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Building A Community of Boss Women

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive our guest is the founder and owner of Babe Crafted, Gina Moccio. We talk about her personal journey to building a business development club for creative women and other amazing women entrepreneurs. Her dream of living aboard made her realize that she needed the freedom to be able to work from anywhere.

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"The Numbers... Are People"

On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive. I’m so excited to say it’s a solo-cast, that’s right folks just me. I talk about a project that I've been working on and a few stories of what led me to it. But Why did I name this episode The Numbers Are People? This podcast is talking about my need to connect authentically on and offline and showing people how to do it. Surprisingly what I’ve found is that most of us are craving this real connection.

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