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May 31, 2019

How To Have A Positive Social Media Mindset

How To Have A Positive Social Media Mindset

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our guest is Natasha Samuel, a Social Media Manager based out of Florida and founder of Sol Studio. Let’s be real staying consistent and not feeling overwhelmed when it comes to social media is really hard. But in this episode, we narrow down how important it is to have right the mindset.

In this episode, she’ll share her journey to starting and growing her business while in College. An unexpected topic about to how saying NO can save you in your business. You’ll hear her tips to a more positive mindset for social media, ways to manage your time and be intentional in your marketing content and things to look for when hiring a social media manager. Basically, at the end of this episode, I hope you find plenty more love, fun and balance in your life when it comes to social media marketing.

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on this episode of She's Crafted to thrive. Our Guests is Natasha. She is a

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social media manager and she loves what she does. You guys, I especially like this conversation because we get riel about what it means to be a social media manager as well as what it means to have a good positive mindset when it comes to social media. We all know when the social money in our business. But how do we view

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it? How do we actually work on their without feeling overwhelming without feeling icky at the end of the day? So we talk about that mind set. We also talk about how to practice the no muscle, and we also talk about taking time and being intentional with your social media marketing and lastly, but certainly not lease. You talk about what you need to look for when you're hiring a

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social media manager like Natasha herself, so stay tuned. I hope you guys find this very practical and useful and also inspirational. Sze Welcome to She's crafted to thrive. I'm your host, Nikita Williams, and this show is for all the ladies who are making creating things that they love you will hear conversations about the real everyday struggles of juggling life. And this is trying to maintain passion and harmony. As women, we have the skill of getting things done, But sometimes we get in our own way. It's here. Well, you'll see that you're now alone. You'll discover that success does not mean perfection. Fear and negative thoughts and challenges are all a part of the journey on this podcast. Find inspiration, told you need to have a life and business thrives. I'm so excited tohave Natasha Samuel on today. You guys, I'm super excited. Um, she is a really cool marketing social media marketer, manager like guru. I know she probably might not think of yourself that way, but I think she has, uh, thank you for having me. Um um it's just been it's been really nice following you on instagram. So everybody knows that's listening. Has listened to my show. Most of my guests come from instagram it and they come from me stalking them for moments. I'm just being I love So introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, what you do. What? Your business and

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awesome. Yes, my name is Natasha and I am the founder of Soul Studio. And so my focus is instagram marketing and social media management. So I love Instagramming being on instagram stories. I do TV, all the things instagram and really like helping serve my followers. They can, like, feel confident to show up on social media for their business. Our brand eso. Usually I'm like managing accounts for my clients, but I also do coaching courses. Resource is all the social media thing, so that's kind of a little bit about what I

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do. I love it. I first ball if you if you're listening to this, you know, like, what is that? If you know how stressful is managing your own social media, anything you understand that if you're doing it for somebody else, is a lot of work, like I feel like a bully. I need to see that like I feel like we need to get real with it. Like that is a lot of work, and it stings a lot of like energy from you to kind of like produce that kind of creative content. Um which, you know, you do it with so much joy feels like on instagram. I'm like when I wester into stories. I'm just like me and she likes do miss. I

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do, I really do. And I feel like the time when people really struggle with social media, it's because it feels like a tour and it's not fun. So that's like a huge part of my philosophy is like Instagram social media. It should be fun. So I do try to have a lot of fun with my clients and managing all the accounts, all the things I'd like to have fun with

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it. That's awesome. Well, I'm gonna ask you about that in a second, about how do you do that? But tell us, how did you come to being a social media manager like, How did you get to this path?

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Yeah, so actually started in journalism. So I was writing for my high school paper. Then I started writing for blog's and publications when I went to college, but then I kind of pivoted from journalism to PR public relations, and so that became my major at the University of South Florida. So I started getting some digital marketing internships and kind of dabbling and Mark King, and my first internship was actually with a woman that had her own business. So we did it remotely. Um, and she was just super cool and super inspiring. And we did a lot of workshops, and she always was like, You can start your own thing. You can absolutely do it. And I was like, Oh, girl, you got a fun idea, but I never even thought like I would be an entrepreneur. Um, so the more I worked for other, you know, Cos and got a lot of experience and I also traveled a ton. I studied abroad twice in college, so I really was like, I love travelling. I love being able to kind of be remote and experience new places often on and then kind of learned my love for social media. And so I kind of was like in that no crisis. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I'm about to graduate. I have no clue what I want to dio. And so I really sat down with myself and I'm like, what is kind of like my dream job, and I could think of just like being ableto work for myself and serve my clients be created and also have the freedom to travel if I wanted to work remotely and be really flexible. So I told my mentor my first internship woman, and she was like, Girl, go for, like, leads. Do it. I'll give you a client and I Wow. Okay, we're starting. So this was, like, Ah, entire semester before I graduated, actually. So I started my business while I was still in school, started getting clients, started building my brand sort of building soul studio, and then one full time right after I graduated. So it was kind of a world when I didn't really have the chance to think No, I was just like, Let's try, let's do it and it just smells amazing.

