"The Numbers... Are People"


The Numbers.. Are People Episode 06

On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive. I’m so excited to say it’s a solo-cast, that’s right folks just me. I talk about a project that I've been working on and a few stories of what led me to it. But Why did I name this episode The Numbers Are People? Well, I’m sure you hear this all the time, numbers matter, the more numbers you have the more Yes’s you receive. This is true. I 100% understand this fundamental marketing principle.

But I'm a big believer that relationships matter the most. Those numbers are Actual people. Their people with families, struggles and dreams. So this podcast is talking about my need to connect authentically on and offline and showing people how to do it. Surprisingly what I’ve found is that most of us are craving this real connection. Which If you think about it sounds crazy. With all the technology out there we should be more connected than ever. How is it that when I drive by a school bus stop that kids no matter the age is standing alone in a group of other kids looking at there phones, the same thing happens at Starbucks too. We are surrounded by people and there is a disconnect. We may not realize it but this real-life situation is actually happening online too. With all the billions of people online we are still disconnected. We’ve taken the human factor out of true authentic relationships.

As business owners, we can get wrapped up with throwing information, stories, and ideas at numbers and forgetting the human aspect of any business. Relationships build communities and in my opinion, relationships are one of the best parts in life.