"Learn to Value Yourself"

Be sure to Listen til the end to hear her great idea on staying authentic and providing value in your Family niche.

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On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive™ our Guest is TeAirra Mitchell, a family photographer who shares how learning to value yourself can increase your confidence and business. It’s a very common conversation in the creative community, “What is the value of what we create”, questions like what should I charge and am I good enough often plague our minds and hearts. In this episode you’ll hear TeAirra’s very touching and real story on how she discovered her craft, what it means to her and what value it brings to her clients. A lot of time we look to the outside to tell us what we have to give but it starts within.

Favorite quotes from TeAirra in this chat:

“Photography is the only way to make time stand still.”

"See Your Value First."

" We Each Have A Gift and It Could Be Priceless To Someone Else."


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