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So wow, what? You know what I think? It's so amazing that okay, this is multiple. Multiple women have said this like just having another person, like have that belief in you. And then, too, give him that kind of like support, like reals or like your first client That's huge was one of the hardest things to do when you're first starting out, right? It's getting that first client

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definitely, and she's been a mentor to me, to the stay like whenever I like update my website. She's like, This looks amazing and whenever she sees me on Instagram because she is so funny, can shed like, totally doesn't get Instagram like she does everything but instagram. She's like, I saw your post and thought it was so amazing. So she's kind of like my hype woman in the back. That's just always been that rock that I need because, of course, like family and friends couldn't support you. But it's always nice having a mentor that, like, really gets it, and it's like a few years ahead of you.

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I love it. I love it. So why did you, like, never think about being an entrepreneur? Like Were you set on doing it a certain like Why was entrepreneurship so far away from your mind?

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Yeah, I I'm not quite sure because looking back and I have this conversation with my mom, I was like, honestly like, did you think I would be an entrepreneur? She's like, I knew you were gonna do something Not normal, like I totally saw that coming because I've always been the type of person I believe in horoscopes. I'm a Scorpio where we like consistency, but we, like, change me like new things. That's always been kind of how I am, like sitting at like a 9 to 5 sitting at a desk, having like a consistent type of job, just never appealed to me. And I didn't really know what I meant was like, Maybe he'll be a trouble blogger, maybe a food blogger, like have kind of like that flexibility to still be creative. But I was like, I know blogging is in like what I want to do. I wanna have a bigger impact than that. So, um, it makes sense, but I don't know why I never thought about. I think I always thought like owning a business meant you had, like, a coffee shop and, like, had to hire employees and self ing. Oh, yeah, that way. Yeah, right. I know it's another way to do, and I never really saw the online world of like I can have an online business where, like I can solely run my business from my laptop in my phone. I never really even saw that, so I think that's why I never thought of it at the time,

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which is interesting because you were in college and like, I'm a big believer that, you know, if you go to college, great. But I also feel like I think gone are the days where people feel like you need to go to college to experience what you need to know in order to start a business. I mean, anybody can start a business online, And I feel like sometimes when we go to school or go college, we kind of put ourselves in that box where it's like, Okay, I'm gonna get hired. I'm looking for internship With this big companies, I could get all this experience and then I'm gonna work up the career ladder, like you know, So absolutely. Maybe that's why

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yeah, I think definitely that may have played a role into it, because I think like I got a lot out of college like my internships and stuff. I feel like I wouldn't have been able to get those connections to get those experiences, because that is, like, hands down like the base of my business and what I do in the knowledge I have. But they do kind of teach you, like, especially the PR major. There like you're going to make this salary and you're gonna be, like, in a corporate PR job, and that is, like, kind of the only way. But I like new in my head. I'm like, that's definitely not what I'm doing. Like, I'm just trying to get the experience to, like, figure out what I want to do and kind of create it. But I never knew with the entrepreneurship.

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Well, I'm I'm glad you did choose on Supreme e Think you would have. I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs, like they may have tried the 95 I mean, I've tried, but not my multiple times. And every time I do, I'm just like, Why? Why I can't do this? I did not mean, uh, Square Peg. I'm being able to be free.

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Absolutely. I agree with that, just like a grow and evolve with your business. That's like my favorite part is like I have a new idea. I could have a new path, and I can go with it instead of feeling like I'm in just one tunnel and I'm doing just one thing. I love the creativity of just being able to do what I'm passionate about the time. And like, one day, I'm like, I cannot do this manager any more than I like. Put that on the back seat and I'll focus on something else. And I really love that freedom.

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So while making that transition, okay, I guess it would be an entrepreneur. I'm gonna start my own business. Did you have any, like, fears about dealing with that? Like where you're like, Oh, what am I doing? Did you have other people going like, What are you doing? Like, how did that go?

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Yeah, believe it or not, I did have overall support, which was kind of crazy, because, like most of my friends were in college, obviously. So they're like, Oh, you're an entrepreneur. Now, that's pretty cool. But, like, how do I support you? Like, what are you doing? You know, um, so that was luckily, something I was really fortunate with, but I think my biggest the year, was like the consistency of having an income and having benefits and just in general, like figuring out the like, not creative fun parts like howto how to find my business, how to do taxes because, like graduating and becoming like an adult is scary enough. Besides, like Oh, I have to, like, figure out how I'm gonna get benefits and I'm gonna do all these things completely by myself. There's no one. Just sport me and give me that consistency. I had to, like, create consistency myself with this was just something I struggle with,

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actually. Okay, How How have you found success in finding? Because I I feel like we can struggle at something but still fine ways to overcome that and still be successful in that. So how is that working

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professionally? I feel like money and money. Mindset has always been something I struggle with. I feel like everyone has a different experience growing up with money and mine wasn't bad, But it's definitely shaped how I see money and how I view it. And especially as an entrepreneur, that I am responsible for my income completely. So for me, it's actually been like tackling that head on. So, um, I got a c p a. Recently. That's, like, amazing. And she's like helping guiding me and obviously doing my taxes and stuff for me. But I told her, I'm like, I want to do my bookkeeping. I want to see my books. I want to see my expensive. I want to see how much I'm making. I wanna understand what it looks like and like, maybe one day outsource that and that will be amazing. But I really want to just, like, tackle it head on instead of just giving it to someone else. And being like, you never have to look at my money ever again because I think it's important to know your money for

