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July 24, 2020

How To Build Success One Step At A Time

How To Build Success One Step At A Time

In this episode, our guest is Kate Crocco, an MSW,(Master of Social Work) LCSW (Licensed clinical social workers), is a psychotherapist, confidence and mindset coach, and writer author of, "Thinking Like a Boss". Often as in our journey to reach the goals we aspire to, our mindset and beliefs can make it difficult for us to reach them. In her new book, Kate shares 12 lies that we all may at some point believe that hold us back from where we want to go. And one of my favorite chapters is Lie #3 “I’m not qualified”. On the show, we talk about this one and a few others and how to overcome them. Kate shares with us how to build success in life and business by taking one step at a time.
One of my favorite quotes from Kate in this chat is, “Every Step was scary & difficult but they were built on each other”. Yes to this and many more mic drop moments throughout the show. Be sure to tune to the full episode!

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