How To Have A Positive Social Media Mindset

Natasha Samuel, owner of  Sol Studio

Natasha Samuel, owner of Sol Studio

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our guest is Natasha Samuel, a Social Media Manager based out of Florida and founder of Sol Studio.

Let’s be real staying consistent and not feeling overwhelmed when it comes to social media is really hard. But in this episode, we narrow down how important it is to have right the mindset. Natasha, I super fun and you can tell by what she does, she loves it. She offers small businesses and creative entrepreneurs professional social media services and understands the importance of creating that harmony between community and metrics.

In this episode, she’ll share her journey to starting and growing her business while in College. An unexpected topic about to how saying NO can save you in your business. You’ll hear her tips to a more positive mindset for social media, ways to manage your time and be intentional in your marketing content and things to look for when hiring a social media manager. Basically, at the end of this episode, I hope you find plenty more love, fun and balance in your life when it comes to social media marketing.

Favorite Quotes from our chat:

“Be Super intentional about your social media.”

“Saying no is Freeing ,it sets you up to be ready the right yes.

“I control what I consume.”

A little bit MORE detail about our Guest.

The founder of Sol Studio, but most people know me as a social media expert and Instagram guru. I offer small businesses and creative entrepreneurs with professional social media services. I help my clients shine on social media through effective social media strategies and tactics. Most days you can find me sipping kombucha while creating content calendars, scheduling social media content, and Instagramming of course. I love serving my followers through informational tutorials, sharing the latest social media updates, and teaching my favorite tips through the content I share online.

When I’m not busy working with my rockstar clients or teaching online, you can find me strolling through a local market, getting in a good yoga flow, or testing out the most Instagrammable food spots. Born and raised a Florida girl, I founded my social media services business with the intentions of traveling the world while embracing my inner foodie. With a Public Relations degree from the University of South Florida, I have developed an arsenal of skills and a world perspective that allows me to implement effective social media tactics.

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