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Feb. 24, 2023

Empowering Women To Create a New Revenue Stream & Negotiate Bigger Deals with Jenny Safransky

Empowering Women To Create a New Revenue Stream & Negotiate Bigger Deals with Jenny Safransky

Adding a new revenue stream to your business as a chronic illness warrior can sometimes feel like a daunting task but our guest and expert on the show Jenny Safransky, founder of JDS Projects, is empowering diverse female creators and business owners to secure brand partnerships with confidence based on products and brands they already love. Jenny will also share her journey starting her business leveraging her expertise from working for The Recording Academy/GRAMMYs where worked on securing brand deals with brands such as Pernod-Ricard (Absolut), Mastercard, Hilton, Delta, and Trident to managing being a first-time mom and dealing with an unexpectant chronic health challenge.

You will hear the following:

1. Leveraging Expertise to Help Secure Brand Partnerships: Jenny shares how she leverages her expertise to help diverse female creators and business owners secure brand deals and negotiate bigger brand deals and how you can too.

2. Empowering Women Through Mentorship: Jenny discusses how she helps empower her clients by providing them with knowledge and mentorship so they can reach their full potential.

3. Balancing Entrepreneurship with Chronic Illness: Jenny shares how she has faced the challenges of being an entrepreneur while also managing a chronic illness.

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Jenny Dinh SafranskyProfile Photo

Jenny Dinh Safransky

Founder, Head of Brand Partnerships

Jenny Dinh Safransky, Founder of JDS Projects is a Bay Area Native with over 10+ years of experience in the advertising agency world, marketing and most recently securing brand partnerships for Music’s Biggest Brand, the GRAMMYs. She’s secured innovative partnership deals and launched major multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with brands such as Pernod-Ricard (Absolut), Mastercard, Hilton, Delta, Trident and more.

She is now responsible for securing major brand & endorsement deals for some of the most diverse women influencers, creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders out there. She helps them connect with like-minded brands, level up, and tap into new growth opportunities.

As a first-generation Asian American, it is important to Jenny to empower other women. She believes that no one should ever have to do things alone, there is always knowledge to be shared. When she’s not finding ways to connect diverse creators with brands within the multimedia and philanthropy space, she spends her time mentoring young women and girls. She is a proud Board Member of the non-profit Step Up that believes that all girls should have the opportunity to pursue their dream of success. More than 97% of girls enrolled in Step Up identify as a member of a community of color. Through these purpose-driven priorities, she believes we all help create a more equitable workforce together.

Just like how Jenny sought to work in the entertainment and music industry in 2015 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue this dream and made it happen. She is confident that with her positive and “Make it Happen” attitude she will continue to provide quality work for all her clients and help everyone around her win.