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3 Steps To Grow Your Creative Biz On Social Media

In this blog post I’ll share three different steps that I use and that I see work for so many other women in their business to connect to their tribe online. Now before I start going into the details about this, I know that social media can be overwhelming. It could feel completely stressful, especially for my ladies out there that are moms, that are single parents, or are women who are dealing with chronic illness.

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A Creatives' Pivot

“Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.” As the famous scene of friends. That’s the story of my next guest on my blog. From Actress to graphic designer and photographer. Her story will inspire you to own your craft and your passion and take the leap to pivot a create a life you love. So I’m excited to introduce you to Paola Carleo, from Italy currently based in L.A. California.

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