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sure. No, I agree with you. You know, that's kind of the same concept. I say with my clients in general, like if they're trying, if they don't want to do something, I feel like you still shouldn't know like the base of it. At least you should get the gist of it so that when someone else is going to do it for you, you're not like, oh, and so blind. I don't know what's happening. Okay? Yeah, that's fine. Like, at least now you have a have a nice day, and I think that's a really smart suggestions, actually. Yeah. So why do you love social media and marketing so much like, What is it? Because I mean to be really, really like I have a really love hate relationship, and I think a lot of entrepreneurs do for multiple reasons as one. It's ever changing. It's never the same. It's addictive and they want it to be addictive. So it's kind of like that. Do I really want to play into that? Then there's, uh there's like I need to be on it for business. Like if I have a business, there's gotta be something. Should I be on all the things? Should I just focus on things, things? And there's all these rules that you think there's rules for it so it could become very overwhelming. And, you know, like I was telling you before the show, that's my background of digital marketing. When I talk to women and I talked Thio, people were just starting their business. That is one of the things that they're like. I don't want to be sitting at my computer commenting and writing and did it out forever. Like that just feels like life sucking. Absolutely. I get bad. How do you make it so fun? Like, how do you make it such a

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cool like, um well, It's funny because, like when I did digital marketing, I feel like it wasn't necessarily fun like the actual The last job I had before I have my own business was actually for radiologists. So I tweeted and blogged for radiologists. I could imagine could possibly be the worst thing ever. And I was tweeting about, like, fruit memorized like That's what this was about. It was, Yeah, it was rough. So I think I saw the part of social media that I was like, Okay, I want any posting things that I like And then I delve more into Instagram and I started my Soul studios account, and I kind of just started it. At first I was like, I don't want to do that because I want to focus on my own business, So thankful I did, because I love my instagram and I love the community I've created. So I think seeing how I can show up for other business owners, how I can offer value and how I've grown. My own account has been kind of inspired me to see Instagram in a completely different way and then to like, essentially see social media in a completely different way. So I think kind of like having a positive experience myself with it and kind of finding what I loved about social media and like, kind of mission down to instagram being my thing, learning more about it. I think even the Instagram is always changing. I've learned to kind of think of that as a positive thing and like my mindset, I think social media often comes to mind set. And that's something I teach with my course ate my course. My coaching clients is you have to have a positive mindset like Instagram was going to work. For me, it's fun. I'm going to create a community that's going to work for me that's going to sell, you know I can sell to eventually. So I'm really changing my mind, set around it and just really telling myself that I enjoy the platform. It's honestly like it sounds super simple, but that's really been the biggest thing for me.

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I love that. No, I totally Griff you mind set is huge when it comes to social media, and I think also like looking at it as like a piece of pie like you don't have to eat the whole high like you don't have to be on every single social media platform like I feel like in the beginning of the days of social media, everyone felt like that. And I think that's kind of residual still there, like everybody feels like they have to be on every single social media platform. But I think there's some businesses can afford to do that. But small businesses is kind of like you need to find out what your people are and stick with that. Like, you know, figure out what was getting the most engagement. And it might be it might have to be more than one platform, but it doesn't have to beat all of the platforms. And so when you find what makes you happy about each platform, it makes a little bit easier for you. Thio have that mindset of like Okay, I don't have to be on here all the time, 24 7 But when I am on here, I could be happy and make or some connection from from Instagram. There's something in your this just brought to my mind something on your website that I love. And if you're looking for like likes. Like I can't remember how you say it, But basically, it's like if you're looking for on, like, specific numbers or something like that, I'm not your girl. I'm the person who's like, I'm creating a community. And I'm I want rich engagement for you. I want that kind of thing for you. And I feel that that mindset is gonna one instagram is gonna make you do that. Now, um, if you haven't heard aboutthe check out Yes, Um uh, uh the stories on that I'm about, like how That's changing. So, yes, it's always been important to me. Like that's been my height. And I feel like you still that way too. But I can tell just fine. The way you go about your your social media is that it's never been

spk_0:   17:26
about my definitely not.

spk_1:   17:28
It's always been about the connection. It's always been about like, who were you connected? Are they? Do they like you? Are they engaged with you? Are you reaching the people that you actually want to serve? And I feel like we are searching for ways to serve that group of people. It becomes less of a chore and more of a privilege.

spk_0:   17:49
Absolutely. I completely agree. And like I think, obviously metrics are important when it comes to social media. But I love focusing on, like the impact and, like, summit like metrics can give you that. Like when I see posts that are saved from people I'm like, yes, people down this valuable Like they saved this. Look at this later, when I know I got a lot of replies on the story like I'm like, Yes, people are wanting to chat with me and have that conversation and, like, take a deeper to them, just like double tapping my photo and having a like, I want to get those like conversations and like, engagement in a different way. And it also, like, comes down to just being intentional. With your time on social media, I set timers. I have downtime set on my phone, some from a p. M. Eight am. I am not on social media. So, like, I'm also super intentional with my time on social media. I wasn't always, but I think having that boundary and like I never post on weekends. I'm never on on the week guns like those little things really help you have a healthier relationship with it because I treat it like it's a business. But it's like an extension of my business.

