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April 26, 2019

3 Steps To Grow Your Creative Biz On Social Media

3 Steps To Grow Your Creative Biz On Social Media

On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive™ I share My 3 Steps that will help you to really create and connect to your ideal customers on social media. It’s time to shift your mindset and embrace your story. These steps will help you to plan, organize and grow your social reach online with fans and customers that will love you for life.  The steps I talk about in this episode are simple yet powerful. They have really served as a great foundation for my business when marketing online.  The freebie below will really help you implement these steps in your business without the frustration.  

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welcome to. She's crafted to thrive. I'm your host, Nikita Williams, and this show is for all the ladies who are making in creating things that they love. You will hear conversations about the real, everyday struggles. Oh, juggling life and business while trying to maintain passion and harmony as women. We have the skill of getting things done, but sometimes we get in our own way. It's here. We'll you'll see that you're now alone. You'll discover that success does not mean perfection. Fear and negative thoughts and challenges are all a part of the journey, this podcast, so finding inspiration and tools you need to have a life and business that thrives.

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Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you for joining me again for another episode of She's crafted to thrive. I'm so excited to be doing this solo cast with you guys. This one is going to talk about three different steps that I use and that I see work for so many other women in their business to connect to their tribe on a line. Now before I start going into the details about this, I know that the space is social media can be like really overwhelming. I could feel completely stressful, especially for my ladies out there that are moms, that are single parents, um, that are women who are dealing with chronic illness. It's kind of like one of those worlds, like you go on Instagram and you kind of get instant Fomo, right? You get instant Fomo, you get instant envy and jealousy and all of those things. And I think we as a whole as like people who are working and using Instagram to market their business or Facebook to market their business, we need to shift how we do things. And it's interesting because the world is, social media was created to create moments for people to truly connect. And it's kind of done that. And then it's kind of done some other stuff, right? So I'm not so great positive things. So I want to talk about how we can work really well with this platform. And it's what I love about these three steps is that no matter what happens to the algorithm, these three steps will always, always help your business marketing it online. Okay? So I'm going to get into this really quick. Um, this is going to be pretty brief episode because I have a Freebie on this topic and includes a guide and also includes a checklist and a weekly planner. So if you feel overwhelmed with social media and not really sure where to start in sharing your story or sharing anything on there, these three steps are for you. So here they go. I call them the three awesome, amazing words. Connect, give, serve, c, G, s. Now you might be like Nikita up. What are you talking about? Like of course you need to connect and give people. And how do you serve people? How do you make money doing that? Right? Well, I'm going to tell you how, but first I'm going to share with you what it means to connect and what it means to give and what it means to serve. When you're doing your marketing planning and doing our stuff on Instagram, Facebook or wherever your platforms are, where your tribe is. Okay, first connect, be real, ask questions, be encouraging, be engaging, and this should be done everyday if possible. You know, we always hear all the time that we need to be consistent in our marketing and consistent in whatever we're doing. And I feel like the part that most people miss being consistent in is the connecting part. Now the algorithm for Facebook and Instagram and any kind of social media is really based on how long is someone going to stay on a platform? How long that means? What are they doing? What are they liking? What are they commenting on? More than just smiley faces and hearts, what is that content going to be? So that will always be the game for social media platforms because they want people on those platforms for a lot longer period of time. So this is why I say this is algorithm proof. If you are creating content where you're real, if you are going onto other people's profiles and asking questions of them and sharing stories of your life and being encouraging, you will see how Instagram and Facebook will love you. You will start to see way more engagement on your feed. Okay? Now, specifically when it comes to the second way of connecting online is to give on your platform, on your feed. So whatever information you should be putting out there should be helpful and resourceful for the people you want to serve 90% of the time. Now when I say give, I mean free, so I'm not talking about creating ads or content and stuff on there and that requires people to buy from you. I'm not talking about selling, I'm talking about literally giving the principle of giving without expecting anything coming back. Now I'll talk to you guys in a second about why I put these things in this order. Okay? But when you're creating content on your weekly or your monthly schedule, think of things that are going to be helpful to your audience. Say you're a photographer and people, you know, a lot of people want to be a photographer themselves, right? They have other things that are in their minds about how to market their business or how to brand their photos and things like that. Give tips and tools even though you're a photographer. Now, here's the interesting point about giving. I feel that I need to get this out here because let's, let's be real. I feel like there's this stingy quality of giving, right? A lot of people feel that. I don't want to give all my goodies away. Well, let me be the first to tell you the only goodies that you have to give away honestly is your story and how connects to what you're giving because there's nothing new under the sun. Ladies. I mean, pretty much everything can be googled. Like you don't even have to go to college for this