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April 19, 2019

How To Get Unstuck In Your Creative Biz

How To Get Unstuck In Your Creative Biz

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our guest is Rachel Leachman. She’s the owner of Rachel Keppeler Designs, a jewelry maker and designer based out of San Diego, Ca. If you are a handmade artist and feel stuck but and frustrated with being in creative rut this episode is for you. Rachel shares her very real look at what it feels to be stuck in her creative business and how she's working through it. This conversation a raw look into what it means to be a creative entrepreneur. It’s not always Instagram sparkles, if you know what I mean. Rachel and I met on Instagram actually where she shared her feeling stuck in a live conversation with Jasmine Star. Things get real when what you do is your livelihood, we can feel like we can’t afford to be stuck. But here's the thing being creative requires maintenance on ourselves, so there might be some down time. Rachel shares how to work through it while still maintaining her business, and embracing the “STUCK”.  We also jump into what it takes to serve as a creative business. You’ll  learn steps on how to get unstuck, how to approach boutiques with your creative goods and tools that may help you run a business that get you featured in Etsy, like I our friend her Mrs Rachel. To create and thrive means working from within outward and we explore this on this episode. 

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