"Be Yourself and Don't Be Afraid"

Be sure to listen all they way through. Hannah gives some great advice on how to discover your true authentic style.


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On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive™ our Guest is Hannah Martini, a wedding and senior photographer. This podcast a little different because we are kinda picking up where we left of. Hannah was featured on my Blog earlier this year and in less than 3 months has seen MASSIVE Growth in her business. We talk how she went from sporadic bookings to booked out until the end of October! Hannah and I get real about the realities of social media and how the numbers can lie! If you are photographer or creative and you find yourself in rut you’ll learn what worked for Hannah and I’m sure it will do the same for you! Her Secret sauce is Being herself and she’ll share how you can do it too!

Favorite Hannah Quotes From Our Chat:

"Be you and then your people will come"

"Stop focusing on being social media famous"

"I Can be successful at what I do because it's me"


Here’s the link to the awesome Social Curator by Jasmine Star


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