3 Steps To Grow Your Creative Biz On Social Media


In this blog post, I’ll share three different steps that I use and that I see work for so many other women in their business to connect to their tribe online. Now before I start going into the details about this, I know that social media can be overwhelming. It could feel completely stressful, especially for my ladies out there that are moms, that are single parents or are women who are dealing with chronic illness. It's kind of like one of those worlds like you go on Instagram and you kind of get instant #FOMO, envy, and jealousy and all of those things, right?

As a whole people who are working and using Instagram to market their business or Facebook to market their business, we need to shift how we do things. And it's interesting because social media is made to create moments for people to connect. It's kind of done that but it’s also done some not so great things.

So I want to talk about how we can work well with any Social Media Platform. That's what I love about these three steps. No matter what happens to the algorithm, these three steps will always, always help your business marketing online. I have a Freebie on this topic and it includes a guide, checklist and weekly planner.

So if you feel overwhelmed with social media and not really sure where to start in sharing your story, these three steps are for you. It starts with three words.

Connect. Give. Serve..png

Now you might be thinking, of course, you need to connect and give people. How do you make money doing that? Right? Well, I'm going to tell you how, but first I'm going to share with you what it means to connect, give and serve. When you're doing your marketing planning on Instagram, Facebook or wherever, think where's your tribe and be there applying these 3 steps.

First CONNECT means to be real, ask questions, be encouraging, be engaging, and this should be done every day if possible.

You know, we always hear all the time that we need to be consistent in our marketing and consistent in whatever we're doing. And I feel like the part that most people miss being consistent in is the connecting part. Now the algorithm for Facebook and Instagram is based on how long someone is going to stay on a platform. That will always be the game for social media platforms because they want people on those platforms for a lot longer period of time. So this is why I say this is algorithm proof. If you are creating content where you're real, if you are going onto other people's profiles and asking questions of them and sharing stories of your life and being encouraging, you will see how Instagram and Facebook will love you.


You will also start to see way more engagement on your feed.

The Second way of connecting online is to GIVE on your platform, on your feed.

Whatever content you are creating should be helpful and resourceful for the people you want to serve. Now when I say give, I mean free, so I'm not talking about creating ads or content and stuff on there and that requires people to buy from you. The true essence of the word Give means giving without expecting anything back.

Here’s how to do it. Say you're a photographer and people, you know, a lot of people want to be a photographer themselves, right? They have other things that are in their minds about how to market their business or how to brand their photos and things like that. Give tips and tools even though you're a photographer.

Now, here's an interesting point about giving. I feel that I need to get this out here because let's, let's be real. A lot of people say, “I don't want to give all my goodies away”. There's going to be tons of people doing what you're doing. And what's going to make a difference is how you relate your story to who you are serving. So make sure when you're giving resources helpful to your tribe and that it comes from your perspective. When you share what you do and how you do it, people realize the value in it.


Thirdly, Serve.

Now you might be thinking isn’t connecting and giving, serving? Yes, that is true, but a lot of us have a fear of selling. We don't want to ask people for money. I'm trying to shift that mindset. First of all, stop feeling sorry about your services. A service is a service. A good salesperson understands that being able to serve your audience, is the same thing as serving. So by serving you are showing them the means in which you can help them or solve a problem with what you do. So the 20% of what you put out there on Instagram and Facebook or wherever you're using your social media needs to focus serving with the intent to sell.

You can sell something by showing the benefits. You can serve by showing them the benefits too, right? And how do you do this? Share how you've helped a client increase their brand through photography. Share how you've saved your clients times by bookkeeping, which gives them more time for income-producing activities. Those are benefits that serve your ideal clients. So talk about those things because it's selling what you do. I want you guys to remember is that serving is selling. The 80% of the time when you're giving, you're giving them service whether they realize it or not. You're giving them free food, you're giving them free appetizers, and then they order an entree which they pay for. That’s your service or product.

Think about these three things, connecting, giving, and serving as a good mindset in approaching how you create your content online and sell what you do online on social media. Download the guide, checklist and weekly planner here to figure out how to implement these 3 steps.

Also checkout my podcast where I go even more detail of how to implement these 3 steps into your social media marketing.