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Dec. 6, 2019

Skin in The Game, Growing A Skincare Line

Skin in The Game, Growing A Skincare Line
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In this episode of She's Crafted To Thriveour Guest is Renee Bartosh, Owner of Pure and Coco.She started her own skincare line because she and her family have a history of suffering from eczema.  I asked her to be on the show because I love her products and she is really good at creating new products for her skincare line. 

If you have a business that was created out of need, I wanna hear from you in the show notes comments sections.

In business, we tend to stick to what we know or what we're comfortable with. But what I admire about Renee is that she's not afraid to try something different. She shares how she researches, test and make her ever-growing skincare line.   Renee's been in business for several years and has been able to grow her skincare line and customer base. She's been in many Whole Foods and local boutiques all while taking advantage of each opportunity. Renee explains why the value of research, feedback, and networking. Yes, this woman is doing it but not without a little fear at her feet. She shares what her fears are and how she’s flourishing through it.

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Renee Bartosh

Owner and creator of an all-natural, vegan coconut skincare line because of my once severely dry, eczema-like skin on my hands. I share daily insight and tips on how to effectively treat this skin condition without the use of harsh chemicals.