Top 3 Mistakes Costing You Photography Clients

Photography Marketing Leads To A Thriving Business

Photography Marketing Leads To A Thriving Business


I've noticed many photographers making mistakes that are actually costing them clients. If a friend made some of these mistakes we would most likely not be friends long. I like to think of marketing as a relationship, a friendship. Especially this is true in a service based business like photography. I refer to this popular saying, “People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST!” You wouldn’t describe a friend without at least those 3 things. So this blog post is for sure from that perspective. Is your business-friendly or just plain rude & annoying. Now, these 3 mistakes that's are a lot easier to fix in your business than with a friend.

These mistakes can easily be fixed with just a few tweaks in your business.

Mistake number 1, “Hey You!”. What if your friend always referred or called you by that phrase. Imagine meeting up with them at a crowded coffee shop and try to get your friends attention by saying, "Hey You!"…. 🤨. Really with so many people there how can you get their attention unless you use their name. Plus I am sure they have a name they are fond of. Lol. So when somebody asks you what kind of Photography do you do and you say, “Pretty much everything.” It’s like saying “Hey You”. Wrong answer ladies. How do you fix this? You need to know the name of your dream client, meaning you need to be clear who you serve. Pick a niche or two or three even and identify what you dream client looks like. What do they do, where they shop, how old are they, are they men or women. Have a client Avatar. So the next time you're asked, "What kind of photographer you are?" Say something like, “I’m a portrait photographer and my clients are usually woman & have their own business!” What changes with this statement? It makes it easier for others to identify your dream client for you! Plus it allows you to have a more strategic approach to your marketing. You’ll start using words and images that help them to identify themselves and seek You out.

When you Niche down and become specific about who you serve, they can Identify with you.

Mistake number 2, “How come I only hear from you when you need something?”. Hopefully, you don’t have a friend like this. But if you are anything like me…. I hate this. It’s such turn off! Why? Well, it’s because I get the feeling that all they care about is themselves. I want to hear from friends when things are good, bad and ugly. I also want them to reach out to me because they care and want to know how I am doing. It shows me that They Care About Me and I am important to them. So ask yourself what kind of friend are you to your past client. Are you the I only contact you when I am selling you something, friend? Or Are you the hey how are you, I have something special for you friend? Photographers complain about not getting any return clients when they run their special deals. Well here is why… if you only contact them when you want to sell something you are not building a relationship. Naturally the more you communicate with your leads and past clients the more top of mind you are. But when you serve them up with relevant content that appeals to them you keep building on the Trust factor. Share your stories, processes, and brand in a way that shows you care about them. They will be more loyal to you when you do. Even if they don’t need your services you will most likely come to mind when they hear of others needing your services. Communicating will help you make deeper connections and grow your word of mouth business. The right communication can build an engaging audience.

My motto is to give, give, give, give and they will come when you ask.

Photography Is A Relationship Business

Photography Is A Relationship Business

Mistake number 3, “Guess What”. At some point in your life, if not like a thousand times, a friend ask this question or you have asked them to “Guess What?” What you are thinking, what you want or what happened. I don’t know why we do this but after you guess a few times only to be wrong we become frustrated and just want to know what is it. This one may not cost you a friend but it definitely will cost you photography clients. Photographers are usually focused on getting their beautiful work out to the world. I see plenty of websites, blog post and social media post with NO Call to Actions. What is a Call to Action?(CTA) It is an instruction or questions that you give to your viewer to answer or complete. What is the purpose? It encourages engagement, which equals more trust. For example us a question like this on a photo post of your latest photo session, “Would you like what to wear on a photo shoot guide?” or in a blog post you may say, “Sign up for my insiders newsletter on what is new in the wedding industry or my special deals.” Every website needs a call to action on the homepage. You need to capture potential leads to convert them later. No matter what you are doing whether online or offline get in the habit of asking or telling folks what you want from them and what's in it for them.

So that’s it. These are simple and yet crucial things that photographers need to fix in their business. I know that there is a lot of things on your to-do list. But I encourage you to take the time to really work on your brand and get to know what your dream clients care about. Learn how to be of service to them and their needs, when you do this the business will come. Remember, building a good friendship take times and this is true for your dream photography clients. Be sure to check out my live video on the top 3 mistakes costing photographers clients. There’s a Bonus I mentioned in regards to mistakes and how to fix it. Watch it here.

If these 3 mistakes or any online marketing strategies seem overwhelming to you, I can help. Click HERE to get your Free marketing consultation so we can talk about you & your business. Remember craft, click & thrive!