"Finding The Real YOU"

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On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive™ our Guest is Courtney Elmer, a life and business coach showing women how to Stress Less and Live More! As women, we have to juggle all the things and that usually means at the expenses of ourselves. Courtney shares her so very real story of doing all the things having a wildly successful business and along the way losing sight of who she really is. Her journey to finding herself was put at the Top of her To-Do list after being diagnosed with a life-changing disease. I love Courtney’s will to “Paddle” (you gotta listen to this one). Many of us have wonder can I change my life? What are people going to think if I do? Well, Courtney shares some pretty awesome tips and insights on how to figure out what matters most and start finding the real you.

Be sure to Listen all they way through she’ll share the best advice she has ever been given. Plus she share, 3 ways to reduce stress and get more done. And I promise they work!!

Favorite Quotes from Courtney:

“I built my identity of success at the expense of myself”

"Reconnect to yourself, the authentic you"

"I am not my Role"


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