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Jan. 13, 2023

Lean into Your Pace and Still Be Productive

Lean into Your Pace and Still Be Productive
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In this episode, our guest Keosha Jones shares her own experience of, at times, being too rigid in life to find a balance between planning and being flexible. She also shares her journey as a coach and some everyday tips for being more holistically productive.

She learned through her own experience that being too rigid in life can create anxiety and that finding a balance between planning and flexibility can help create harmony in life. Keoshashares her approach of creating more flexibility and rest in her schedule while prioritizing the important things. She also emphasizes the importance of leaning into your own pace and giving yourself grace. This is especially true for those living with chronic illnesses.

Here's what I cover with Keosha Jones in this episode:

1. How can productivity help you find the balance between working hard and taking rest?

2. How can you cultivate the skill of a holistic lifestyle and still be productive while growing a business?

3. How can people with chronic illness and uncertainty use productivity tools to care for themselves?


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Keosha JonesProfile Photo

Keosha Jones

Coach & Founder

Keosha Jones is the owner of Pink Productivity Coaching. She has been an entrepreneur since childhood and watched a dream turn into reality last year with her love of helping others prioritize, schedule, and achieve their goals with less overwhelm. She has helped individuals of many ages become more productive with the skills she teaches along with mindset changes. Keosha is a native of Georgia and has lived there her whole life, loves to travel and brings a piece of that place back in her heart. She also loves the color pink, can walk better in high heels than flats, and believes that productivity does not depend on perfection.