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Jan. 10, 2020

How Colors Affect Your Mindset in Life & Business

How Colors Affect Your Mindset in Life & Business
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In this episode of She's Crafted To Thriveour guest is Mehnaz Khan, an artist, color consultant and the owner of Mehnaz Khan Studio. It’s 2020 and that could mean that you are looking to rebrand, redecorate, or do something new that involves color. And’s why I’m excited to have Mehnaz on the show. She started her business after using art to help her out of a difficult season in her own life. Now shes using art and color to help overwhelmed moms to have a purposeful positive outlook. So often today we take our cues on what’s trending based on what’s happening on Pinterest but Mehnaz believes that we should be taking our cues from nature and what we need when it comes to decor and branding. I tend to agree with her. She shares how art needs to be mindful and intentional because the outcome affects the subconscious mind. Tune in to this episode if you are looking for some great tips on how to use color shift your mindset and attract your ideal customers.
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Nikita:   0:00
you guys. I'm super excited about this episode. She's crafts to thrive because we're talking about color. It's the new year. So you might be thinking about redecorating changing your logo up, your website, your brand colors, whatever the case may be. That's why I wanted to have this wonderful guest on her name is Mehnaz. She is a fine artist and color consultant who specializes in talking about color psychology. Basically, she talks to you and shares with you how color can impact your moods, your feelings emotion positively or negatively. It's such a cool concept. I do think we all would love to hear how this affects us because it's affecting us every day. So please stay tuned to listen to Mehnaz's story as well as different things that you may not know about that might be holding you back in your mind set because of the colors in your room. Welcome to she's crafted a thriving I'm your host, Nikita Williams, and this show is from all the ladies who are making creating things that they love. You will hear conversations about the real everyday struggles juggling life and business while trying to maintain passion and harmony. As women, we have the skill of getting things done. But sometimes we get in our own way. It's here. Well, you'll see that you're now alone. You'll discover that success does not mean perfection. Fear and negative thoughts and challenges are all a part of the journey. On, this podcast, to find inspiration told you need to have a life and business that thrives Welcome to the show Mehnaz. I'm gonna try to say it right. I know we were talking about it before the show, but on, ladies and gentlemen, this is a wonderful lady. I love her art. Um, as you heard in the intro, she is a color psychologist, which is pretty cool. And you guys know I'm in the middle of, like, redoing my house. So I'm super excited about this for multiple reasons, but welcome, welcome. Thank you so much

Mehnaz:   2:02
for having me. It's Mehnaz. But that's perfectly all right. However, you want to

Mehnaz:   2:08
say I don't mind it. I know

Mehnaz:   2:09
it's a little difficult on. Yes, I'm a fine artist, And. I usethe principles of color psychology when it comes to creating my art on what kind of psychology, does it? It talked about how colors influence the way you think you behave on your emotions. And, uh, on if you're reading your house, you're gonna have some really good moments on. You'll think about Why did you do a certain thing? And how can you change that thing?

Nikita:   2:38
Yeah, So I just painted in my my living space, like like the kitchen living room, my office, the hallway, the guest bathroom. So I'm like, Wow. Oh, um, I didn't do the bedrooms yet, so that my head So I didn't go all crazy. But I was just telling my husband this last night I was like, Oh, my goodness, What if I've learned something and I'm like, I don't know, I spent this money, but, uh, please tell us a little bit about how you got started in this and your story with blood To hear that,

