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Angie Mcpherson Wedding & Branding Photographer

Angie Mcpherson Wedding & Branding Photographer

On this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our guest is Angie McPherson. She is a wedding and branding photographer based out of Virginia. If you are a side Hustler or in a business and feeling stuck in the day to day of running your creative business, this is the episode for you. We jump into the goods. Angie shares her own journey of feeling the same way. Her success started in making different choices. Looking within herself gave her the motivation to change and grow. She shares her own experiences of how to create and grow your business to the next level. It takes work ya'll, success does not happen by accident.

In this episode, we get you to thinking about what is important to you? Time is more valuable than we know. Angie shares how she moved from focusing on fears and letting go of the scarcity mentality. Throughout her journey, there are new challenges and fears but she reveals how to work through them. So no matter where you are in your creative journey our chat is really geared at helping you see the best way to get out of your own way and go to work.



Favorite Quotes from our chat:

People book People.

Show up for your audience on Social Media as YOU.

There's always something that I'm going to be fearful of but I can always look for the new possibilities.

Working from the possibilities.

Things Mentioned:

A shout out to Tamera Mowry 😉😉😉 I’d love to have you on the show- no shame in my game here! Check it out between the 5 and 10 minute mark.

Tools that Angie is using in here business right now.



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