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May 9, 2023

Create your Clarity Series- Awareness Of Confidently Increasing Your Prices

Create your Clarity Series- Awareness Of Confidently Increasing Your Prices
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In this podcast episode, I share an exercise that helps photographers, coaches, and other service base entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence in setting prices for their services. You'll do this by identifying and acknowledging the time, effort, and investment that has been and is going into developing their skills and offerings, so you can overcome the fear of charging too much or feeling guilty about making a profit.

Main takeaways:

  • Believing in the value of your work is essential in setting a fair price.
  • I share an exercise to help you create awareness and boost confidence.
  • The exercises will help you stop comparing your prices to others' or assuming what people can afford and so you can stop limiting your potential earnings.
  • You'll feel more empowered to be transparent about your pricing and the results of your work so you can help attract the right clients and build trust.
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Subscribe to the exclusive mini-podcast series, Create Your Clarity Mondays, where I help service-based creatives and coaches living with chronic illnessget unstuck and grow their businesses with ease in less than 15 minutes.


Okay, so you're going to want to listen up to this, create your clarity. Drop. Okay. So this is a clip that I recorded a while back. On helping my clients to. Feel more confident. In saying how much it costs for people to work with them. The reason why I am sharing this with you is what I have found is that a lot of my clients do not realize. The time. And their own money. Of investment that it's taking them to get to where they are now to be asking for someone to pay for their services. Right. And a lot of us have what we think we have done to get to here. And for many of us, we think this is so easy. What we do that it kind of makes us feel like, are we taking people's money? To do this thing that comes so easy to us. And one of the biggest things that creates clarity and confidence in showing up for your business and for yourself, and to sell. Is to create awareness around what you have done, how you've done it and how much time and energy it has cost you. In order to bring what you're bringing to the table today. So grab a sheet of paper and walk with me through this clip. So that you can use this exercise to give you more confidence. The next time you're thinking about. Lowering your prices increasing our prices, changing your offers. Or posting content about what you charge for these things or sharing a testimonial because of the results of the time and effort. And investment you have made so you don't feel guilty about talking about these things so stay tuned Okay, so what you are going to need for this exercise is one a blank sheet of paper, like an eight by 11. And the next thing you're gonna need is a pen. So if you're an absolute like digital lover, I want you to open up a doc and a word blank doc and put in the um, font being aerial and act. Font size 14. So this exercise is really designed for you to have more awareness of how much time and effort it's actually taking you and investment to get to where you are. Oftentimes we wrap our pricing around what we believe that, one, we might pay for something or two. We believe that it needs to be lower in order to attract more people. Here's what I have found to be true. We first have to start in belief that what we have done up until now is a thing that is valuable. Whether it's a dollar or a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, it is about first your belief in putting that number on. If you're questioning even a dollar, it doesn't matter if the price is a hundred thousand dollars or $10,000 and you. You're never gonna get to that point unless you are confident and the time and effort it's taking you and the investment energetically, it's taking you to get to where you are today. So this sheet is something that I learned from another coach, just in general, um, on like having more confidence in myself. And what I have found is doing this exercises like with my clients, my photographers, my graphic designers, my coaches is them seeing how much time and effort. It actually has taken them to get to the point where they can offer their products or services to their clients and then how much it actually costs them to be here. So on that one sheet of paper, only on one front sheet of paper, I want you to write every single thing you can think of that has led you or added to, or, um, costs you time and effort to grow your. Your craft, your art, your ability to learn. So if this were, me and I were doing this exercise, I have tons of experience. I've went to college for a short period of time, but I learned a lot. Every job that I've ever had has required marketing, brainstorming, creativity. I have gone to school for certifications for this and that. I list all of those things that you have. So certifications, little mini courses you've invested. Sit in, things you took in high school in elementary, like the things that have crafted a part of your story of who you are and how you're bringing that to the world. Maybe you've never had formal training on something, but you've had a hobby that you are just. So passionate and you've invested time and effort in learning about it, and you've gotten better over the years. Write that down. And then for all of you who have a business and have been having a business for a minute, I want you to take some time to write down how much time investment has it taken you to? Grow your business from where it is. So if it were me, I would be writing down, like it's how much did it cost me to get my business started? Any certifications I've taken, any coaching or training I've done for personal development, any tools