Mehnaz:   3:10
Yes. So I have been painting ever since I was a little kid, but it was just as a hobby, and I never considered to be a career on. I think the number one reason is when I was growing up during that time, all the smart kids they studied size on only the last smart ones went to study art. So all in here, Woz I mean, not even my parents said that to me or anybody said that to me. But all any was that I must markets to study sides. I have, ah, old bachelor of science degree in computer signs on. Then I went 100 my M s and computer size on. Then I did an n v a on after all that eyes that hole with my kids for 10 years on Dhe. After 10 years when my 3rd 1 she turned three. That's when I decided it's time I can go back to work. What do I do not have this? 10 years of gap. What do we do? So I started painting on another reason I wanted to paint. I started painting again was because, you know Dearing Mother heard there's a lot that goes on in a woman's life. Um, hormones and just you have this new baby and no idea how to handle this year in a new relationship and everything on dhe I was very depressed. Also to add onto it is seasonal depression that would come here by living in the Northeast 6 to 8 months or part of it. So using art and colors helped me a lot with motherhood on with all of this depression on, That's when I moved it, that this is what my business is going to be about. Andi just the way it helped me. It can help others. I believe I have seen all mothers. They're overwhelmed. They've no idea what's going on on little things like everybody will relate to any mother will relate to is ah, the mess that we see in the house and we just get used to it so much that it doesn't bother us. But actually it bothers your subconscious mind a lot. So you know how mindful is is a big thing these days. And there's been minds of cultures. And even in schools like as youngest kindergarten Children are learning about mindfulness. So on the sound and color psychology and using aren't the right way, not as just as a deck, or is all about being conscious about your choices on about being modern.

Nikita:   5:33
I I believe that. I mean, if we just look out in the world like, just like, you know, you feel different, like a view, just like if you go to the beach, you feel completely calm. There's a reason why, Um, if you go up to the mountains and it's snowing, you feel all cozy. And then at some point you feel like man, it's so bleak because it's all white, you know, there it makes sense that, you know, color would have such, Ah, impact on our on our minds and our brains. So I think I was cool that you discovered that and have, like, melted that into your beautiful art because your art is beautiful. I love because it's pink. If I know. I mean, it's more than just pink guys. It's like flowers. It's very beautiful. Tell us a little bit more about, like your art to six style.

Mehnaz:   6:20
Sure, sure. So the first thing you pointed out, I definitely take my cues from Mother Nature and everybody should. It's so obvious. Even when you're wearing something, What are you wearing? Have you seen those colors somewhere existing in Mother Nature, for example, red and black in Mother Nature, red and black is a sign of cautious. So they're so it's and and tonight possibilities. When you look of what's happening in nature on talking about this white, you know the well connected us you just said the white snow everywhere what happens is it looks great. So this morning when I woke up, it was all covered in white. It has been snowing for, like continuously for five hours. It's all covered in writes. It look amazing right now, but what eventually happens is most people go into depression on it's your feeling lazy and gloomy. So what's happening is the psychology of white is that it looks unblemished and clear, but eventually it shuts down your emotional noise. So we're trying. What happens is that we're escaping from what's happening in our life. But actually that doesn't solve the problem. So it's like concluding yourself. And that's what so much of this snow and six months of coal dust to us. That's why we need those colors so we should not be matching our interiors with the Algerian. In fact, looking what's missing and add that on a great way to do that is to use art about pink. So Pang is used for many reasons, just like you said you love it when you are on my feet, everybody tells me it's so calming. It's relaxing, and, uh, we just go to your feet to calm down,

Nikita:   8:00
he said. That is

Mehnaz:   8:01
one exactly using paying, because the psychology of paying, um, is that it helps ease tension. It suits the viewer. It said, calms you down on. You know, we talk about Ping being feminine, and this is also a big part of what I do to change this concept, that if Pincus feminine, that's okay, there's nothing wrong with it. Ah, we hear this all the time. I don't want this. It's paying. It's it's too girly. So what's wrong with it being girly? Because if it's girly and it very it's showing the femininity, that's a good day because a woman is all about love. She's all about nurture. She's all about giving. But at the same time, to these women is strong. She's confident, she's cold, she's doing everything, so that's a good thing. If that's the mindset you have, that's a good thing. So bring more pink into your life. You need more love. The world needs more love on. This is what all my art is about it soothing the person, the viewer having the piece of art in your home on because if you know it is our is the only deck or that goes on your walls, it goes in the word ical direction. Everything else you put in your space things on your coffee table or a console or shelf and couches and everything is on the horizontal space is not only your cluttering your space. Um, by using your vertical stays, you have this direct eye level. I didn't get into eye contact easier, and it makes the first impressions. You know, when you walk up out of your room in the morning and you see this piece of art, that's what you see first, because it's a high level. Another thing. What it does for us is l awaits. It helps our I move up whenever we're using our verticals. It helps her. I move up on this creates the feeling of elevation on us human beings and naturally, just attracted to things. Hello. We see this all the time in our life of tall buildings, hot air, blue like an airplane in the sky. You see an airplane every day But you get excited along.