spk_1:   18:49
Yeah, I love that. That's such a good point. Being intentional with with using social media, right, That's a that's gonna be a quote like E O. So tell me a little bit about like, what kind of clients do you like working with? And are you? You work with a niche group of people, I'm sure, because if you're on instagram and basically only on Instagram, there is a very type of people that you're working with. So tell us a little bit about that.

spk_0:   19:19
Yeah. So I primarily focused with instagram. But I also do do linked in and Facebook Those kind of just like additional, like add ons to instagram, because that's definitely the focus. Um, but honestly, it's mainly female entrepreneurs. Some have brick and mortar, several businesses, but a lot of them are just like the solo prisoner behind their business. So they're trying to build their brand. They're trying to build a community and build connection in a different way than someone that maybe had employees has a lot of you know, different elements and their business, like this person is a solo face. Other business. So I need you down a little bit naturally, Like I definitely serve a lot of wellness brands. Um, that's definitely something I'm meeting down, too. But I also do like to include all different types of women in all different types of businesses because I do think everyone can have a police on Instagram, depending on how they choose to show up. So that's kind of like the type of client I serve, which I actually loved doing it simply My caution.

spk_1:   20:14
That's awesome. So tell me a little bit about how you decide who once served like I feel like this is one of those topics that are so hard for all of entrepreneurs, especially creative entrepreneurs like, but I want to serve everybody. It's like, Yeah, but how you gonna how have you decided who really wants is

spk_0:   20:33
definitely Well, actually, when I first started soul studio, I did all the things I did. Web design. I did email marketing. I did blogging. I did social media. I did too much to a point where when I would take like a Web design product, for example, I want full and have, like, an anxiety talk about it because it just wasn't aligned with what I was doing. It's almost like having two separate businesses, like the processes for Web design, is completely different than like managing Instagram. So that was kind of my first knee shing down stages. I was like, Okay, I need to get rid of the stuff. I'm not good at the things I don't like doing and just focus on one thing. So that became Instagram and social media. But then I really came down Thio just kind of figuring out what felt most aligned for me when it came to the people that I wanted to serve in the type of content I wanted to create. But I feel like mission down actually came very natural to me because people kind of kept telling me like you have to focus on one thing. You have to serve one type of person and it didn't really come to me. It came to me more as in like the type of clients I talked to. When I do discovery calls, it's very much a two way Street. So I hope on a Carla someone they might be absolutely sweetest. They may have great intentions. They may have an amazing business, but if it doesn't feel right, that's what I'm like. Okay, I might suggest someone else, and that relationship could be absolutely amazing. So I feel like it's also been very much my intuition. Um, that's in something I've learned is I'm kind of very intuition a ll. When it comes to the people that I say no to people that I say, yes, you and I kind of go feeling so no, that's not like super set in stone. Um, but that's kind of how I've done it in my business is just choosing what feels best in a line with the type of people that I like to work with and the people that have had success

spk_1:   22:15
with. I I'm totally with you. Like I think that's one of the best ways. I mean, I know there's a lot of people that do it very strategically, like, Oh, if they're in this industry and they have this many people or they're making this much money or blah, blah blah, I mean, great. Now I feel like if I can't, especially when it comes to social media, when you're starting to be someone's brand voice for them online, it

spk_0:   22:38
is all those on my cell.

spk_1:   22:39
So you want some one that messes with you and like, as many ways as possible. And if you're not feeling like that Oh, this is great. And you're feeling like, Oh, this is going to drive him insane. Then we're not a good fit, But I know somebody that's got you. You know? I'm saying so, Yeah, exactly. Love that. Love that. Yeah, I think intuition is a big part. I mean, Oprah Winfrey talks about intuition. She's like, That's how we should be making decisions. A lot of things is based on our gut like, How do you feel about Johnny? And as women, it's a little bit easier because we we we live with that intuition. Very, very, uh, raw like it's very all the ice in us. We know when we feel good and we don't

spk_0:   23:22
Yes, yes, it could get very emotional. Almost sometimes I feel so bad saying no to this person like they're so sweet, like our call went so well. But I could just tell you I am not there. Person. It's not going to be the best fit. So it's just sometimes, like knowing that and being honest with yourself like I've had those kinds of, like, feels so bad. But it's like I don't have to feel bad. You're doing both both party a favor. Really?

