One Step Leads To A Stronger You


Crystalyn Aucion , Jewelry Designer

Crystalyn Aucion, Jewelry Designer

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive™, our guest is Crystalyn Aucoin, a jewelry designer from New Orleans and a mom to a superhero.

She spent a decade in the jewelry industry designing and working with her husband to create beautiful custom one of a kind engagement rings and other things that sparkle. She shares about a major life-altering event that changed the course of her journey and her outlook forever. I am so moved by Cystalyn’s experience every step of the way I believe she grew stronger. I can’t help but think about how diamonds and pearls are created through pressure and disturbance that lead to beautiful one of a kind jewels. Crystalyn’s story like so many of you is one of a kind. We learn how one step, no matter how small leads to healing and growth. She shares her tips & tools that help her to run a business and keep life in harmony while designing meaningful jewelry that women love.

Favorite Quotes from our chat:

“I can have bad moments BUT NOT bad days ”

“I’m living differently”

“I Took all these tiny steps and I am Happy.”

“Your balance & someone else’s balance will never be the same.”


Things Mentioned:

Be sure to Check out Crystalyn’s blog.

Tools that Crystalyn is using in here business right now.


Corie Clark Purposeful Planner

"Gratitude" pendant is the logo of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

"Gratitude" pendant is the logo of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

You can buy her jewelry online or go take a look at the Aucion Hart Jewelers Store In Metairie, Louisiana

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