Nikita:   10:02
You show your Children there's an airplane, right? Just

Mehnaz:   10:05
anything that l awaits that the that feeling is good for us.

Nikita:   10:08
Well, yeah, A lot of what you just said makes sense. Um, like, and it's cool. I was just talking about blush pink for one of the guest rooms, because I, the colors of my house now are like this sea salts kind of Oceania. But not too oh, shinning. It's like a green, but kind of with a hint of braid. So it's not. Anyway, it's really hard to explain, because it's not like just one color on and then the rest of the house, the other part of the houses like this soft mint. I'm drawn to colors of the ocean because when I go to the ocean, it is literally my happy place. I would have to get in the water. Yes, I'm one of those people that I'm not a big fan of getting in the water, but I just love to go and hear the water and see the colors in the air. And so, um, the other thing I love, it's sunsets, and there's always these beautiful paint and right hues of pink that are just, like, amazing that it's just like, Wow, no one says, Oh, that's just too That's too girly. They just say, Wow, you don't see it. They just say, Wow, look at that beautiful sunset or this. So, you know, I I totally agree with you about all of what you just said. Um, it does make a difference. And vulnerable. I mean, those things are, yeah, we have to elevate our eyes to see those things. And, you know, you do have a better I think elevating your head and your eyes makes you speak better. Like it makes you feel more positively looking like looking ahead. Don't you say that Something that that does he have growth growth growth? Yes. Yeah, Very cool. Very cool. So in your in your personal life, you said earlier, you know, dealing with, you know, having kids and, you know, growing from from that place I've read on your website was like, Yeah, I was I'm a mother, and I was supposed to be feeling happy, but I wasn't like how How did you like? How did that come about? How did you recognize that? that was actually happy.

Mehnaz:   12:09
I think it was I wanted to be happy on. Duh. So I believe that your mindset shit happens when your environment is an alignment. But that mindset, I wanted to be happy, but my space was very dull and nothing was happening around and had Children. And it was it wasn't messy because I'm a big organization free, but I didn't care about like I wouldn't decorate my space so much because my Children would touch little things and I didn't want to be running after all the time or if somebody else is coming on Dhe. It was just simple. There wasn't a lot of colors. You know, the concept of mutual because even at that time, ah, it's like you want to do neutral because it works with everything and it's ah easier. And then exactly I was going to say that go from a color, that it is easy to team because the Children are gonna spill everything on. It was just dull and boring on. That's when I went back, started creating, I realized that this these colors were making all the difference, and then I started flying it. I did see. The difference is that's when my environment on my mind said We're in a line when they were both telling the same story. And then, um that's when I went, got into color psychology and did more research and started knowing about the traits of the colors, which before that I did not know. So what do I want? Like, Ah, the other day, my son was feeling just sending my son was feeling really lows of Go wear a yellow top. So it the weather outside and these days the sun sets early. So what we need is a happy color, and yellow makes you happy soon. Now that's how a use colors. And that's how I got my lines, depending on the emotions they want to feel. So we first talk about their emotions on the behavior they want to exhibit in their space, and then we choose a color palette. It's not based on what training out there. What's modern? Ah, what you see on Pinterest on and this is all So you know, this is really good for the environment, because once you do the grounding work, you're diving deep inside that What do you actually want from this ace. You don't have to change gear into your dick or every 2 to 3 months gangland social media on. And I'm I am actually against it because it's not good for the environment on I would rather save that money for my kidscollege spending it on my dick. Or but you will not feel the need to do it every couple of months, even years, because you've done, They're grounding work.