in my business that I need to continually, update or use AME business? Anything that you feel like energetically, financially and mentally has taken you, or is a part of you coming today to deliver the product or service and then put a dollar amount and an hour amount next to it? It doesn't have to be like, Set in stone of what it is. You don't have to be like very, what's the word I'm looking for? You don't have to be very, accurate. It just needs to, you need to put down what you think it costs you. How much time did it cost you? How much money did it cost you? If you went to school, write down how much money. If you have school loans and you're still paying that, write that down. If you've taken certifications, if you've bought many courses or lead magnets or you've read books, even. Write the cost of money and times that it's taking you. And then in one column, so you're writing all of this in one sheet of paper, so you're gonna have one sheet of paper and you're writing all of the things. And next to you're gonna have two columns. So we're looking at three columns. So one column is all of the things that we're talking about, your experiences, you're at, your experiences, your education, your training. Your natural talents that you have developed over the years. All of that on the left side. And then on the middle of that sheet of paper, write how much time you believe you've invested in all of those things. Right? And then on the last, column, which is the last line of the paper, I want you to write how much money it may have taken you if you didn't have to pay for it. If you actually. Paid for the training for that. And if you did pay for the training, like you bought the book, you bought the class, you bought the certification, you went to school, all of that, write all of that down and then tally up your time and your money of how much time and money you've invested. And when you look at your prices, tell me how you feel. Nine times at 10 when my clients look at this. They don't even realize how much effort and time that they've actually put into doing the thing that they do and why they continue to get paid for it at any number is because they are good at it. They love it, they excel at it, but the problem is a confidence piece and an awareness piece of knowing, Hey, I could charge more. Maybe you're not gonna charge $2,000 more tomorrow, but you might charge $200 more tomorrow. Because you have an awareness around how much time and effort you've actually invested. And doing this thing that you love. So do this exercise. I love to hear your feedback. And if you have, like most of my clients who like look back and go, sheesh, I didn't realize that. And most of my clients within the first 60 to 90 days were changing their prices. They're, they're in, they're like encouraged and confident in changing their prices because they realize. Hey, this is a way I can grow my business by just changing my prices. And what also happens from that is that they work less, work less. I have one photographer right now, who is a client who over the last year we really worked on the mindset around pricing, and she has booked more weddings at her higher ticket price and is. Booking less, but making more than she ever has, and she is fully confident. Fully confident. So what could this look like for you? So now that you've seen. Basically. How much time and energy you have invested in yourself and your business. I also want you to think about the results you've created in your life and the results you've created for clients, whether they've paid you or not. Maybe they're a friend, a sister, maybe there are, you know, people that you went to school with, that you did. Things for whether you worked for someone in a nine to five and you create results for them. Think about all of those things. Combined everything you just wrote on that sheet of paper and add your own personal results, as well as the results you've given to others. And does this awareness help you increase? Your confidence to show up and say, The cost of working with me, it's $3,500. How does that sound? Right. How does that sound save a number that you've been wanting to say, say whatever it is that's going on in your head. That now has more groundedness and your own personal. Awareness of like brass tax. You see it on a piece of paper on a digital document of all of this time and effort. This is not just something you one day decided, oh, this is what I'm doing. No, this is taking you years. And when you use this tool, the confidence card, this is what I call it. You'll feel more confident. In your business in your life to show up and create that post show up and talk about that sales call to show up and talk about your offers, your testimonials and not hide behind worry. And not really knowing what it is that you bring to the table. The confidence card is one of the many tools that I use inside of my real you framework, where my clients are using in order to create so much more ease to show up in their business and to work less. And if that is something that you want to do, you want to make a hundred thousand dollars over and over with ease. If you want to launch a podcast without worrying about how is anybody going to care about what I'm going to say? I want you to go to the link in this show and this show notes and book, a sales call and that sales call. We just have a lovely conversation where I ask you a lot of questions about your business. It's probably one of the only places where you'll feel truly seen and heard. And be able to voice out your business problems uniquely to you. And get a plan specifically to help you in your unique circumstances, including living with chronic illness. So go to the link in the show notes and book the call. And I'm here to help you make a confident yes, or confident. No, either way you will walk away feeling absolutely more clear and confident in what steps you need to take in order to grow your business to the next level. All right as always know that you are crafted to thrive.