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June 17, 2022

How To Create Greater Capacity at Home and In Your Life with Jennifer Major

How To Create Greater Capacity at Home and In Your Life with Jennifer Major
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I am so happy to welcome Jennifer Major to the podcast. She is a professional organization coach. We discuss creating greater capacity by organizing our spaces, like in the physical, tangible places we work and live. Jennifer shares what it looks like to make a greater degree and create a more holistic type of lifestyle with our businesses. She shares how this helps us articulate our needs while living with a chronic illness.

In this episode, some of my favorite quotes were:

" I believed in flexibility during my day, but I wasn't doing that inside my week." - said Jennifer Major

"When there's a crisis, you've got to know your people." - Jennifer Major

"I've had to value myself differently and more deeply." - Jennifer Major

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How does the organization of your space affect your energy? 
  • The two kinds of people you need in your corner during a crisis.
  • Learn how your values affect your space, boundaries, and self-care as a woman living with chronic illness.

Tune into today.

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Jennifer MajorProfile Photo

Jennifer Major

Professional Organizer

Hello, I'm Jennifer an organization pro, lover of tacos and all things green. I own multiple businesses, love collecting antiques, and have had fifteen surgeries. My life doesn’t always look perfect. Between marriage and divorce, kids and medical issues, and everything in between I’ve seen firsthand what supportive systems can do to help you when the stuff hits the fan. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping my clients create a bit of structure to fall back on when times get tough, instead of systems that break down at the first sight of a curveball. I believe that we all deserve to feel lighter and in command as we build our lives and businesses with ease and fun.