Nikita:   14:45
You know, You bring up such a good point. It's so interesting. Like, these are things that I don't think I thought about until I own my own home. Like this is our orders house. So we've always been an apartment, so of course you know, apartments you don't really, you know, spending time usually to make it all fancy and pretty because you're like, I'm gonna be living in, like, 66 months to a year, right? I only I'm the same way renting

Mehnaz:   15:08
a temporary apartment right now because we relocated, um, from Florida, doing back to New York. And I'm doing nothing

Nikita:   15:15
here. Yeah, those holes. But exactly So we my husband and I have always said me and we have never really made a place our own, like we've never made it like you'll like us, our fuel complete or cozy, like we would like. It's a feel. So we've been really, like I've been, like, maybe a little bit obsessive about it. So I'm like, I don't plan. I am totally not the person who's like I'm changing everything every three months, Like to me, that's in safe. But when I talked to other people, they're like, What do you mean you're not gonna like? There's other women that are looking at me like, yeah, every So what? So often I go and change this change. I get, like, maybe adding to your current before, but no, they're like changing it completely. When I was just telling a girlfriend of mine the other day, I was like, I don't have the time to do that and I don't know why I would do that once I've gotten into place are really, like, feel comfortable with, why would I go through the effort of changing it all over again? I feel like that would make my life more hectic than any

Mehnaz:   16:18
correct. I agree. I'm the same way every three months. That's not possible. There's so much going on in your life work, and with kids on the weekends, there's no time for me to go shopping. But, um, course Social Media in Bronx. That's how they creating the hype. Did you need to change it? This is new. This is in season. That's not trendy. Andi tell you. When you are running after trends, you're stuck in the rut. That's what you need the field to change. But if you do that grounding work on like you were talking about the colors in your space, I would start with one. Do you want to feel in that space? And that's how we're gonna bring those colors and which you did because of the sea. The ocean oh, you will not need that seemed to change a lot of time on. Then again, it's not sustainable for the environment we call a disposable Deco. That's what it is. How much are you going to say? And then, you know, a little bit different from Ah, the Khan Marie methodology? Why's it so famous like, Do you really need someone to come and tell you how to clean your flutter? The thing is by guiding, and by helping you tidying up the space, they're actually clearing the clutter in your mind. On that set you free That makes you feel so good on. This is what happens when you're putting things in a closet. Like I'm gonna take this out next season or the season after, and you're not be using it. It's all cluttering in your brain also.

Nikita:   17:39
Okay, guys, I just want to happen here and interrupt. The show will Quick. We're talking about colors and business in my inside our homes. So of course I had to share with you a new product that I have just been introduced to because my has been brought home, Lasher and one of the things we've been doing it's filling it with things that you love s so that our guests feel Mason company and we needed a new match. Lt's our first time head of guests place, like an official guest place for our guest asleep. So we were really, really inches on figuring out which matches would be the most comfortable and cost effective. And you guys know I'm a research crazy thing. We found all swells home and it is in our house, in our guest room, and so far our guests will love it. And you think it's nice and comfy? The perfect thing is that it's compatible with a box spring platforms, adjustable bids, and it's just overall, very complete. It's like the best of both worlds on memory foam and coils like combined together. It's great for our guest. Now if you want to know more. If you want to try this out for your home, follow the link in the show notes, and then let also know that I sent you and I'll help support the show. Also, you guys, you'll get free shipping, a 10 year limited warranty and 100 night risk free trial. So check it out in the show notes. All right, Back to the ship. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense suit. You know, I'm a big believer, and I believe what the Bible says, which is keep things simple. Truth is a reason it keeping things simple, keeps life simple. Simple doesn't mean like plane. It doesn't mean ugly. It just means you discover I love how you said you you've done the groundwork like you figured out what it means to, like, make you feel whatever that emotion or feeling that you're lacking. And then you're good with that. Like, to me, that makes a lot of sense that simple, that just keeps things simple. You don't feel like they're just running around in circles constantly trying to figure out something new and something that you're not. Because I do believe a lot of people are chasing chasing the trends like you're saying and they're trying to be like, you know, Pinterest famous or something. I don't know. But you know, I'm like great pinchers is great. Don't get me wrong I love me some pink, right? But I'm looking at it to fulfill what I need, not what the other way around. I'm not trying to find my need And Pinterest. I'm just trying to find what I see. Good for what I need. So that makes any sense. None of that means, you know,

