness warriors. This is the vehicle that without me realizing, has literally helped me to grow my business to where it is today. And through lots of different things, through a pandemic, through surgeries, through new chronic illness diagnosis through depression through. So many different things. My podcast has always been the thing that has always worked in my favor for my business and for me. So I'd love to work with you. I would love to explore if this is a thought you've been like Rob, and think about it starting a podcast, but I don't know, is it for me? If you still have that question is a podcast for me, book a call with me and we'll talk about it. I'll tell you Legitly if it is or is it? If it's not, I will tell you because I do think it's not for everyone in the context of mindset, but I think most business. Most bene businesses would benefit from podcasting. Like 100%. 100%. Any questions about podcasting? Jennifer said you are killing me right now. Jennifer said, energy is so real, you gotta maximize it. Exactly. Your advocate. Hello. Welcome. She says, I know I'm a part of 54%. Yeah. I mean, there are, there are women that I followed on, on my podcast that I listened to. I'm. You know, it's funny, I'm not like a huge podcast listener. I only listen to a handful of people. That's the other thing that's really cool about podcasting is that you know the numbers that are being downloaded, you know that the people that are actually engaging with your content, they are right or dies. Okay? When I say they're right or dies, there have been times in my podcast journey where I'm like, I'm gonna take the summer off. Here's some, you gonna get replays of things I've done, and do I still get downloaded? And it's because these are ride or die com, like a community, like they will be there. We don't like, I think with audio we don't like to overwhelm ourselves with like following like a thousand different people. That's not gonna happen with podcast listeners. They will choose who is gonna be in their ear, and that's why I love podcasting. Like that's why I feel like one of the most important things if you're starting a podcast is to really decide on like, what story are you going to like? And what person are you going to serve that needs a voice? And for me, that was chronic illness. Business owners, like women that were living with chronic illness that felt like they had to be perfect. And even people who thought like they had to hustle their way through. Like I wanted real conversations about resources and tools and stories about doing a business living with chronic illness and how that looks like from a woman's perspective, right? And how that looks like from different, varying aspects of business. I've had women from. Women from like, who are jewelry, who are, who are you know, CEOs of companies and have had I've had so many women I can't even think of, I've had travel agents, I've had so many women, but the thing we have all in common is something to do with chronic illness and creativity, and that is our lane. Right? And so we're highly selective when we listen to podcasts. Exactly, Jennifer, because if we're gonna spend 30 minutes or 15 minutes or 45 minutes to listen to somebody, we're not doing that with like a thousand people. We're doing that with the people who we feel like serve our cup and. Right. And so that's why I think there's the other awesome thing about podcasting, and you will never to me in my thoughts, you will never have to worry about AI taking over your voice. People are still gonna want to hear our voices regardless of how awesome AI is. They still want to hear that we are humans, that we have challenges, that we have, mistakes that we have overcome. They will still hear, want to hear your voice, okay? They'll still wanna connect with a. And that is the power of podcasting. So if with the AI role, I feel like I was telling my husband this the other night, I'm like, with the ai, there are so many tools that actually help you create better podcasts with AI that help you edit and create, repurpose that content even more efficiently with ai. But what you will not have to worry about is ai. Replacing your voice to be like something else. Like people will wanna connect with you and your stories and your community, and that is another reason why it is time for you to start a podcast, right? And connections like people buy from people, people connect with people, even with big businesses and corporations. And that's the thing we're gonna need as we continue to grow our business. And do it in a way that feels really good that can be done from bed with a heating pad like legit. Right? So I'd love to support you to decide whether or not a podcast is for you in your chronic illness entrepreneur journey, or if you've been thinking about it or it's on your list and you've got a list of people you would love to have on your show. I, I was talking to one of my clients and she was like, girl, I have topics and I have people that I want to have on my show already, and. What, and I was like, what's holding you back? It's mindset. It's the tech and I can help, I can help you with all of those things. So book a call with me just to discover if, if, if you should start it, how could it look? How could it help you attract your clients? What I will teach you as a coach around converting your guest into clients, it. It's not being taught like I, I believe I'm the only coach or the only person really talking about how to do this. From the context of like genuine connections lead to clients who are on your podcast who will say yes and will still shout you out from the rooftops. Okay. It's not salesy, it's not weird. It's genuine, heartfelt connection to. Your ideal client. So I'm really excited about this. This quarter. Two, I'm gonna be talking a lot more about podcasting and helping my clients, whether that is start with a podcast. Some of you're like, girl, I don't wanna start a podcast. I wanna stay on Instagram. I can support you in there. But I definitely would ask you like, have you considered a podcast? It could be the thing that gives you the freedom and the flexibility that you want, and sustainability and profitability for your business living with chronic. All right. Loves. I hope you enjoyed this.