Facebook's 2018 Update & Photography


What does the Facebook algorithm mean?

First, what does this new 2018 Facebook Algorithm update mean in a nutshell? Well, Facebook says’s its users are feeling crummy after leaving FB because all they see is news meaning Facebook business pages, publishers, and other non-related things. So the user comes less to Facebook and eventually leaves for good. So Facebook wants to focus on the connections that matter most us, the user. That means personal profiles of your family and friends, as well as yourself. Depending on how you interact with those post will be how much or little you will see of those people. Here’s a pretty simple video that Facebook uses to explain the changes. Check it out here. 

What does this mean for your photography business?

Well, in my opinion, this is probably going to be a big win for photographers BUT they are some things to be aware of.  Most photographers right now advertise their business with friends and family. They also share their photos with clients thru share portals and blog post. We all know that when a client loves their photos they share it with all of their friends and folks are always engaging with those post. That's a BIG Win for this change in Facebook… This goes for videos of special events and photo session as well. Most videos are passive BUT when shared with friends and family the engagement is usually higher.

The old adage, tell me who your closest 5 friends are and I'll tell you what kind of person you are, is also true of business. If your past clients love you and are your dream clients then most likely they are the folks you will be working with in the future and that’s how you win with this new Facebook Algorithm. But a warning is in order here…. If you are used to sharing your content with click bait and unofficial contest you will be demoted by Facebook, like for real!

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First, what you need to do if you have not already done so, is update your personal profile to link to your Business page if you have one. I will be doing a video on this in my FB Group here. Why is this step important? Even though you may decide to slow down your posting on your biz page (Please don’t stop altogether) people will still visit them when they are deciding on who they want to work with, to tell their story. Second on your personal page do not only post your clients stories, build and post your own. In a market, with lots of photogs, you need to set yourself apart and own your story, your zone of genius and your creative outlook. Third, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Facebook is not the only social media platform. Be sure to increase your visibility on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms where you know your dream clients are. And lastly, Engagement is KING, be sure to respond to comments, ask questions, and start conversations. It’s human nature we are loyal to people we like know and trust and that comes from conversations, aka, Engagement.

P.s. I know you all are wondering what that means for Facebook Ads, so I’ll have a different post on that coming soon.