Mehnaz:   20:14
now that told me, doesn't make sense because it's it's just not possible. So that's gonna help you be happy with what you have on what you have put together, you know, to be carried away so

Nikita:   20:28
in lets your creative person. You have your own creative business. How do you use this in your business like this? Concept of color theory in color, you know, psychology. How do you use it to run your business? I would imagine it has a lot to do with with that as well,

Mehnaz:   20:47
right? So when you go on my instagram to see what it looks like, it's all very pig. And then a lot of people ask me the thing that I always will wear pink. Everything I have around me, Um, which is not true. I do wear pink for my branding because that's all my branding is. And when people come to my feet are the are looking at my browning. I want them to feel a certain way on. That's what I think is soothing. It's relaxing, calming, full of love and nurturing. And that's how they feel. So that's where I'm applying that on DDE. I just want to add here like color is so so important in branding. If we have a lot of business, is listening to us also so, so important running because the first thing that your mind, um, captures his color. So the shapes on the words come next. First thing, subconsciously your mind captures is colors on dhe. We see this. Let's take an example for McDonald's. You know, to the Children, get so excited even if you never eat McDonald's like my four year old, she's never even made dolls like I'm done with junk food. Like ages ago. She's never even eaten it. She's just seen it on TV in anything and saloon. She she sees the golden arches. She gets excited. I want to go to regards. No clue what this cell what happens. So that's because the colors, the yellow and the red are very strategically chosen to attract. Like we mentioned earlier. Yellow is a happy color. It gets the kids excited and they're happy. I want to go with the Gauls and hungry at all those things. And those are the emotions they feel. And then the behavior that start jumping up and down there boys goes loud. You sound changes. So this is how they grab your attention and going into more detail into this, the concept of a fast food restaurant is everything happened really fast with environment. That McDonald's is created helps us move fast. We quickly come in quickly. Order quickly. Eat quickly. Go. On the other hand, let's look at Starbucks then wire man that Starbucks has created is too slow down really, really slowly. Like enter Starbucks. You go slowly. You want to place the order slowly, like quietly everything. And then you sit down for hours and hours and hours. And I want you to notice anybody listening to us next time. When you go to these restaurants, there is no architectural element in there. They're just big. Boss is just a big box room. There's nothing going on. It's the colors that is making you feel Let's suit and way um, talked to anyone. I don't think most people and I've done this cool so many times on Main Street. And most people don't go to Starbucks for the coffee bagel for the ambience.

Nikita:   23:25
Yes, sitting there so true. Exactly. So you

Mehnaz:   23:29
see what happens is Starbucks is playing again very strategically. You go there for the ambience, you sit down. And that's what drives the sale of me spending hours. You're gonna buy something, then you're gonna buy lunch on whatever you D'oh! So that's how they're attracting their time on. It's all in the colors. It's all in the colors and their inward.

Nikita:   23:47
So they're green is Starbucks is green like their colors, green and white and like those really kind of like brown tones and blacks, and write like that

