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June 3, 2022

Build A Foundation For Growth and Confidence During The Unexpected with Reyna Davis

Build A Foundation For Growth and Confidence During The Unexpected with Reyna Davis
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I'm super excited for you to hear from our guest Reyna Davis. She is an amazingly creative person and founder of ReynaBee Jewelry and ReynaBee Clay Co. She's a past client, a long-time friend, and just an extraordinary chronic illness warrior that I admire. At the time of this recording, Renya was still a client of mine and had recently just become an online entrepreneur during the pandemic. In addition, she was newly married and feeling the side effects of living with a chronic pain that she’ll share about. In this episode, she’ll share the challenges and rewards of starting and creating her very own “BEE HIVE” brand and finding her rhythm of doing it at home. Reyna describes herself in some ways as an introvert, but to me, that means she connects deeply and creates more meaningfully.

In This Episode:

  • What happens when unexpected things create a unique opportunity you never thought about?
  • How to cultivate confidence when starting a new business?
  • The importance of building a foundation that supports your health positively while working from home.

You’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode for inspiration in growing your business, no matter what part of your journey. You'll be encouraged by Reyna's journey.

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Reyna DavisProfile Photo

Reyna Davis

Founder & Jewelry Maker & Designer

Finding creative outlets is something that I truly enjoy! I have a passion for jewelry, and being able to lift up others by providing that little extra boost of confidence! I am so excited to now be able to create jewelry that is completely handcrafted! I can't wait for you to enjoy your very own pair!

Each piece is different and created with you in mind!