"The Importance of Being Organized"


On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive™ our Guest is Laura Neff a Photographer, Workflow Extraordinaire, and Educator for Creatives! As small business owners, creatives and not to mention all the other roles women fill feelings of being overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid are common among us. We may be organized in something's but being organized in business usually does not come so easy. Many times we find ourselves trying to reinvent the wheel or getting stuck in the day to day aspects, rather than in the actual work we love. On this episode, we talk about the importance of being organized.

Laura’s journey to being as I call her “ The Organize Queen” was not easy. Shifting from being in the architecture world to building a photography business ironically brought her to the path in life that she is pursuing today. Being organized in her business has allowed her business and life to thrive. Her workflows have saved her over 1200 hours a year giving her more time for her clients and time with the people that she loves. She shares some awesome tips and mindset shifts that will help you in your business. One of my favorites that she shares on the show is a simple key, Set boundaries!


Favorite quotes from Laura!

"Your vibe attracts your tribe."

"Save time & profit from your passion."

"Saving time in your business allows you to have a thriving business."

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