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Galen Mooney, owner of the  Local Creative CO.

Galen Mooney, owner of the Local Creative CO.

We’ve all been there and had a mini little panic attack when we go to open Instagram or Facebook and it’s down, or you’ve been banned. But breath y’all we can fix this with this one question. Does your audience know where you are online outside of Social media platforms?

There are multiple ways in doing this email marketing, sales funnels, and more. But today we are going to talk about the might scary but easy way to own a corner of the internet with adding SEO to your website for your creative business. On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive Our Guest expert is Galen Mooney, Owner of Local Creative Co. She'll be teaching and helping us learn how to get found using SEO! She makes SEO easy and fun and shares how just implementing small things slowly can lead to WINS.

What is SEO, it means search engine optimization? Why it's beneficial to you is that it makes it possible for anyone and including your followers find you using your business name, keyword phrases, location or other valuable content like a blog post to connect to you directly. Ah Yes, breath, mini panic attack averted. You may have looked into ways to implement SEO but it felt overwhelming, well my dear Miss Galen shares some first easy steps to get started. Plus she clears up some myths regarding how SEO actually works on different website platforms including my favorite, Squarespace.

But wait this is not just a how-to on SEO, Our expert has gone to college but has taught herself a lot, she says shares how everything is figureoutable (Thanks Marie Forleo)! Galen tells us about her fears, challenges and favorite people and things that’s helped her to build the business she has today. So tune in my lovely ladies.

Favorite Quotes from our chat:

“If I didn’t know how to do something, I would Say Yes and then Figure it out.”

“Google is fairly platform agnostic.”

“We’re not writing content for robots.”

In Case you missed it…

Here The 3 Steps To Get You Started Using SEO.

Step One: Setting up all the analytics - This includes the big three, Google analytics, google my business, & Google search consol

Step Two: Focus on the home page for your content focus on using

Step Three: Create High Quality Content versus making lots of content that is not very valuable to your ideal client.

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