Creating Value With A Business Partner

How do we set ourselves apart in a saturated market? How do we provide value to an already well-serviced market?

Kelly & Renee, owners of the   Love Letters Co.

Kelly & Renee, owners of the Love Letters Co.

On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive our guests are Kelly and Renee owners of Love Letters Co, a wedding photography business and planning company. These ladies share their journey to building a business partnership that provides excelling value in a saturated market. Building a business with someone else is like a marriage or doing a collaboration is like dating, it takes patience and honesty.

What I love about this conversation is that whether you are looking to have a business partner, collaborate with another business or provide more value to your clients, Kelly & Renee share a few key things that will for sure bring you success.

On the show, they share the foundation that they had built before jumping into a partnership. They tell us how they identified a pain point for their customers and share exactly what they did to bring a very unique and valuable experience to their clients. We talk about the importance of embracing our weaknesses and learning ways to work through them. If you're looking for inspiration to figure out ways to grow your business this is the episode for you and these ladies at Love Letters Co are so much fun and very passionate about what they're doing.

A little More about Guests…

Kelly and Renee met through shooting weddings but knew from the first day they would become fast friends. They bring over 10 years of wedding photography experience and have been working together on various weddings and portrait sessions long before their dream of Love Letters Co. They realized very quickly that they shared the same passions for capturing love stories and have a hard-working mentality and fun personality. They are both dreamers and believe that coming together to form Love Letters Co. will create an even higher level of service to the wedding community.

"We want to create a place where Couples can come and create with us, showcasing their ideas and wedding dreams through the images we create."

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Favorite Quotes from our chat:

“Doing it together with someone with the same focus allowed you to do more of what I want to do.”

“Being a great partner means embracing your weaknesses.”

“We can support each other in our weaknesses and empower each other in our strengths.”

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