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March 19, 2021

How One Woman Built a Thriving Online Business During a Pandemic

How One Woman Built a Thriving Online Business During a Pandemic

This episode is near and dear to my online roots because it's taken me way back to the beginning of my business when I was doing digital marketing services and that’s just one thing I have in common with our guest for this episode.

I'm so excited to have Kirsten, the founder of Roldan & CO, an agency & educational business on the show. She helps small businesses that are looking to scale. During this episode, she’ll share how she started and grew her business into multi-six figures literally during the pandemic. In the good juicy bits of this episode, you're going to hear what her mission was and still is today.

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Kirsten Roldan

CEO & Coach

Kirsten is the Founder of Roldan & Co. a company that helped their agency clients achieve a total of $1M+ in sales last year.

She grew her agency & educational business to multiple 6-figures (in a pandemic), then - flipped it on its head.

Now, she has since turned every agency asset her team created had into a Template Shop. She curated her most successful, strategic frameworks & turned them into scalable programs. All while being a co-founder of an e-commerce gift box service (that brings in cash on autopilot).

The only thing that didn't completely change - was her absolute obsession with leveraging my small email marketing list to sell my services & products (from $27-$9,000).

She didn't wait to build passive income into her business. She did it right away, and it was the best decision she made. Now, she teaches entrepreneurs how to Finesse Your Funnel™️ & build Touchless Profits™️ inside their business.