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Morgan Nield

Etsy Marketing Strategist

Morgan Nield is the Etsy marketing strategist behind MorganNield.com and the creator of the Etsy shop, Little Highbury. What started as a simple way of coping as a new stay-at-home-momma, quickly morphed into multiple six-figure handmade businesses, earning her over 23,000 sales and $600K in revenue in just a few short years.

Nowadays, you can find Morgan coaching and mentoring go-getter Etsy shop owners looking to implement and automate profitable passive income streams in their shop. When she’s not busy teaching killer strategy inside her high-touch group coaching program, Passive Profit Academy, Morgan can be found baking up a storm in rural Utah with her husband, daughter, and toddler boy by her side.

Etsy marketing roadmap freebie: https://morgannieldco.lpages.co/etsy-marketing-roadmap/

Passive income planner freebie: https://morgannieldco.lpages.co/passive-income-planning-workbook/%C2%A0

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April 2, 2021

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Guest: Morgan Nield