stuff anymore. You can just go online, go to youtube, go to Google and figure out pretty much anything you ever wanted to learn, which is amazing by the way, but it's nothing special that anyone is actually doing. There's some people who have changed the game of how things are done, but you're not, you're not going to be the only one in the pond doing the exact scene, doing that one thing. Like there's going to be tons of people doing what you're doing. And what's going to make a difference is how you relate your story to who you are serving. So just make sure when you're giving, giving, um, resources that will be helpful to your tribe, that it comes from your perspective. Um, and be free of getting it right. So you know, so what, you know, you don't want to give your tips on how to pose, um, your clients. Guess what your clients that might want to work with you do. It's a beautiful thing. What happens is when you share what you do and how you do it, people realize the value in it. And then nine times out of 10 they don't want to do it themselves. They want to hire you to do it. So it's really important to just be open and sharing and giving and being helpful when you're thinking about creating your content online. Okay, my third thing is to serve. Now you might be meeting like I thought connecting and giving and serving and yes, that is true, but when I'm talking about serve, and this is how I'm changing kind of the mindset I'm talking about selling now, selling on social media can be icky. Like we've all been there where you go to someone's profile and it feels like all they do is sell, sell, sell. They want you to buy, buy, buy, blah, blah, blah. And notice the reason why I use connect and give first, and I also said in the giving section that you should spend 90% of your time doing just that. Giving freely, right? Connecting should be every single day. You should be doing that every day as possible like everyday, as much as possible. Connecting, asking questions, be encouraging, engaging on other people's profiles because people will see you as a giver. People will see you as someone who is, will really looking to help someone regardless of what is coming your way. But we do have to pay the bills, right? So when I say serve, I really mean, so I just like the word serve because I feel that that's what we're doing. As much as we think about selling, we always have like a negative context. Like a lot of us have this fear or selling when it comes to our business ranked. So we're like, we don't want to ask people for money. You don't want to, you know, go out of the way to be like, Hey, I'm sorry. My surface is cost this. First of all, stop feeling sorry about your services. This is this. This is what it is. It's a service. It is giving of your time because your time is valuable to you and it's a valuable to that other person. So we don't want to feel like used car sell men and all this other stuff making up stuff and blah blah blah, blah blah. A really good salesperson understands that being able to serve your audience, it's the same thing as selling. So by serving you are showing them the means in which you can help them or solve a problem with what you do. So the 10% of what you put out there on Instagram and Facebook or wherever you're using your social media or your website needs to focus on what you do. Like the 10% of what you do or you put on Facebook on Instagram needs to be about what you do, right? And he said, show how you can solve a problem for the people that you serve and you show them the benefits. You can sell something by showing them the benefits you can serve by showing them the benefits, right? And how do you do this? Well for one thing, when you share how maybe you've helped a client increase their awareness and their services by creating photography images, or if you are a bookkeeper and a bookkeeper is now their clients have, you know, 10 hours a week more to do with they can do. Those are benefits that serve your ideal clients. So talk about those things because it's selling what you do, right? The other thing too, I want you guys to remember is that serving is kind of like a thing, right? Like you go to the restaurant and if you go to a restaurant and you order food, you can have a server server comes, takes your order, talks, you know, talks to you, gets to know you a little bit, and then at the end of the day you get a bill and you have to pay for that bill, right? And then you tip them, what a concept. You base, you give them a tip based on how you felt that they served you. So the 90% of the time when you're giving freely free, free, free, you're giving them service whether they realize they're not, you're giving them free food, you're giving them free appetizers, you gave them free, free, free, and then at the end, you know they maybe had to pay for an entree, that main meal, right? And then they tip you. That's your time, right? So think about these three things, connecting, giving, and serving as a really good way to approach how you create your content online and what you do online on social media. Now, how do you do these things? Like how do you practically implement these things? Well, for one thing, you need to define your goals and set your intentions. Now I think this is so important because there are difference between goals and intentions. A goal is something that is defined and there's a difference between goals and intentions, but the difference also helps you to know where you're going. They give you a planned route to follow, okay? That's what goals are. They are defined set of places that you're going like it's a map and you know this vocation you're going and this is the location you're going. That's what goals are. Now, intentions mean that you make the choice to enjoy something along the way on that, on that route, right? So you're planning to enjoy maybe the scenery or you plan on stopping and enjoying something. So for example, the differences between you know, a goal and intention. A goal if you're a photographer may be that you want to work with 10 elopement brights and have 10 annual branding clients. Your intention may be, I intend to show acts of kindness today, opening myself to any possibility to bring joy into the life of a future bride or entrepreneur. That's your intention, right? You play in there. I enjoyed this process. That's important because those intentions really motivate you to keep going with that goal. Seems like really hard or that it's getting further away because sometimes goals move, you know like where you're going to go and where they end. So you need something else