spk_1:   23:44
Yes. And it takes a lot of it takes again a different mindset of thinking about that. Like, um, how How can you serve someone if you feeling like Mickey in the beginning? Like, how do you do that? Doesn't really go

spk_0:   23:55
well, Definitely at an AA that actually brings up. Ah, random story. I know we probably talk about this, but actually great story. So, you know, we talked about how I was kind of giving my first client by my mentor, and I actually ended up saying no in firing that kind, Actually, which was one of the hardest things for me. Um, you know, we started working together and it was just not a good fit. The first thing was they were healthcare and going back to the radiology experience, I was like, I don't think I ever won a tweet for radiology ever again. That was like the first thing in the second thing is they wanted me to do so many things. It was like blogging and managing this and doing this and and social media. So I was like, Neech ing down. And I was like, This is not the direction I'm going to go. So I sat down and I was like, I can't like how am I gonna tell her? No, after she's meant toward me and gave me this amazing opportunity and all these different things. But when I sat down and told her she was like, I am so happy you said this Now I'm so happy you said it now and did this now like I can already tell and like she's even said this. Now you know that in my business is a completely different place. That was the right decision for you and saying no, it was so hard. Like I cried on my call. I'm not gonna lie. I cried because I looked up to her so much, and I I felt like I had to say yes to, like, be successful and start my business off the right way but that no was, You know, then I got to clients after that that was so aligned and that I've been with since then since the beginning of my business. So that was the hardest. No, but that really helped me quickly practice that. No muscle. Um, which I think is really hard at first when you're an entrepreneur, especially as a woman.

spk_1:   25:36
Yeah, I love. Yeah, it's such a good point, right? That No nos Erhard. Why are you so hard? It are there so hard, so hard. But you know what? If I have found just like you've just said that when you say no, if freeze, it's like a freaking thing. Like we think of Noah's, like this track, but really is actually in the freedom in it, right? You set yourself up to know what your guests going to be. And then just like you said, you said no. And now you have two clients that are so yes, and because you there saying yes. They're gonna tell other people that are more like your Yes. Like if you start saying yes. A lot of knows that You really need to say no to get a lot of people you don't want to work where all right, like, that's just how it works. You gotta be like, Oh, they know other people that I really don't You know, it's not like that personality kind of being that you have to be ready to say no to. And I'm I'm so glad you share that story because I know there's a lot of my listeners who are like, but I need to take them or they've had that opportunity, the ending. But I feel obligated. But, you know, maybe it's not good for you. Yeah,

spk_0:   26:47
exactly. I feel like every no, you say is usually a CS to something else. I've heard that's probably somewhere, but it really is because it always leaves space in room and energy for something that's better for you.

spk_1:   27:00
Yes, I love that. Yeah, very true. So along this journey, has there been any, like, personal things, like in your personality or your health? That's kind of made this journey even more worthwhile or even more challenging for you.

spk_0:   27:15
Mmm. That's a really great one. Um, I feel like one thing that really sticks out was that transition from being a part time, You know, pretty much where part time student to then being like a full time entrepreneur right out of the gates. Um, and that was actually when I decided to make my first course. Of course. Why do an easy transition when I could just make, Of course, even though I've never made a before, And I just remember that summer there was no balance like no balance at all where I would wake up work. When I was going to bed at night and eating dinner. I would work, and even on the weekends, I would go to a coffee shop to work to make it more time. And even at night, I was dreaming about working and dreaming about courses like there was no balance and, like my anxiety was through the roof. I was having anxiety attacks all the time for no reason, because there was so much of my mental space. I was just being taken up by work, and I was not even giving myself the opportunity to take a break from it. I also wasn't no spending time with my friends and doing things that I loved and spending time with my family because I was always quote unquote too busy and so many things I was working on. Um and that was like a really hard lesson because I saw burnout. I completely saw it. I looked at it head on and I was like, I can not like we're not doing this right now. I know what will come. Maybe eventually. But I know Bernau is a monster, and it can really you know, it can paralyse you almost. So I had to sit back and be like, Okay, I need to find boundaries. I need to stick to those boundaries. And I need to take care of myself because I'm the type of person where I'm very self motivated, which could almost be a bad things. I will work. And I always find a reason to be motivated to do that work and to be in my business because I do enjoy it. And I enjoyed making my course, but I didn't need to be making my course and working and having full time clients seven days a week, 24 7 So that's been now, to a point where, like, today, I'm taking 1/2 day and taking a little bit of a break because I was working on my stand up report this weekend. And, you know, last week before I was about to start filming, I took a beach day and really relaxed and re centered. And I found ways where I can find balance because people, you know want to be entrepreneurs. You can travel and have these freedoms. But sometimes being so overwhelmed with working can really negatively affect that. And it definitely negatively affect me and my mental health and wellness. So it's been something that I still struggle with to find a balance with, but I've been trying to instill things like yoga. Um, I have a coloring book that I really love. Just little things like that where it's just me time where I'm not on my phone. I'm not on instagram, not creating. I'm really just doing something for me. That's not, you know, to move my for my business

spk_1:   29:55
forward. Yes, I'm so glad you shared that. Thank you again. I know, like that's a very personal thing. The share and I'm I've totally been there, like and it is a struggle all the time, like, you know, from from myself personally dealing with the chronic illness. There's there's so many things I you can feel limited in doing. So this is one of those things that I enjoy doing because it doesn't like I can. Okay, I'm sitting here I'm having Okay, Dave, but it's a heating pad 100 day, So we're having a conversation. I mean, but I'm you know, I'm working, you know, so intense. And then I'm connecting with another awesome woman. So, like, you know, I can very much feel like you're, like doing this job. And you I'm energized by other people, so even more, it's really bad even more in my life. I'm gonna keep going to set it up, But you need to take that time like you were just saying telling, Okay, put all that away and let me just be with myself, which is really hard for a lot of people to just be, which would themselves, right?

