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Feb. 26, 2021

The Cost of Not Investing in Yourself

The Cost of Not Investing in Yourself

In this episode I share some of the reasons I have held back from investing in myself and what it’s cost me.  For years I was just trying to figure out how to handle or manage my pain so when it came to thinking about anything else it all took the back seat. Have you ever felt that way about something or have even said, “I’ve got more important things to take care of, this can wait.”  I am the first to say that I am no pro at saying “Yes” to opportunities to invest in myself but when I have, it’s paid off and because of that I do my best to intentionally look for opportunities to invest in my emotional, mental and everything in between. I’ll share my perspective on the importance of investing in your mental and emotional health and how the choice of whether to invest or not can affect our success in life and business.

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