Mehnaz:   23:59
greens in their in their logo is again connected to nature. It's more like it's not organic, but it's of course, it's more expensive, but stuff it's cleaner stuff. That's what the green in the local is is giving the signs to us on the colors in the room. There, like dark under cozy. I noticed them very high ceiling. So don't try to implement that in your home. Your stress is gonna get Todd look very dark. They have very high ceiling so they can implement it. The idea is to cocoon you, and that's what you spent. I was in, like, 17 hours. People spend it. So I went to college in New York City and knees 567 hours with our laptops outside in Starbucks and good WiFi to attack the track you. So it's the color on dhe, the undertones and that colors that's making you feel serving way. It is also very essential again for business is listening to us. Um, wherever you work in office, you have office phase or in your living room. Your work is going to be really affected by your environment. What colors you have going on. You want a few productive. There are colors that we are going to help you feel productive, motivated. You know, there's a fine line between feeling calm on dhe. Relax and then feeling so calm that you're lazy. You want the stress free calm for your office. Anyone? The lazy thing for your bedroom. So they're minor changes on. And I think when one thing that's really important that have not mentioned and saying all these things that color is affecting you. How is that happening in your brain cells? Ah, we know the color is not the property of the object we see. So when you look at an object, it reflects a Waveland flight back into your eye on your license that signal to your brain your brain interprets it as a certain color on all of this. Processing in your brain happens in the same part where our emotions across. This is why, when you see a color? Yeah. You bring triggers an emotion and whatever emotion you're feeling. Ah, like the weather outside right now, this time, uh, the color is it making you feel lazy and gloomy, gloomy and down on, then your behavior is dependent on the emotion. Right, Bloom, you're lazy. You don't want to get out of bed. You don't want to give you choices. You That's how it's all affecting. And that's how the signs connects to it. Um, mostly colors seen as decoration, which is not the reality. So if you start using it purposefully and using its power, it's gonna change. You gonna completely change it like

Nikita:   26:34
I kind of believe that I kind of definitely believe and see that, um I mean, I feel it like I I don't know if that's just like my personality, where I'm very drawn to different colors because in my head, I  am a very observant person, and most people like are annoyed by my serpent nous like lease. I'm like, I'm sorry, but I and very emotional to like it's so funny because over the years I never thought I was emotional until I did work and was like, wow, I'm so emotional. I'm, like, really emotional. I'm really, like, sensitive about being, And I remember a lot of things based on what I remember seeing and feeling. So I'm really good at, like, directions and finding places, because I take it all in and people like you must have a photographic, a photographic memory, and I don't know, I just I just feel and remember things like so consistently and so when it comes to color, they're like, there are times in my life where I don't remember all the details. But I remember the room on what was in the room and what was happening in the room and how I felt when I was in the room because it was there and I knew how. So when I see those colors like, for example, Burger key, I don't like Burger King. Mm, witch. But every time I pass it, it has a feeling for me. Like they're going through, like of ah, change right now, like a lot of the Burger King's heir changing what they look like on the outside. Maybe coming. Okay. Modern looking like I don't know if that makes any sense, so they kind of have that. You know, I don't know. They have yellow and it's the same thing right through

Mehnaz:   28:24
me in restaurants. Exactly. Pizza Hut. Domino's has blue and yellow Chick fil A All of these you can name all of these because therefore, that class, like the Children or the youngsters on these, are the colors that attract them. First on triggers those emotions you Xena like they're consistently used in Cassidy's using those colors. Yes, that's what it does.

Nikita:   28:46
So for years, I would go to Burger King chasing a feeling and has nothing to do with Burger King. And I didn't realize this until, like the last four years I was away. I was in Florida, so we were in for just three years ago. We just moved to Atlanta. We just Okay, okay. And so my grandmother, when I was a little kid, they have a janitorial business, and we would go sometimes at night when I was like a teenager to help her with her cleaning and stuff. And she had love burger kings, french fries with their onion rings sauce or something like that. That's what you would love to do. After we did our cleaning, she would love to eat it. And I'm I mean, we're very close, very close to each other. And I do not like Burger King. Okay, I don't like it. I hated actually. But in Florida, I was away from my family. I was away from everything I knew, and I found myself wanting Burger King. And I'm like, Why do I want Burger Key? Every time I would see that stupid sign, I would be like, But I'm so excited and I'm like, you know, why are you signing about Burger King? It's like, yeah, and I'm like, Well, one yellow is one of my favorite colors, like, that's one reason. But I also attach that to my that happy feeling of my grandmother. And so it makes complete sense that the colors in emotions connect with me.

Mehnaz:   30:08
Yes, And let me add to this that you know, this happens to everyone. You're conscious about it. Not many people are conscious about it. You figured it out. It happens to everyone. So our choices of colors are not rationally depends on three things. It's about our experiences in life number one either. Like you just mentioned, it was the experience in life, which tracks you two surgeon colors. And when you think of it, next time you will figure it out. The second thing is our culture. What colors have specific importance in every culture? So it's a lot about what your family kept saying about it. And the third thing is, cover psychology. That's what effect. Ah, subconsciously you're minded knows. You know your subconscious mind is a huge, huge thing, which we ignore all the time. It knows ah, lot more, and it's bothered by things. Ah, on that. That's where color psychology comes into play. The three reasons why you have a preference for a color on it's just not rushed off. Its not like, because it looks pretty now.

