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July 22, 2022

Cancer Warrior and Thriving Business Owner's Story on What It Takes to Keep Going with Lizbeth Roberston

Cancer Warrior and Thriving Business Owner's Story on What It Takes to Keep Going with Lizbeth Roberston

"It's going to be okay." In this episode, you will learn:

1. How Liz Robertson's personal health journey led her to become more interested in wellness and helping others pursue similar journeys.

2. The challenges Liz has faced while balancing her business with her family life.

3. Liz's advice on how to overcome fears, challenges, and feeling like you’re not doing enough.

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"It's going to be okay." say's our guest Lizbeth Robertson a cancer warrior, Young Living Brand Partner, wife, and mother living in Arizona. She is passionate about helping others to pursue wellness and live their best lives. In this episode, you will learn: 

  1. Our Guest Liz Robertson shares her personal health journey and how it led her to become more interested in wellness and helping others pursue similar journeys;
  2. The challenges Liz Robertson has faced while balancing her business with her family life; and
  3. Liz Robertson's advice on how to overcome fears and challenges.

"I can only do what I can do, and that has to be enough."


This is Lizbeth Robertson's story...

Lizbeth Robertson is a mother and business owner who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 24. Despite the challenges of motherhood and cancer, Liz has learned to focus on what's most important and appreciate the little things in life. Here's a few more takeaways

  1. How Liz Robertson's difficult experience nursing her son led her to pursue a wellness journey and start her own young living business.
  2. How Liz Robertson's battle with cancer taught her the importance of appreciating life and finding contentment amidst difficult circumstances.
  3. How Liz's family and friends have supported her throughout her business journey and how she balances taking care of her family with running her business.


1) Nikita is excited about the new episode of the She's Crafted to Thrive podcast. Liz Robertson is a cancer survivor who has a thriving young living business. Nikita and Liz talk about what it's like to start and grow a business while living with chronic illness.

2) Liz Robertson is a Cali girl living in Arizona. She got married and moved there ten years ago. She has a little boy with her husband. Liz started doing a wellness type of journey and inspiring people to also pursue that after she had her son. 

3) As a first-time mother, it was the hardest thing for her to nurse her son. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 24. It was more of a battle that she had to do for herself in order to be there for her son and see him grow up and become a person. At the end of the week, when she feels like she didn't do enough, she makes a list of the important things that she was able to accomplish that day and goes back and reminds herself that she can only do what she can do, and that has to be enough.

4) Cancer makes you appreciate life a little more as it can end. She had to overcome the fear of that ending for her family. She chose to do a natural treatment. Nobody knows that feeling when you go to bed praying that if you don't wake up tomorrow, it's going to be okay still. You don't understand the peace that comes from when you've had those prayers and those conversations until you've gone through it.

5) Liz loves to live. She believes that focusing on the positive in life is the most important thing to do. Her husband appreciates everything she does. When she shows up on Instagram, she likes to help people feel that there's so much good going on around them.

6) Even when things are bad, there's always something to be grateful for. Liz mentioned the sense of smell is a wonderful thing to be able to have, especially for people who miss their family. It's impossible to be in a negative mindset when you are actively searching for good.

7) What inspires Liz is being able to help other people and seeing other people start a wellness journey. On a personal level, it's her family, especially her son, who she loves very much. She keeps doing what she does on the business level and social media levels.

8) Liz is a business owner in the health industry. She shares her tips on how to show up for her business and how to be honest with yourself. Taking breaks from social media is a good thing for mental health and for physical health. Lizbeth encourages people to live life and take breaks.

9) All right, that's a wrap. Be sure to visit Craftedtothrive.com to check out the show notes and connect with our guests. Join us for the next episode.


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