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Aug. 19, 2022

How to Use Creativity to Find Hope & Healing After Loss with Roxanne Glaser

How to Use Creativity to Find Hope & Healing After Loss with Roxanne Glaser
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Our Guest on the show is Roxanne Glaser of Superdoodlegirl.  She'll share how Doodling is a superpower that can help you get unstuck and find joy. In this episode, you will learn:
1. How doodling can be used as a tool for healing and self-expression
2. The power of mindfulness and breathwork in times of grief
3. The importance of "showing up" even when you don't feel like it

Here's a breakdown of what is covered:
[00:00:00] - Introducing Roxanne Glaser.

[00:18:49] - When things are the darkest of dark, what to do?

[00:19:55] - What dealing with grief can look like, because there is no one way.

[00:31:00] - How did Superdoodle girl come to be?

[00:38:28] - How does Roxanne find harmony in her life and business?

[00:56:08] - Wraping up

Tune into today.

Check out the show notes: www.craftedtothrive.com
Connect with our Guest, Roxanne Glaser: https://www.superdoodlegirl.com/

Also Checkout the Creative Spark Summit where Roxanne and I met: The Creative Spark


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"I just kept repeating it and now I'm talking to you."

Roxanne Glaser is a doodler and creativity coach from Waco, Texas. She helps people get unstuck using simple creative tools in her workshops.

This is Roxanne's story...

Roxanne Glaser is a doodler and artist from Waco, Texas. After her husband passed away, she found herself in a dark place. She started practicing yoga and taking a hand lettering class to help her cope. Through these experiences, she found her love for doodling again. Doodling helped her to heal and to feel more connected to herself. Today, she uses her superpower to help others get unstuck and to practice mindfulness.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How doodling can be used as a tool for healing and self-expression
2. The power of mindfulness and breathwork in times of grief and trauma
3. The importance of "showing up" even when you don't feel like it



Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:00] - Roxanne lives in Waco, Texas. She works in marketing and learning for a tech company, and she does workshops where she helps people get unstuck using simple creative tools. Doodling has always been her superpower. She used to doodle on the sides of her paper and backwards and upside down on her notes. Roxanne is a teacher of creativity. She works with adults who have an origin story of when the moment they learn that. She teaches self talk in her journal Jumpstart Workshop to help them unwind that narrative. She has been teaching it for six years. Roxanne's husband passed away in May 2015 after a long illness. She went through a lot of grief. Her sister passed away Memorial Day weekend six years ago. She started practicing yoga and hand lettering. In the spring, she found mindfulness and meditation to help her. Gail went through the formal Grief share program for 14 weeks. She met her friend Gail on the corner in grief chair, crying and eating chocolate. The first step is to show up, and then the other stuff will follow. Gail is learning about positive psychology in her field.

[00:18:49] - Nikita went through a dark time in 2015 and 2016. Now she is able to help others find their cup. Because sometimes we can't find our cup. Nikita's journey broke her open in new ways to be reassembled in a new way.

[00:19:55] - Ricky's boss's wife passed away five years ago. Ricky used to be very angry and didn't know what to do with his grief. He used to listen to the mandesa song ”broken hallelujah” on repeat he would say the Lord's Prayer a lot and he started to train. Ricky found a grief share program at the church next week. Before Ricky passed away, she used to try to control everything. Now she knows better what her responsibility is and where the boundaries are. She uses the visual of holding your day in open hands in front of you instead of clenched fists to visualize how to move through the day.

[00:26:24] - Nikita's. Cat passed away in February. Nikita shares her story about her grief with her community. She wants to talk about grief because it affects how we view where we're going and what we're doing as we heal. She has a book called Handbook for Pet Loss or Pet Loss Handbook, and she bought one for dealing with grief when humans die.

[00:31:00] - Nikita started a business called Super Doodle Girl as a hobby. Now she's teaching people how to use simple creative tools and techniques to get unstuck. Nikita's mission is to help people find their path and find the joy in all things. She's been an accidental teacher for 7 years. Seth believes that people ask him to do things in order to get him to look for the talent inside him. He is going to tag onto a book called The Creator in you. He believes that there is this innate wisdom within us.

[00:38:28] - According to Nita, she finds harmony between her hands and her mind without losing her mind. She started meditating daily when she got the pandemic kit. And she has her own morning ritual. She is doing the 100 day challenge. She has her Mashong set that she loves. Mahang and other groups that she gathers with. Nikita is a member of the Calligraphy Guild. Nikita believes in purpose and values as well as creativity and introversion are the pillars of her life. She believes that curiosity comes from when you see something that hits at one of the values that are core to you and it helps you find your path in life easier. Nikita teaches doodling. She recommends starting with basic supplies and limiting your tools. Nikita did the 100 Day Challenge and wrote the Lord's Prayer 100 times in 100 different ways. She keeps a sketchbook in the pocket of her softball camp chair with a pencil. People procrastinate in search of the perfect tool so they don't start out with the right one. She is like her cousin. She loves shopping and making sure she got the best supplies and supplies. She had everything for the fabric dying. She was going to knit or crochet, but she decided to draw with markers.

[00:56:08] - Doodlelegirl was on the show. She is at day 92 in her 100 days of Joyful doodles. Her website is superdoodlegirlcom. She is on Instagram, Facebook and she is super doodlegirl on Instagram.

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Roxanne GlaserProfile Photo

Roxanne Glaser

Self-taught artist / Teacher/ Speaker

Who is SuperDoodleGirl?
Roxanne Glaser is a self-taught artist who sparks joy with her art and illustrations. In elementary school, Roxanne doodled throughout the day, filling pages with imaginative swirls and letters.

When her husband and sister passed away unexpectedly, she turned to art to help process the grief and begin rebuilding her life.

As SuperDoodleGirl, she has learned the healing power of tapping into her creativity and lettering or doodling everyday. In 2018, she completed her first 100 Day Creative Challenge by lettering 100 Versions of The Lord’s Prayer.

Follow Roxanne’s 2021 100 Day Project journey at #100DaysOfDoodleInspiration. This year she is playing with watercolor and ink to create one word of inspiration each day!

Inspired by nature and her personal yoga practice, Roxanne’s art touches hearts and minds with themes of transformation and encouragement. She shares her passion for creativity through workshops enabling others to reconnect with their authentic selves.

Roxanne teaches lettering, creativity, and yoga workshops at Lucky Star Art Camp, Rockin’ Reality, Retreat Center, Baylor University Continuing Education, and for the Waco Calligraphy Guild. Her latest workshop, Grounded in Gratitude, combines her passions into an integrated approach to living a whole-hearted life.

Roxanne’s coloring book and a gratitude journal can be purchased through Amazon.

Use this link to grab all my freebies and to connect with me https://www.superdoodlegirl.com/linktree/