Nikita:   31:05
Wow. So if you were to give advice to someone who's decorating their office, you guys, this is so like, different from any of the episodes we've had on the show. I love it. I'm so excited. Um, if you let's let's take me, okay? I mean, why not? What if you have a blank space and you're looking to create you know a productive yet, you know, calm but bond kind of space. What are some of colors that you should start thinking about to put into your space?

Mehnaz:   31:39
So you want to stay away from the colors that are to soothing on dhe One color that you really want to stay away is, uh, agree, which is mixed of black and white again, which is seen as a very modern, which is coming. Ah is all around. But what grade as grays. Actually, one of those colors that is has no positive traits on DA. Somebody might disagree with me because they'll say it makes me feel calm ings. So what happens is it's again about cocooning yourself. It's about ah shutting out the emotional noise. But over time, if you're stuck in that great too much, instead of calming and relaxing and will make you lazy and it will drain you out and you'll notice that over period of time, um, so we have 11 main colors, and each color has a very different trade, so it cannot be replaced by another color on depends on the saturation of the color. So if you seriously considering to do this I would suggest the Citadel with the color psychologist who work on it. Oh, we talk about your emotions, the behavior you want to feel. We do a personality test which helps a recognize what color apology gonna fit into it on. Once you have that color, Politiken, take it with you. Anytime you're shopping for your office, for your home or anything, you just take out the color palette and you see that color belongs there. Is it? Is that color going to support your feelings or not the way you want the emotion See one in its face to fi on it, Just help. It just helps, you know, easing the process out, and then you're home working in your benefit. Um, I'm gonna give you a few options here by saying that red is a physically stimulating color on depending on the saturation of the color homage. On one side you have a very saturated red, and on the other side, you could have a softer red, which would be more like paying Um, so that's that pink is gonna be less physically stimulating, whereas a red is gonna be really physically stimulating. So I have mothers come in a lot of time and say, like my child is overacting. He's very hyper What's going on? He's not sitting on doing his work, so I need to give him more exercises to do or ah, he's eating something like he's eating sugar. But besides these things, you need to think about what's going on. And you. He's one of the colors in use, please. How is that affecting your child? And then blue is a mentally, um, what's related to your mindset? So we see this again all the time. We are a zoom right now. Their level is blue phase because blue IBM was blue. All of these brands that are related to I t computers signs it's all blue because that's what the message American way So blue is going to be your color for mentally stimulating again. Homage. Um, depending on the saturation, yellow is your emotional color. On green is about balance, balance in sync, all of these colors. So that's how you will be choosing. What do you want to feel in your office space?

Nikita:   34:53
Wow, that was so like like I got some knowledge laid on me. They're like, Yeah, I need to think about that because I'm attracted mostly to blues and greens, like in a space like it's so funny. You said gray is like nothing feeling like I know technically grave. It looked really good with what I have going on in my house. But I hate the color great, cause I feel that what you just said, I feel like Yeah, but what is, like nothing but split up. She was like this. You will

Mehnaz:   35:27
feel it in overtime on. So you wanna have some undertones to it? You wanna have some color mixed into it. But also, you wanna be careful how much you're using, So propulsion is a heat. Yeah, Valerie, what? Propulsion Placement proportion. So it's not like, you know, a two minute thing that you can quickly go and pick up plays a huge role. And lives are important because it's triggering all these emotions in your mind and like is already too hectic on like you were saying, you go to the beach to relax, but that's not possible. Every day where you're living, your home is where you need to have the right colors because that's where you spend most of your life. Yeah, that needs to be changed. You candle was Nobody can always take a location on change their abdomens all the time.

