5 Ways to Market Your Photographer Business On Social Media


I recently did a Facebook Live on ways to market your photography business on social media and here the replay in case you missed.  Plus Bonus there's a downloadable Cheat Sheet.


5 ways to market and reach your dream clients in your photography business on Facebook, Online, and Offline. If you are not a photographer but have your own small business these tips will help you too!

Here's The Downloadable Cheat Sheet here.

Refer to it at anytime. It's a great help when you are feeling stuck.

5 Ways to Market effectively on Social Media

Keep this in mind Facebook wants people to have more meaningful conversation with each other . Think about what story you are leading your clients through.  You should have enough personal info about who you are that they almost feel like they know you. The bonus is that they’ll remember you when they need a photographer. You want to build on the foundation of Like Know and trust, You want to build a relationship.

1.  Build Your tribe

  • Revisit your past clients to build your tribe.

    • Ways to do this? Survey them, you can do this online or over the phone. (this is my personal favorite way personal). Ask questions like why did they decide to work with you? Did they enjoy the process? Fun questions like, Did you go buy a new outfit for their shoot? (This helps you with marketing to know where they are so you can find more like them.) Ask would they refer you to their friends and family and if they could think of anyone needing your services.

  • If You are New and have no clients you need to be consistent with your content. Specifically, things that connect you to your ideal clients.

  • Be where they are and focus on building real relationships. Join groups, check out meetups, do some networking, join a chamber, host party for other businesses, have a Local launch party

2. Use Live video 

Why do this? Live videos will get you better organic reach.

  • Do a live, Proofing party invite your clients to invite friends, have them vote for pictures the ones they like best.

  • Do a live of you actually on a photo shoot

  • Do live answering questions about the do & don’ts for a photo shoot what to where

  • Do a live on WHY you are a photographer

  • Do a live that happens before we meet & after the shoot

3. Post with intention

  • Start Conversations

    • Do not focus on posting just to post-

      • How to do this? Tell a story and ask questions, like if you photographed a wedding and the bride had amazing flowers and you decided to post a photo of them. Post something like this, "I love fresh flowers, yes, I am partial to these because they are just beautiful for this bride on her special day. But I'd love to have fresh flowers at my home at least once a week. My favorite flowers are Lilies, hydrangeas, and Orchids. Am I alone? What're your favorite flowers?"

  • Post what you are working on, Ask for opinions

  • Share content that is relevant to them, think about who your client is...

4. Use Facebook or Instagram Ads to build your list

  • Have lead magnet that attracts your ideal client

  • Have copy that is tailored to your client that calls for an action

  • Have a budget (cost may be going up but local ads should still be relatively affordable start with)

  • Seek the advice of a Facebook or Instagram Ads expert so that you are not wasting time and money

5. Use stories on Facebook and Instagram

What does it do? This will help your followers feel involved and give you some much-needed insight to your dream clients. Build on the know, like and trust foundation. Meaning they are more likely to become your client

  • Show how you prep for a shoot, Ask a poll of which backdrop to use or location and Show how your one of kind portraits are made,

  • Invite your audience to engage with you! You can take it one step further and even run polls or ask for feedback on future locations, gear, photoshoot outfits (remember sharing who you are goes a long way) through your Instagram DMs.

  • Host-Guest day-in-the-life” story or you can partner with other businesses in your industry to swap stories for the day! It will help vary up your content and keep your customers coming back for more.