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April 11, 2022

Experience Growth While Pursuing Your Passion with Michelle McDowell

Experience Growth While Pursuing Your Passion with Michelle McDowell

In this episode, I chatted with Michelle McDowell, a branding and wedding photographer based in Atlanta. Michelle works her business on the side with a goal and plans to replace her full-time job with her passion project. Even though she feels like a late bloomer in life, it's never too late to learn and grow. While pursuing her passion and creativity, she's seen how it has helped her grow as a person and business owner. She also shares how working with me has helped her shift her mindset in exciting ways.  

So If you've ever felt like it's too late to pursue your passion or that you don't feel like you know enough, Michelle's journey will hopefully inspire you to do it and don't give up. 

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Michelle McDowell

Branding Photographer

Michelle Davina Photography is an Atlanta, Georgia-based brand photographer that partners with creative entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses through killer visual content that vibes with their target audience.

In 2006, I started my photography journey by capturing weddings with visuals that would tell their unique love story. As some of my brides became boss babes, I saw another way that I could help them tell their story. But this time it was their brand story. And through brand photography, I can help others pursue their passions. If you need to visually tell your brand story in a way that will speak to your ideal audience and grow your business, my purpose and my passion are to help you do it.