spk_0:   30:57
So it's really hard. Yeah, it's I feel like solo traveling has helped me learn how to be alone and how to be by myself. Because I'm thinking like, how am I gonna go somewhere when I'm traveling to sit, eat by myself, especially in like a European country, were like It's so like people are always in couple of repairs. So really, that really kind of got me out of the comfort of like I do need alone time. I do need to do things alone because, like, I know you said, you recharging your around other energies and interacting with other people. I mean, think everyone recharges in so little time to some extent. But I, like, completely get drained like I love coaching calls like, I get so excited I put my room or into them. But afterwards, like Armani, the map like a full on because it just drains my energy because I give it my all and networking events. I love them. I feel like I make so many great connections, but I, like, need to limit how many I go, too. Because then I went to a stage where I was going, like to two a week every week, and it was like, Okay, we need to create a balance here. We need to figure out what is going to give me energy back on what is going to completely drain it to a point where I can

spk_1:   32:03
recharge from it. It's in their funny being about like, running energy balance. I don't mean like in the fru fru holly energy bill inside. Like I don't move. I don't mean like, you know, the universe Energy. I mean, like our energy within our money. Like we have so much to say. And we don't learn how to one listen to. Okay, I need to recharge or No, I need to, um, not be doing this right now. I need to get myself, Grace, I need Thio. You know, say no. I need to do to say yes to me, you know? And I feel like that's so important and kind of rocking that back into social media. Social media is an energy sucker, like, even if you know, I'm saying it's like I'm seeing We're just scrolling with your finger and you're like, Oh, this is nothing. No, it's an energy sucker because your mind is I mean, our mind is just constantly taking that in. It is literally taking that in. So we need to kind of get away, put the phone away at night like I'm always stuck to my husband cause he's like Oh, I'm just I'm do stress handling. Actually, you're not, because scientifically it is proven that that's actually not true. You're actually giving your brain more stimuli for before you go to sleep. So you have a Bethel over there and get in the bed, right? So it's like, suddenly that we have to be really I don't want to say stingy, because I should say more conscious of how we use our energy, especially when it comes to our business and social media to

spk_0:   33:38
differently on just how much you're consuming what you're consuming. I love pushing the mute the block because it's necessary. It's not a petty thing. It's not a mean thing. It's like I have to take care of me. And if I'm looking at your content and I'm not feeling uplifted, I'm not feeling good about it. Then it's like, Okay, we're just gonna put it so we just can't see it. I can see that I need to. She won't get her feelings hurt, but block of its really negative those type of things I love instilling, even as a social media and recollect social media managers never talk about it, but it's important

spk_1:   34:08
No, I'm with you. I'm I'm the hot minute. Yeah, okay. Exactly. You Because, yes, I don't want that. Like I don't want that. And Indiana don't want anyone else to feel that way. I mean, like, I can't control what they're gonna do. But I sure enough can control what I consume and how, as a consumer, we all have that power of saying no, I don't want to see that. Um, period, like, that's how I feel about And that's why you know, you know, people don't joke with me all the time we like, Why does it take you so long to like the side of him we're gonna have on your show? And I'm like, Well, one, I want to make sure the guests like our lovely Natasha right here is positive. And it, like it, is talking about being on his, you know, riel, like we're not not having any negative thoughts of stuff, but like, what's really and let's connect with each other. Because when you listen to this, I want you to feel like all I connect, you know, I connect with her connected to ocean sailing, and I want to go to her feet and her Instagram pays our website and be like, Oh, wow, this is really uplifting. Oh, that I can you, Matt. But if you're like this Melody, um not never, Lee, if you're this, like, negative Nelly, I don't want you on the show. Like I just know. It's like I don't want you here. Um, so thanks for being positive. Thank you, girl. Yeah, I love it. Like, um, um I just love how great your stuff is and plus you, like, have, like, yellow and length you like. That's one of, like, my happy colors. No, yellow is happy. It's such

spk_0:   35:39
a happy color. I love yellow. I just love it.

spk_1:   35:42
So, um, in your business, are there any, like, tools that you use that kind of help you one keep your energy and in its right place to help you kind of manage all of the things that you have going on?

spk_0:   35:58
Yes, I am a tool junkie. Like it is so obnoxious. Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows, But I probably have, like, three to have to choose three. Yes, I'm good. I'm gonna

spk_1:   36:11
keep you a three. Because that's my big thing. that everyone in, like, 23 and stick with it,

