Can You Be A Full Time Photographer?


So recently in one of my favorite photography groups, I asked the ask question, How many are currently full time but started out part-time? I am amazed by the awesome response I got from a lot of full-time converters. Many of them planned and accomplished this goal. Others did because circumstances forced them to. There are a few things that impressed me about both groups that I will share in a minute. I asked a few in private the details and others I read in the comments but I am inspired and you will be too.

You can make a living doing photography full time!

You can make a living doing photography full time!

Let’s start with the first group of photographers. Now, mind you the group I asked this to is full of women in different stages of their lives. The majority that answered had secular jobs, kids, and other responsibilities. Many of them went full time within the past 2 years. Photography was only their side hustle, not their main gig. Granted there were a few that took longer. Regardless whether it took 2 or 6  years, these ladies became full-timers during a recession. Doing this in a business that many feel is over saturated and an unneeded commodity. WOW! I mean I was so excited to read these stories of success! What was the Key to their successes? Planning and Consistency. Now, if you are a side hustling photography feeling that this May Not be the industry for you because everyone’s doing it…. KEEP going. Remember not everyone is doing it well.

The next group of ladies kind of fell into a full-time photography business because their day jobs let them go. I know many of the women I network with fall in this category. Photography may have been a side hustle or met to be a part-time gig but Life had other plans. Now, these ladies had the same difficulties of everyone else but without a plan. These ladies had to have the determination to push through, to make up a plan as they went, because their safety net was gone. What is even more amazing about these women have thriving businesses today! Most of them wish that this is so-called tragedy had happened sooner. I was so happy to see the triumph of their story and I wanted to shout to everyone that anything possible if you want it bad enough.

Ladies, I read a report (source) that said photography is a 10 billion dollar industry and growing 1.7% every year. Many of these ladies ran or transitioned into full time during one of the worse recession. So YES you can have a Thriving photography business. It only does not work if you quit or stop. Many of these ladies all said that it is tough to find a balance between life and work but love what they and being their own boss. Many of them spoke of 3 things that really helped them go and stay full-time photographers. I’ll share those in my next post….