to keep you motivated. And it could be intentions. Now, I've heard recently that some people don't have goals and I understand that, but I do think we should have intentions all the time. You should wake up and intend to do something. You should intend to show someone love and you should intend to show someone kindness. So why is it important to define your goals and set your intentions first in order to implement, connect, give and serve? Well, when you can have a clear idea of what your intentions are, your content can kind of revolved around that, right? You know, how you approach those things will be different if you have in mind what you intend to, to do, what you intend to feel or what your goals are. And here's the third thing that matters. No matter what you do. You know, I really feel like some people for their business, like when it comes to goals and intentions, they kind of just go with a whim. And maybe that's the way you do it. Maybe that's your, your GM, like maybe that's how you work the best. I know for me I have to have some kind of goal in mind and I also have worked so hard to have better intentions because you know for me, I deal with a lot of chronic illnesses and it's important for me to plan my intentions because it keeps me positive. It keeps me going and my business in my life and in everything that I do. But here's the thing that I want you guys to get really comfortable. You need to decide on a story that you are comfortable sharing. This ties all of those things together. Connect, give and serve. When you're going on there and you're engaging and leaving comments, when you know what you're comfortable with sharing with people, this makes this whole process of using online to market your business so much easier. Oh, easy way to figure out what story that you are feeling comfortable with sharing and more than one story. Guys it's going to take, you know, lots of them. But I want you to do this and then pretty easy way I want you to write down, I want to do like a big brain dump and write as many things related to your why, why you begin your entrepreneurial journey, what drives you still today, personal challenges you've overcome to do what you love. Whatever those comfortable or uncomfortable feelings that you feel like you want to put down on paper. This is not going on social media yet. Okay? And then answer the following questions. How can I relate it to my audience? How would it benefit my tribe and what surface content or lead magnet, lead magnet, what service content or lead magnet can relate to this story. Now this is like one of those really hard things to do and I find that it's easy to do this one like at the beginning of the month to do it in the beginning of the month when you are getting ready to plan your content and all that kind of stuff. Okay? Because this helps you not feel overwhelmed every week. Um, you kind of already know what you're thinking about, what your story. So if possible, write all this down. Doing a very quiet time with no distractions. If digital is your game, like meaning, like to plan and write things online and turn off all your notifications and close your windows tabs or whatever you call them, be sure to take this time to really talk about your story that you are comfortable with sharing. Just dump it all on paper and I couldn't use them all in one week, but you might take from them every other month. You want to do this once a month. You might have something that happened in your business this month, but you'll talk about next month or something that happened in your business 10 years ago that you're going to talk about in the next two or three weeks. So just take time to decide on your story and become comfortable sharing with it. Now, why do all these, why do these three things? First, why define your goals? Set your intentions to sign on your stories. Ask those questions is because when you get clear on your goals and intentions and your story, you are more capable to connect, give and serve from an authentic place without the distractions of others. Now what you put out there will truly come from your mind and heart. It gives you the confidence, it gives you the drive to do what you are setting out to do for your business. So when you do all of those three wonderful things, and I said they're small, but they were really big things and you start making a practice of this, I promise you, you will see things change and shift in your business. Now I remember it's kind of like I talked about this before in the past episode that you know, it's not going to just happen overnight. You have to go slow in order to go fast. This might be something that you're like, I don't know how I'm going to do this. And like I said in the beginning, I have a um, free guy that actually talks about all these three steps and a checklist and a weekly planner. And to help you really put all these three steps into place in your business. And I really, really hope that you love it and that it works for you. Now ladies, thank you so much for joining me for this episode. I am so, you know, I'm just so excited about, she's crashed into thrive and where she's going. I have so many things in my mind and better I'm working on that. I would love to hear if there's anything that you guys are interested in seeing from she's crops to thrive or, and any ideas you have, any guests you would like to have on the show. I have next week coming up, um, the episode with Ms Jasmine Star. You guys know that she's like my first interviewee that I've had that's like in my world famous, like I think she's super famous and amazing. Um, and she was so generous and grateful. So she is coming up next week. Um, the next episode you're hearing, if you're hearing this in order, if you're just hearing these like and whatever, just knows she's going to be in the following episode after, um, this one, which I believe this is episode 15. And so she'll be episode 16. And, um, I have some more interviews coming up with some more fabulous women and if, if you're interested in being a guest, I'd love to hear from you. Please send me an email or reach out to me via Instagram. You have any questions or anything like that. I'd love to talk with you and you know, share what I can and do what I can to help. Thanks for listening. Be sure to check us out on Spotify. Itunes review was there as well. Share with your friends. We're pretty much on every platform when it comes to listening to she's crafted to thrive. So be sure short, show us some love and have a great day. And I love you guys for listening and just remember you are crafted to thrive.