spk_0:   36:16
Okay, I'm just gonna do three. They're gonna be real short and brief if you guys want to read more about them like shame a flood. But I do read about them in my blog's So you do want to read about him. But the first thing is air table. Oh, dear air table. I love their table. I will put everyone and their mama on air table because I think it is such a powerful tool. It's basically like a really advanced Excel sheet that's completely customizable to your business and your needs. So I think Excel sheets are absolutely around this totally outdated and are just not really intuitive for, like, social media, contact calendars, Balog contact calendars. And that's what I love their table for. So I organized literally my entire life, innit? Course launches, course preparation, my newsletter, my block, my social media, every client. So that's a huge deal for me, and it's pretty free. Um, and then social media schedulers are like an absolute necessity. I can't imagine being a social media manager without it. It sounds absolutely her run, um, side illegal later is definitely my favorite. I It's such an amazing one, and it's what I love to recommend. It's what I used brought my clients on dhe. You can do it for Instagram, but you also can add other platforms like Facebook. Twitter. So that's my go to scheduler for automating my schedule, planning my instagram grid, all those things. And then the newest addition to the tools Family is things, Um, and it's an app that you can have on your desktop or on Mobile, and it basically has helped me manage my two DUIs and projects because I realized I was trying to do things and notes. I was trying to do things in a calendar. Try to do things in a sauna. Charlo. I tried all those things, but it just wasn't working. And I felt like I was storing things in my brain to remember which just doesn't work. It doesn't work, so things have been really amazing for me and for keeping on track on what I'm doing each day. Um, and it's been a really great addition to my little toolbox, but those were like the three,

spk_1:   38:13
so I've heard of the two, obviously, air table and, um, yeah, later, but I haven't heard of things. That's it new, is it?

spk_0:   38:19
Um, I just I don't know if it's new. I guess it's maybe not super entrepreneurial like you can use it for anything I have what but grocery lists in it. Okay, my workouts in and I put travel plans. I put like, personal things to remember personal two DUIs. But I also have it separated for businesses because you can really organize it for your different needs. Which is why I love it, because I literally just look at my things up every day, and it has everything I need to know, even integrates your calendar. It's just amazing to check

spk_1:   38:48
that out, because I feel like I I'm a list per site. I just did a post about that today, like I'm a less person and I make a list every night, if not several times a day. Like I used to be the person when I did work for somebody I had, like sticky pads everywhere, with less like That's me,

spk_0:   39:03
Me to that used to be me, and then I was like somewhere else, and I'm like, worth less sticky pad s. So now I carry my sticky pads.

spk_1:   39:11
Yes, exactly. So I definitely check that out things. Okay, Um, So are there any women that, besides your mentor, that kind of really, you know, inspire you? Woo?

spk_0:   39:26
Uh, I know this is a new question. Yeah, this is a good one. I feel like to an extent. I don't liketo idolize other entrepreneurs. Are women too much? The way I think it really helps me stay true to me because I think consuming things can be overwhelming. But I digress. I do think there were definitely people I admire. Um, I love Jacqueline Johnson. I love creating Cultivate a love her whole story. I just finished your book, and it was absolutely amazing. Um, I do love Libby Crow. She's been like my jam right now. Um, I love her new podcast, and she's just super uplifting and very true to herself trying to think if there's anyone else at the top of my head. But, um actually, Graham, I wasn't her. It was a podcast. Was better book. Love her as well. Um, I feel like people that are just really true themselves really authentic, really inspirational. Those have been kind of like my favorite women to look up to and go to for now, but yeah, I love

spk_1:   40:22
that I love. Yeah, Host. What? Ladies were great. You know, I want to speak to somebody just said because I feel like it's a really important thing to speak to you. Um, because I feel very similar were very aligned. And as soon as you said that was like, hold my gosh, um, I feel the same way about, like, not idolizing people or even tools or whatever, because the very fact of what you just said, because we are all the competition, like, I feel like there's competition and everything and do this. Everybody is doing something that's very similar. But the thing that really distinct sor makes everyone different is how you do that thing. Like how you bring your zone to that thing. And I feel like what happened so much, and I have I've seen that in my coaching, in a lot of ways is that women we start to see other women doing these amazing things and whether we realize it or not, we start trying to be like them versus trying to use them as sources of inspiration. Those are two different things, you know? And I think it's so in Morton. I mean, um, I got a little flak when I first started my podcast because women were like, What do you mean, you don't listen to podcasts was like, Well, one I'm not like a podcast person, like I didn't think I was. I mean, even still to this point, I don't like, like, gorge on podcast like, I'm not soliciting tons of podcasts for multiple reasons. But one of the reasons why I didn't really just, like, start going gun hole into is because Oh, my gosh. What if I start listening to all these amazing pockets and I start being like, I need to sound like them? I need to ask questions like them. I need to approach how I, you know, interview my guests like them and all that kind of stuff. And I didn't want the Nikita factor to go away like I wanted my factor to still be there only best. What's gonna make this different on drilling is powerful when we recognize that other women are doing amazing things, and that's wonderful. But when you're doing is amazing cause you're doing it your way. And I love that you just said that. And when you're like, yeah, I don't idolize him but their inspiration And I think that's so

spk_0:   42:32
Yeah, I think that's always been a really big part of my business because I totally see how you can get influenced by other people you're following. And I think they can be very inspirational. They can help give you the motivation you need and like you can relate to them and their that one level up. And I think it's really important having women like that in your life. But I maybe have, like three other social media managers are follow on Instagram and their actual friends of mine. Like I connect with them. I refer things to them like I have maybe three of them that I just don't choose to follow those people because you do get influence and I want them to be my tips, my train, my information, my brand, my voice, how I'm showing up. I never want to be altered by how other people are showing up. It's which is really hard to not choose to consume it But I totally agree with everything you said.

