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Feb. 10, 2023

Juggling Modern-Day Motherhood, Career, & Entrepreneurship

Juggling Modern-Day Motherhood, Career, & Entrepreneurship

Tania Cuturi is a French-born, London-based executive coach working with moms.  She's a  mother of three, so I asked her to team up with me to explore the complex feelings associated with modern-day motherhood and the power of a strong village to help balance the struggle between personal, professional, and entrepreneurship goals.

Here's what I cover with Tani in this episode:

1. Exploring the idea of the "modern mom" in the 21st century
2. Navigating guilt and finding balance as a working mother
3. Understanding the value of creating a supportive "village" as a mother or non-mother.

Also Tania has do graciously offered to gift the 5 first listeners who are curious about coaching with her and who contact her on Instagram or her website a 60min coaching conversation!

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Tania Cuturi

ACC Executive Coach NCP

ACC Executive Coach NCP (English/French and Spanish speaker) I Barefoot Trained Coach I PG Certificate of Coaching, University of Chester I Master in Management and Finance NEOMA Business School, France.
I am so excited that you have decided to learn more about me! I am typing this as I am waiting for my 6yrs old to fall asleep and we all know how bed time can be draining emotionally for us. Being a mum of 3 children under 6, I know what it is like to feel like you never have enough time and that everything else should come first.

As mothers, we think that we should be able to do it all when actually the reality is very different. Juggling life as a Career mother is not simple. Hence why sometimes, you need to take a step back to lead your life. You need not to feel alone anymore and guilty that you are working, prioritizing yourself or your work over certain activities involving your family.

My clients work because they want to, not because they have to and this choice is what develops this unnecessary shame and comparison with other mothers. Realizing that motherhood is something so different to each of us and that we are not alone and we should not think we can do it alone is a process that sometimes requires others!

My Background in Finance

I have worked in Credit Hedge fund sales for JP Morgan and Barclays Capital for almost 9 years before I retraining as a coach. I was working in a very fast paced and adrenaline environment that was just not for me. I didn’t realize that it was okay to change careers until I decided to leave for good. I was exhausted mentally and physically although my career was doing great. It was hard to leave when things were good but It just didn't feel right staying.

My father passed away in 2012 which was a turning point for my career. I had to press the pause button. I had to look after my family abroad in France. I worked with them for almost 5yrs and it was difficult to move onto creating a family in London.

My experience with therapy

Therapy has been part of my life since I constantly struggled with sleep issues and more recently with my fertility struggles. I recently understood that I am a HSP (hyper-sensitive person) and realized that this was a strength rather than a weakness hence why I strongly feel her true calling in life is coaching. I truly believe that there are many ways to thrive even when the world overwhelms us.

I was always fascinated by the idea of helping others and was about to retrain as a therapist. As part of my research, I met a very successful Executive Coach that encouraged me to use her corporate experience and become a coach. I since then have fallen in love with coaching. I believe in the transformational power of coaching and have found in this profession something that I had never found in therapy before: the art of finding your own answers with questioning and visualization exercises by focusing on the choices that we have in the present time. I have been coaching since 2017 over 100+ Career mums around confidence, courage and time management.

Mother of three children under 6yrs old, I work with working mums who struggle to effectively allocate their energy around their work and family. Tania provides coaching and guidance that helps them make courageous choices to regain freedom over their lives.

My mission today! Redefining motherhood!

“I love my children more than I love my work BUT I love working more than I love mothering. Most of my clients feel the same. Career minded women work not just because they need to but because they choose to, and this choice to prioritise their work is what feeds their guilt”

I recognise from my own experience that working in a corporate environment is tough. I know a lack of confidence can result in loss of energy and motivation and introduces my clients to recognise their values, better manage their time, working around building confidence and setting goals.

My coaching sessions are designed to be fun and creative, encouraging transformational “ah- ha” moments through thinking techniques, and I share plenty of actionable tools to help you develop your own resilience.
I advocate developing courage by understanding the energy behind your personal goals and aspirations. Defining your values for a fulfilled journey, I focus on clarity of purpose and support you to recover your “mojo”, stepping out of your comfort zone of repetition or comparing yourself to others, but instead to make innovative changes and speak out with refreshed motivation and confidence.
I define my coaching as enabling clients to make distance in the management of their lives and urge them to develop the tools and techniques I share to remain positive and self-reliant. Dismissing working on goal setting alone, I aim to offer you a better understanding of yourself and your priorities by setting a plan in motion to generate your own courageous energy and identity with a true sense of worth.