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April 16, 2021

How a Crochet Hair YouTuber Grew in Self Acceptance & Happiness

How a Crochet Hair YouTuber Grew in Self Acceptance & Happiness

In this conversation, Lia Lavon shares her own journey of why she even started her YouTube channel, how it's been a really great creative outlet for her as well as a great outlet for her to really get to know herself more professionally and emotionally. 

I'm just excited about this. This is a new episode that I don't think I would have done in my first year of having this podcast. So download to listen to some of the things that we all can relate to when it comes to body positivity, positive talk about our own selves, and really embracing the skin and hair we're in.  And bonus she shares how you can get started with YouTube if you’ve been thinking about starting a channel of your own. So tune in for some laughs and real talk with Lia.

For Show notes visit: shescrafted.com

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Lia Lavon

Digital creator

started the Lia Lavon channel in July 2016 as a way to help individuals get details on hair, beauty, and fashion products before even stepping foot inside a store. My over 98,000 YouTube subscribers are some of the most engaged out there. The element I pride my channel on is my ability to engage and build relationships with my audience. I don't come to them as a walking advertisement. I come to them as "their best friend in their head"