spk_1:   43:19
I'm I'm glad you said that. It's always cool when I hear what I hear other woman say something that I thought and I'm like, I'm sticking to it no matter what nobody's in, you know And then it's like a city. It's it's everything and which is another testament to the very fact that because of the way you do, what you do is part. Probably the reason why I was even more attracted to you, like was because he's like, Oh, I love this is so different. It's still kind of fresh and feeling it was you even though it's not like I don't know other social media arm managers. But it's just it was you And so it's like meeting a different person and it's really nice and refreshing when you find someone that's him. I

spk_0:   44:01
think that's awesome, thank you. That's definitely like my goal with the way that I teach the way that I coach is just a really big people feel inspired to just show up a cz them and show up riel inauthentic, Um because I try to do that myself and I find that it makes it more fun that way.

spk_1:   44:15
Sweet. So I'm gonna ask you two more questions. One, if someone is looking to hire a social media manager, what should they be looking for?

spk_0:   44:25
Mmm, a good one. Um, first thing personally is I think you should look at their social media. And this is when a lot of their social media managers like Oh, no girl. Don't say it because some people don't focus on their social because I get it takes so much time, let alone to do it for other clients. But to do it for your own business by I think being able to see someone social media style is really important. Um, And then just overall, like, I feel like there's so many different ways people can go about using social media some people may use, adds some people may focus on organic growth. Some people may focus on images and contact creations. I feel like there's a lot of different ways that people manage their own social and social for clients. So really looking into what you want as a brand, because I think each of those styles are totally valid and work in different ways were combined. But making sure that your goals are aligned with the way that people, you know manage accounts because of like, someone comes to me and they're like, I want this many followers By the end of this, I'm like, That's not really how I roll, But I can create your community And, you know, you're gonna show up more and you're gonna be on lies and stories. Believe it or not, you will s Oh, that's how I work. So I think just like seeing how other social media managers work and what style alliance you really helps.

spk_1:   45:45
Okay, Cool. Very good. And the last question, of course, is, um if you could do one thing differently from when you first started out, what would that be?

spk_0:   45:59
Mm, one thing differently. I feel like it probably just would have been saying a little bit more nose practicing that muscle a little bit more and just being Maur Intuition A ll earlier on, there was definitely some lessons when I was with a client for awhile, knew it wasn't gonna work out and probably should have said no the first month, instead of like the six month um and just like staying really true, though, that I think would have been what I would have told myself what I would have done a little bit differently. But I think I'm really happy with all of the obstacles and things that I have been able to face because I think now, just a year and 1/2 in and, you know, being pretty young oven entrepreneur. I've really been ableto learn so much, which is invaluable because I've had, like, you know, not successful launches have really successful launches, have had different things, and I always look at it. It's like I can learn from this and it's gonna help. Maybe a a better business owner. So maybe just not being so hard on myself when I have those type of things and really seeing it that way. In the moments, that's the harder

spk_1:   47:01
part. Yes, because a year and 1/2 is, like, not very long to learn a lot. Exactly. Tell us how we can find you on, you know, social Media And then, like what exciting things you have coming up? Uh,

spk_0:   47:15
yeah. Um, so you can follow me on Instagram at Seoul Studio Marketing s o l um, And that's where I am daily all the time. Lots of yellows, hopefully, like yellow. Um, and exciting things coming up is I am releasing a second course, and I'm updating my current course. I have an INSTAGRAM course now that is going to be the 2.0 version. And then I'm releasing an I. D. TV cores, which I'm really excited about because I haven't seen any other idea TV courses on the market. And it has been one of my favorite ways to serve my audience. I'm really seen results from it since I've been using it since the first day it launched, like literally about a year ago, so that I'm really excited about. So that's what's coming soon and summer 2019.

spk_1:   48:01
Okay, guys, that sounds I mean, that sounds amazing. I'm saying guys because I'm Ari thinking my head. You guys all

spk_0:   48:07
have the link in the show you out so you can check this out

spk_1:   48:09
for definitely idea. Especially the I G i g TV stories, girl. I'm not gonna lie. I have gone and open the app for the I GT stories 1000 times. You are the 1st 1 and guess what I still don't have.

spk_0:   48:23
And that's what people are saying. Like, I totally get it. Like there's like the impostor syndrome comes in and, like, I don't know how to create video. I don't even know what I would talk about, what people even watch it like there's so many elements, let alone like optimizing it. Getting views are, Let's have a thing. So that's what this course is for is really serving people so they can post their first video and be like, Hey, instead of my post offers video and be like, Oh my God, she Oh, never post the first video which I've

spk_1:   48:50
run into So yeah, thank you so much for being on the show. Thanks for taking some time to talk to the She's crafted to thrive Tribe. And thank you

spk_0:   48:59
so much for having me. I loved our conversation, loved everything we chatted about, Um and I'm looking forward to continuing to connect. All right, ladies, Thank you for listening. And I hope this conversation inspired you. Be sure to subscribe until a friend That's it on this episode. And yes, you are crafted to fry

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