Nikita:   36:10
Yeah, that's true. Wow. Well, this was very educational and very cool, like it's I mean, I think it's a pretty cool that this is part of what you do. Like for a living, like you paint beautiful forgery like flowers and the core. And then you teach people how to make that work for They're like, like, what a career? Like what? A job like that. So cool. You know, there's always so many things that I get to learn about amazing women like you that are doing things on my man who would have you told me when I was in the garden that this would be a thing. I would be like, Alan, I understand what you're so saying. Like, you know, that's so

Mehnaz:   36:50
we'll be up. I used to say, would empower women, and this is my way of empowering women. Uh, because it's such a assassin are Let's just imagine if we were in a black and white Well, what would you do? I mean, I told my daughter my four year old to go pick up bananas. She knows which banana to pay. Not the green one, the yellow one. But what if we were in a black and white world? So it's so basic, so important on it, Such a necessity and get and make a huge difference. So on we just take it a secondary.

Nikita:   37:20
Yeah, we do. We take it for you. Definitely take it for granted. Definitely. Yeah, a lot of things for granted. Let's just be really, like a lot of things that we love. And they're like, Oh, it's so wonderful We take for granted. Well, how can we find you on, like, all the things? Do you have any cool things happening in your business that we should know about? So let us know. Yes.

Mehnaz:   37:43
So, um, everywhere on my website Instagram Pinterest. It's Manasquan studio and I'm sure you'll add it in the show notes.

Nikita:   37:50
Yeah, I mean, oh,

Mehnaz:   37:52
there is no spelling mistakes. I'm the most active and instagram. You can ask me any questions There. You can send me an email on my website. My artwork is available on the web site on dhe. I have a C E book which is amazing on it helps you do the grounding work takes you to. It's a 23 steps, simple three step strategy which takes you to understand before choosing your colors what sort of feelings and emotions you should be going for. And then how should you evaluate your space with elements you should be looking at? Like I mentioned that Starbucks has very dark walls, but he did not apply that to your home because of the architectural elements on Many people confuse that a lot of times because when you're in a hotel, you really like the ambiance of ETA. But can you bring it into your space? No. So, considering that and then of finding an inspiration and what are you feeling those emotions in that inspiration? And then, um, I send you a lot of e mails and wanting off, which helps you how to use that inspiration to pick out the colors and think that this will be really interesting When, um, I hope climbs pick out colors for the interior. Uh, paint is the last color we choose. When we are designing the palate, pain comes less so. That's where many people go wrong. They choose paint of the first color, and that's where they mess up. You need to have your palate first before you enter a paint store. Because just imagine goto a paint store. You'll go crazy. I go crazy. I wouldn't give you. I go crazy. I would never go and choose my pain color there. And oh, I'm sure you have heard this. That life changes everything face, spot and everything. So that's one thing that everybody talks about. The second thing is what colors are going around in his faith. It's not only the light that makes the pain of difference in different in your home. It's all the other colors in the paint store. On what colors do you have in your space? You see color because of the other colors existing? No, I'm an example would be if we're looking at a screen right now, we're reading something. You see the black writing because there's a white background. If the black ground results of Blackwood, you see the writing. No, you see the black because of the white. So this is why the color looks really different in your space happens so often with people that they bring something and have to return it because it looks different because of the other colors going on in your informant. So once you have that color palette and you will work according to that, you will not be making those mistakes less returns, and getting the paint would be right.

Nikita:   40:35
I think this will be very helpful for most people who are creating brand or or decorating in the office. I just think it's such insightful information that you have, and I just love that you're sharing it with the world any people. It's just really not sure working. They find your e book. You're free.

Mehnaz:   40:58
Yes, we will put the link of the e book in the show. Notes on Bacon. Sign up there. Our easiest way on that, then everything else. Manasquan studio.

Nikita:   41:09
Thank you. Thank you for having me. Alright, ladies, that's a wrap for this episode of she's crafted to thrive. Thank you so much for joining me. Please share with your friends and be sure to like and subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes. In the meantime, check us out at she's crafted dot com to check out the show notes for all the goodies and things that we talked about and they'll be links there for you guys. So in the meantime, just remember, you are crafted to thrive.